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  1. Myself I would have probably tubed the wheel wells, shortened the axel etc. But that's just me and my crazy ideas
  2. Hope you get an answer as to when they are going to fill your order, let us know.
  3. just wwondering if that urethane would be too hot to put on Tamyia paint?
  4. Wow what a beautiful car, those flames are fantastic. Sooo jealous that I can't make flames like them. Nothing but praise for your talent.
  5. thanks for the complement, loved building it. I will be doing a jeep soon. Army of course. Working on a nice 53 f100 currently. A rerelease, taking allot of extra work but it is all a joy to be building models, way better than working.
  6. If this is your first model build...Then I would like to have you give me lessons because I have been doing it since 1962 and your way ahead of my abilities...but then allot of folks are way ahead of my abilities Great build and I am loving your paint!
  7. Love to have this in my display case!p
  8. Sorry to hear about all of your bad luck, I had a '66 fairlane just finished outside on the patio table getting ready to shoot some pics of it, went inside to get my tripod, a huge gust of wind came up with a thunderstorm that was forming, when I got outside the car was on the patio 15feet from the table, no need to get into the details but it was destroyed. Took it to the trash and gave it to the dump God's. Oh well!
  9. I've used Createx numerous times and I actually liked the results, with that being said the one thing I don't like is the paint dries too quickly as it comes out of the airbrush so constantly have to reclean over and over. Big P.I.A.. but I think it has allot to do with the very low humidity that we have here in Colorado.
  10. Magnificent build, have to admit; I am envious of your ability. Beautiful job as all of your models are, but this Bronco really hits home for me. What is your next project?
  11. Looks like my nephew's 73 Bronco before he spent 5 years rebuilding it.
  12. Carroll Shelby just turned over in his grave!
  13. Great job on the historical record. The cars are beautiful, you have a ton of talent.
  14. This is a beautiful work of art, no other way to say it! The same goes for your Comet! I am in awe of what a beautiful car you built!
  15. IT is sooo sinister looking. Shoot some pics of the undercarriage plz. Love love me do!
  16. Superb work, great car
  17. I have to ask...What did you put on the dash and steering wheel? I thought at first it was wood, showed to my wife and she said the same.
  18. Sweet paint, but even better I really dig the extra things you did to make this a one of a kind
  19. I agree, you have done a great job on this sweet bird. That foiling job...fantastic! I am going to try doing foiling again on my new project, a 53 ford pick-up.
  20. I just read this and am wondering if this info is correct, It's from Tamiya in it's product description on "MEGA HOBBY". "Tamiya spray paints are not affected by acrylic or enamel paints. Therefore, following the painting of the entire assembly, details can be added or picked out using enamel and/or acrylic paints"! I am under the understanding that one cannot MIX other kinds of paint over or under LACQUER'S. If I am getting the wrong info on this can someone please set me straight? https://www.megahobby.com/categories/paint-store/tamiya-paints.html
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