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  1. Nicely done! I did one that I posted over in the pickup/suv section that I did as a military one with a trailer including a 50caliber machine gun...check it out. Lots of fireball parts as well.
  2. Thanks for the info about taking them apart. I will retry a couple of my older terrible builds before I try someone else's. Good info.
  3. perhaps it's time to revisit foiling. Winter is quickly approaching here and that would be a great time to learn about it. Thanks for your comments and giving me a push to try again.
  4. Nice job of saving this car, however I do have a question. How do you or for that matter any other builders out there take apart old models? I have attempted it in the past and end up with nothing but broken pieces every where. The glues usually have had the parts welded together.
  5. i have tried foiling in the past but I had terrible experiences with it. Like you said "results don't come over night". I think If could have finished this kit with foil this would have been allot better looking car. Maybe I should attempt foil again.
  6. Just finished this a couple of days ago and was waiting for a nice day to shoot some pics of her. Hope you all are kind to her. But as for me...I can take it, lol. Not my best but...have a look see. I flocked the floors with a combo of red and white to give it a kick, before I hear it for the distributor...it's white because this was a custom and I thought that having a white cap would go with the scheme, almost installed a 351 with a blower, thought that would be excessive for this cruiser. Used molotow for the trim...I hate using or even attempting to use foil! UGGHHH The interior red is over flat black. BTW this was a excellent kit, my only complaint is that it's really hokey to fit the firewall to the floor to the dash. PIA!!!! Oh and the left front end wouldn't sit right to save beans. Took some grinding to convince it. Also the very hokey way the wheels are supposed to fit the so called axles, so I used some clipped finishing nails to make my own axles including the front mounting to the spindles. HA! fixed them permanently!
  7. Really enjoying watching your build, even more so since you added the boat. Fantastic!
  8. I also shoot em looking for certain details that most people at car shows never notice. I probably look like an old fool fawning over and under cars looking to get the right shots. Yep, have had people looking at me with a weird look at times. Love to talk to the owners and of course just about everyone that is showing their cars are willing to talk about their love for cars as I do the same with mine.
  9. You have some great pics. Love when you shot detail Love my Ford's!
  10. Man, she's a beaut! Of course I have a place in my heart for grabber blue! My cobra 1:1 is "bright Atlantic blue"! Similar but not the same.
  11. I'm liking what I see so far, but please don't ruin this great build by covering it with metal flake. If you do use restraint please.
  12. I like your fairlane, I see that you have the same problem I had with the front end being up to high. Like mine it looks upward not level.
  13. i agree, detailed nicnicely but when they did the blower it went backwards to 1966, was very disappointed with that. I have a ffriend that has a 1:1 real 2013 that is painted "gotta have it green". Sooo sweet!
  14. crying shame! I have actually e-mailed revell begging them to step up and get a model of the 2003/4 Mustang and the 2015/16/17 Mustangs. The answer back was "that's a good idea and we will be exploring the possibility of bringing them to market"! That was 2 years ago. come on companies, give us what we want and not these lamo snap tite models. Are they not interested in earnings?
  15. I enjoyed building this model as well, like you I was disappointed that the blower snout will not fit correctly, crying shame that revell couldn't get it right. Mine is the same color as yours.
  16. It is true, you were given a lemon and you made lemonade out it. Congrats are in order.
  17. It would be sooo cool to have a real 1:1 bird like that with that sweet SOHC 427 sitting under the hood. Sweet!
  18. By all means please get back to rebuilding this car. I've been watching and waiting for you to get back to this project. I have tried to rebuild a couple of my old builds but have gotten so frustrated that I won't do it again. Pulled out my hair and don't have any left to pull out.
  19. I have found this to be very interesting to say the least. Fantastic information from Richard, thank you for your knowledge. Please post more pics of your work on 1-1 real cars. Looks to me that you do fantastic work. Any pics from you would be welcomed, we could use them for our model builds as go to information. Great models from Rex. Phil, enjoying your hard work on your fantastic trans am car. It's looking fantastic so far. Can hardly wait to see it completed.
  20. You should seriously think about sending pics of this great car to "Tasca Ford" in Rhode island. I suspect that they would welcome seeing what a great job you did with this kit of their "Thunderbolt". Here's a link... http://www.tasca.com/
  21. Wow, you do great work. Modeling envy here.
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