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  1. Looked darker than grabber orange, must be the light
  2. Very nice, what is the paint?
  3. Really dig your'62. Great job.
  4. Do yourself a huge favor and pick up a Dremel, I fought off the need for one for years, then about a year ago wifey bought one for me...I found that I use it for tons of projects, never thought I would use one, ha. It makes grinding, sanding, cutting, drilling, etc so easy. You won't be disappointed.
  5. Always liked this truck in real life, your making this one into a real beaut.
  6. Man, I have to complement you on this build so far! It is coming along great. Dang, your making me jealous now...
  7. On my Bronco when I did the fender flares I first glued then in place,...then I carefully used my DREMEL with the smallest diameter drum sander #438 with 120 grit on the slowest speed and nibbled away at it very carefully till I had the fender wells shaped all the way up to the inside of the fender flares. Works great. That is if you happen to have a Dremel or similar tool in your bag of tricks. Like I have stated before on these forums "whom ever the person was that invented the DREMEL should be given a president's medal for brilliance".
  8. Thanks, it was fun to build and the time in the service was fun as well...hard to believe after all these years I would say that
  9. Thank you for that complement! Glad you liked it. wanted to do something with this kit other than make it look like it just came off the show room floor.
  10. she's gonna be a beaut, like what I see so far.
  11. I have been working on this somewhat of a replica of the 66'/67' Ford Bronco's that were used by the "SPECIAL FORCES" in VietNam. There were only a few of them built, no pics of them etc so I used my imagination on this build. I hope that no one gets offended by it. First off before anyone gets upset that some of the parts are a bit rough...they are intentional because I know for a fact that the early Broncos were a bit utilitarian and not really to well fitted in some places. Also, portraying the rough treatment of the vehicle being in Nam as well. The trailer is another bronco that I did last year and didn't like the finished project so I made the thing into a trailer for this build. Hitch ball is a straight pin, the hitch on the trailer is actually taken from the original bumper and cut to fit etc so the ball fits into it. The flags came from some packages that I received with parts for my knife making endeavors. I know there were no flags on the doors of Army vehicles back then but there is on mine. The M-.50 CAL. machine gun was taken from a old WWll Jeep parts box. Gotta have a .50 cal. chopping up the jungle after all! The wheels, tires,fender flares, rear tire are all from Joseph @ http://www.fireballmodels.info/ He's the best! Fair pricing, quick service, and great products. Give him a holla. The weathering is more about showing the dreaded mud that I sloshed through when I was in VietNam in 68. So without further BS take a look at my pics my "BLACK OPS" Bronco. Enjoy
  12. Jeremy, you have done yourself proud on this. Good job. I agree with Vamach 1 assessment.
  13. I have used BNL resins on 2 of my builds I did last year and liked there stuff as well
  14. The fender flares that I recently got from Fireball Roberts are great, also the scripts are fantastic. Great seller. Also had great luck with parts from Owens bros.
  15. Jeremy, I have had great luck with using "CREATEX", also like VALLEJO "MODEL COLOR" Acrylic Model Masters in the bottle too is a very good product that is acrylic I like that they are water based not solvent based. I have lost too many brain cells using the solvent based paints so they are goners as far as I am concerned. These are all very good for airbrushing. Problem??? Wet rag cleans it up quickly, not to mention easy cleanup of your airbrush...no brainers MCW is very good if your looking to match manufacturer's paint colors. Another paint I like to use allot is "SCALE FINISHES". I think that he has the best color matching paints for almost any year or model of car or truck. If not he will make it for you. It goes through an AirBrush like water off a duck. Very smooth. Very good Enamel paint.
  16. What caught my eye is the detail, and by that I mean the battery, but even more so the windshield reservoir being half full. Great job!
  17. I ordered some parts from fireball Roberts after seeing what you have done with your build. Hopefully I will get them soon.
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