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  1. RichiePetes added a post in a topic Final build for 2012 - MPC 1971 Duster 340   

    clean and to the point. i love the amt dusters.
  2. RichiePetes added a post in a topic Sven's World of Wheels - Class of 2012   

    these are most amazing builds! i am in awe.
  3. RichiePetes added a post in a topic My 2012 Yearbook of builds   

    I'm diggin' the bike and the merc. very cool.
  4. RichiePetes added a post in a topic 67 chevelle my first decent job!   

    pictures are a little fuzzy but looks good. i like the color combo1
  5. RichiePetes added a post in a topic SALVAGED MPC GLUE BOMBS   

    ive always been scared to buy glue bombs from ebay because of how bad they are. are there any tutorials on how to restore glue bombs? i;d love to try one someday! i actually have a couple I built when i was younger that id like to restore since i'm much better now.

    You did a great job with rebuilding these from glue bomb status!
  6. RichiePetes added a post in a topic MY SONS MODELS   

    That v6 firebird is way cool! Stealth looks pretty good too.
  7. RichiePetes added a post in a topic A Build for "Rides Magazine"   

    Wow thats very cool! I like the idea. I have built a few donk montes and gn's. good luck with this! these are rare kits that I'm in search for.
  8. RichiePetes added a post in a topic 69 Camaro "Mild custom"   

    I love the detail on the wheels! great job! Interesting color combos thats for sure.
  9. RichiePetes added a post in a topic Current Project On My Bench... 88 Mustang GT   

    I have one of these on my "to-do" list. Did a good job with the turbo motor!
  10. RichiePetes added a post in a topic New Camaro Rat Rod   

    This is lame IMO. You can't just take a DA to the paint, get it down to metal in a few spots, dirty up the wheels and call a brand new car a "rat rod". Lame, lame, lame.
  11. RichiePetes added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I didn't get it today, but for Christmas I got a $100 gift card to Hobbytown USA so I think I'm going to see what they can order. I really want to get the new Revell Buick GNX!

  12. RichiePetes added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    New to the forums...I love models!
    Hey all, I'm Richie and I've been building models since I was a real small child. My favorite build has been a Tamiya Toyota Supra kit. Tamiya makes very well-made kits and fit-n-finish are fantastic! I'm into imports, muscle, trucks (50's and 60's), and motorcycles. Just thought I'd introduce myself and hope to see some great builds! I haven't taken pictures of my builds yet, but I am hoping to very soon.
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