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  1. From the pictures it looks like it came out nice. It's always disappointing when we finish a model and aren't happy with the results. I guess that's how we learn and it's what keeps us building. There's always the next one.....
  2. That is a beautiful model.
  3. This is coming along great Ian, your fabricating skills see very impressive.
  4. Your level of detail on this model is fantastic Daniel. Love the linkage and the belts, very impressive!
  5. Great work on the engine, the colors look spot on.
  6. This is looking great! I really like your choice of color for the interior.
  7. Thanks guys for looking and for the comments! I plan on clear coating the body and then adding a little weathering to match the chassis.
  8. I am done with the undercarriage and now working on the wheels. Ran the two transmission cooler lines and the shifter cable which finished up everything underneath. Next is to install the valve stems, paint the wheels, make a cover-plate for the transmission tunnel cover and install the wheels. Then it's on to finishing up the body. I might actually finish this someday!
  9. Fantastic job! Very cool model of a subject not normally seen.
  10. Thank you David and John! There comes a point where you cry uncle and say you have had enough! I have reached that point with the roll cage, seat, and fire extinguisher distribution line. The MFH zip ties were some of the worst and most frustrating after market parts I have used. I used a complete package to get five zip ties on the roll cage. I had six, and one broke off today while it was sitting on the work bench. I hadn't even touched the model!! I don't know if the five will be on there when I finally finish the car, if not I will have to go to plan B. I think I got in over my head on the extinguisher line, it was definitely a stretch of my abilities.
  11. This is coming along nicely Ray! The engine looks really good in place, and in sure that was quite a pain drilling out all those holes. That's when you really hope the end result is worth all the work. I have a feeling they're going to look great!
  12. Ok Jason I feel better knowing someone else suffered a huge failure rate! What i ended up doing is spraying the roll cage and the ties with Tamiya semi gloss in hopes that it would keep the ties from breaking. I has the same issue, yesterday i picked up the roll cage and one of the ties broke. I didn't pick it up anywhere near a tie! Very frustrating.
  13. To be honest with you I don't know what that half moon cut out is for. There is one on the other side of the seat also and both of them have a rectangular notch in the seat frame right below them.
  14. Installed the seat belts this weekend and started working on the fire system distribution line that provides fire extinguishing to the drivers cockpit. The Tamiya seat belt material and PE hardware was some of the easiest I have ever worked with. Unseen in the pictures are the eyelets that the lap belts click into on the sides of the cockpit. Great detail! The fire distribution line is made out of 3/64" Evergreen rod and the distribution holes were drilled with a #68 bit. It took me four tries to bend the rod in the right shape with all the bends in the right spots. Not totally happy with the final result but I think it is a cool detail. I still need to make two straps to hold the line to the dash. The line is held to the roll cage using MFH 1/12th scale zip ties. They are extremely delicate and i broke 11 of them to get six on the roll cage! Hopefully none of them break when I install the cage and hook up the fire line to the dash and the extinguisher hose.
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