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  1. Beautiful build, looks like the decals would be a challenge. How were they to apply?
  2. Love the paint color and the detailing you did on the wheels, engine, and rear end with paint. Great job!
  3. That is a fantastic build, the guys that drove those fuel altereds had to have a screw or two loose upstairs. That is a ridiculous amount of horsepower for such a small wheel base. Very clean and well detailed build!
  4. That is a very cool looking model, good job!
  5. It's going to be a custom mix. I started with an acrylic tangerine craft paint and played with it until I thought it was close. I'll test it on a spoon and hopefully it will be good.
  6. This is the Revell Wild Willie Borsch funny car built like the cover of the tin box. The scoop and injector are Competition Resins parts. The firewall tin, windshield, and hood cut out had to be modified to fit the injector and scoop. I modified the rear spoiler to match the box art photo. Most engine lines and fittings are from Pro Tech or Top Studio. It also has a Cirello magneto which may not be correct for the car, but the engine isn't the correct 392 either.
  7. WOW!! That is an amazing build, incredibly realistic. Fantastic job
  8. That looks great, I love the color and stance!
  9. Very clean looking, nice build!
  10. That is a fantastic looking truck Ray! Love the two tone color combo, and you did a great job on the paint.
  11. Excellent job, remember seeing the Wonder Wagon at Beeline Dragway back in the 70's.
  12. This is my version of an El Camino NASCAR truck series "what if". I thought it was a great idea, unfortunately my execution of the build didn't live up to my hopes! But I still think it's a cool idea and something NASCAR should have considered.
  13. That is some really nice detail work! Well on your way to a fantastic build.
  14. That is an outstanding pro truck!! Fantastic engine detail work.
  15. Very nice, great build!
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