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  1. That is a gorgeous color, great paint job and detail work. Very nice Chevelle! Would love to have the 1:1 in my driveway!
  2. Very, very nice!! Great detail and decal work.
  3. Amazing scratchbuilding skills, incredibly clean build, beautiful detail and paint which all adds up to one phenomenal model.
  4. That's awesome, definitely some great looking models! Thanks for sharing
  5. Great event!! It was really nice to be back to what I have always considered my "home" contest. Everyone is very friendly, the venue was great, and the judging is very fair and well done. Thank you to Dan, Bernie , and the rest of the crew for a well run contest. My weekend started in San Luis Obispo, CA with TSA destroying my well packed models, or at least I thought they were well packed! I started out with eight models and salvaged six of them. The models were in three clear, stackable totes that clipped together. Somehow TSA managed to turn the whole set up over in the Xray machine and parts and pieces came out the other end! The first three pictures show the before and the last three the aftermath! Needless to say I was not happy! I found out from a nice young lady at the contest I could request a private screening from TSA which I did at Sky Harbor and the models were not trashed and made it home safely. Live and learn!!
  6. Fantastic job, love the color!
  7. Very nice job, looks great both before and after!! Such a beautiful car.
  8. Beautiful color combination! Glad to see it hauling a Cobra, I was starting to worry that you were thinking the truck was a Cobra!! Just kidding, great job on the truck Ray.
  9. Simply amazing detail, you are a true craftsman!
  10. majel

    Packing models

    No dog, so I've decided to try these snap together plastic totes, wrap the cars best i can and take them as a carry on. Hopefully it works!
  11. majel

    Packing models

    There's seven models, six 1/25 and one 1/16, too many to carry on.
  12. majel

    Packing models

    What is the best method for packing models in a suitcase to assure they survive an airplane trip? I was thinking of wrapping them in micro fiber towels,and bubble wrap over that and put them in a small plastic tote. One of them has a PE hinged hood that does not close. I would really like them to arrive in one piece. Any suggestions?
  13. majel

    Toyota 2000 GT

    Amazing clean build, very beautiful model.
  14. Just returned from the Ventura Hobbies model contest in Camarillo, CA and talked to my wife about this being the 15th DSC. I haven't been in the four years since we moved to Oceano, CA from Kingman, AZ. This has always been my favorite contest, even before it became the DSC and was at the Wigwam! Looking forward to being there in April!!
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