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  1. Got all the nuts and bolts installed in the fuel cell. Luckily the nuts thread on without too much trouble because they are tiny! Amazingly I only lost one nut to the great beyond. Installed two of the fuel lines using Top Studio 1.5mm fittings and Pro Tech braided lines.
  2. Wow! That came out really nice, excellent job of weathering on the body. This was a good one to follow, thanks for the in progress photos.
  3. Beach time is always nice, I'm about three miles from the beach so my wife walk the beach quite often. The car is coming out great, the decals look good. What are you going to use to weather the body since I assume you are going for a post race look?
  4. Started drilling holes for the 12 nuts and bolts that need to be installed on the fuel cell. The nuts and bolts are from Scale Hardware and are .6mm. They are really small and really hard to work with. Thankfully I haven't lost any yet because my old eyes would never find them again! I think the end result will be worth it.
  5. Excellent job, that came out fantastic. Looking forward to the glamour shots.
  6. That came out really nice! The garage is really cool. As far as the stance just tell everyone the passenger side shocks are shot!
  7. Just checked in to this, your detail work and weathering is gorgeous! What an amazing model, fantastic work. Those seats look just like leather!
  8. I got the dashboard completed and installed. The decals are a perfect fit along with the glass covering the gauges. Excellent details Tamiya! After installing the dash I decided I would start on the body decals so that I can clear the body before installing the glass and rubber bumpers. The decals have been great so far except for the yellow/orange decals for the front spoiler and air intake. I had such an issue with them that I have decided I will paint those areas instead. Hopefully I don't mess it up. After the decals set up good I will install the rivets for the rear fender kits. Hopefully I can get all the decals installed and then clear the body and add light weathering.
  9. Nice looking box stock build. Too bad about the decals, old decals are such a pain to work with. To get those large side panel decals on without any major rips is impressive, especially for their age. Usually they seem to get more brittle with age.
  10. Those drive shafts look great, it's really coming along nicely. Love the weathering, it looks like it's been raced hard!
  11. Although not a big update it does represent a lot of tedious work. I installed the front fender flares rivets using MFH round head rivets which I will also use on the rear fender flares once the decals are installed. These are a white metal rivet which I think look great. The fuel cell was painted using clear yellow, clear orange, and flat black in mist coats. The cell plates had raised nubs which were sanded off and then drilled out to accept Prime Miniatures .5mm brass rivets. I drilled out 48 holes and installed 48 rivets. Next will be installing nuts and bolts in the fuel cell and weathering the under bonnet area where the oil and fuel cells are installed.
  12. Great pictures and it looks like there were a lot of amazing models! Always a fun show with great people, fair judging and wonderful hospitality. Hopefully i can get back there next year. Thanks for the pictures!
  13. Amazing model. Your detail work and weathering is fantastic!
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