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  1. Like your sister i built one as a kid also, always been one of my favorite Corvette kits.
  2. Fantastic paint job and very nice detail in the engine bay. Great job!
  3. That looks great so far, can't wait to get my hands on one of these kits!
  4. That is a great kit and you did it justice. Very well done!
  5. Very nice job! It's great that you didn't give up on it and got it completed.
  6. Great build!! Chuck's decals are well done and so easy to work with. Always nice to see another 1/16th front engine dragster completed.
  7. Looks really nice! I absolutely love the 1/16 dragsters and funny cars. Bought this one about three months ago, yours is inspiring me to get it out and get started!!
  8. Very impressive work, the Pennzoil car is stunning, and the trailer ain't too bad either!!?
  9. Holy cow Curt, that is a very impressive lineup for one years work!! They all look great.
  10. majel

    My Class Of 2020

    Excellent work! Really like the Fairlane, looks like it stepped right out of the 70's!
  11. Very nice builds! I love how all three trucks are similar but different enough to make each one unique.
  12. Very cool subject Dan, especially like that it came with an awesome backstory! That took guts to muscle that big car up pikes peak!
  13. That's an impressive bunch of models. You've been busy!
  14. majel

    My 2020

    That is a cool variety of subjects! Well done
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