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  1. One of my favorite front engine dragsters. Built it as a kid and trashed it, built it again about 10 years ago and it's in a buddies garage now on a shelf. Yours looks really good, thanks for sharing it.
  2. Showed up today on the Central Coast of California! Really looking forward to getting it out of the plastic wrap, glad to see it back!!
  3. majel

    '69 Impala SS

    My second car was a '69 Impala, white with a blue interior and a 250 horse , 350cubic inch engine. Bought it my junior year of high school (1976) from an old lady whose husband had just died. Didn't want the car, had my eye on a'68 Mercury Cougar, but my dad talked me into it. It had electric windows which always got stuck closed in the Arizona summer and stuck open in the winter. It was a great car though and my friends and i had some great times in it.
  4. Has anyone used Tamiya X-22 clear through an airbrush on a body? I have a funny car that was painted with Tru-color blue pearl and i have a bottle of X-22. Decals have been applied, front grille and bumper are alclad chrome. Don't really want to clear the chrome, but i don't really want to chance taping it off and lifting the chrome or leaving tape residue. It's the acrylic a good choice or should I use TS-13 spray lacquer or Future?
  5. majel

    '31 Cobra 427

    What a great combination! That is a very cool looking model Curt, great job.
  6. Very nice looking paint job, love the look of the hood scoop!
  7. I agree with the better choice being Molotow, but i had already used Alclad for the rear bumper and the few other chrome parts so i want it to match. Thanks for the replies, i think I'll take your advice and spray the chrome last.
  8. I'm getting ready to paint a '57 Chevy funny car. The molded in front bumper is going to be painted chrome using Alclad. I have already painted it gloss black to prep for the chrome. My question is would it be better to paint the body and tape the black and paint the chrome last, or can i paint the chrome now and tape it off before painting the body? I'm not sure how Alclad would hold up being taped.
  9. Very clean, nice work. Love nostalgia drag racing subjects.
  10. Very nice looking ride, love the weathering work, very convincing!
  11. Great looking model! Love the engine detail work and the undercarriage weathering.
  12. Very clean looking build, I love Tamiya's quality. Was the mesh for the grille part of the detail set or did you source it from somewhere else?
  13. I don't post a lot of models on the forum, mainly because i build at a glacial speed, but when i do guys are usually pretty fair in their assessment of my work. I build because i enjoy it, it's super frustrating at times and extremely enjoyable other times. I have yet to build a model i am completely happy with, i know most of its flaws, but an outside point of view from someone is helpful. It's a very subjective hobby, we all have differing views on what constitutes quality work. As long as I'm happy with the model, I improved my skills, picked up some helpful tips from the forum, and maybe inspired someone, then it's all good.
  14. Very nice looking, love the color
  15. Very cool looking model, great job on the weathering. Some day I've got to get the guts to try weathering a vehicle. Outdoor shots on a trail in Prescott would really set it off!
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