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  1. majel

    Jungle Jim

    Thanks everyone, I really enjoy the 1/16th scale models. I've always been a big fan of the old funny cars and front engine dragsters.
  2. Your skill level is off the charts John!! I always enjoy seeing your builds. The oxy-acetylene torch, tool box, and battery charger are great additions.
  3. Just finished this project. It's the Revell 1/16 Mickey Thompson US Marines kit with Chuck Boerner decals. The aftermarket parts came from ProTech, Top Studio, and Detail Master. Body color, clear coat, and chassis are all Tamiya paints.
  4. Really nice detail, great looking dragster. Where did the driver figure come from?
  5. That is a very nice build and a great tribute! Well done!!
  6. majel

    Jungle Jim

    Thanks guys, i saw him and Jungle Pam in 75 or 76 at Beeline Dragway in Scottsdale, AZ. Love the 70's and 80's funny cars.
  7. majel

    Jungle Jim

    Here is a box stock build of the 1/16th scale Revell Jungle Jim funny car that i built around 1998. It was the first large scale model I built after i got back into the hobby in 1994.
  8. Same issue, I have the 1mm and the 2mm pens and both have turned to silver. Tried soaking the tips, shaking it up real well and still get the same silver results. Not impressed with the apparent short shelf life.
  9. So after stripping off all the decals I realized the Chuck Boerner decals are much different from the Slixx decals I originally used. The Slixx decals assume using the rear glass, whereas Chuck's decals are correct for the actual car that ran without rear glass. So I filled in the rear window with sheet styrene and glazing putty and repainted the car. I've got the new decals installed along with the parachute and interior things so I'm ready for a coat of clear and finish it up. I was incredibly impressed with Chuck's decals, they go on great and are almost foolproof.
  10. It is extremely frustrating when your build goes backwards. I lost some stars on the roof because the decals were old and some didn't stick well. I thought I could get another set of Slixx decals and replace the missing stars but that set is out of production. I found a set on Ebay for $58, but that's ridiculous!! So I bought a set of Chuck Boerner decals and stripped the old decals off. Now I've got to repaint or massively touch up the blue on the body and try this again! Hopefully I have better luck the second time around.
  11. It's a shame that the kit was so bad because that is a nice looking car. Thanks for the info on the kit, you did a great job of persevering and turning it into a good looking model.
  12. Wow!! This is coming along nicely and looks awesome. Very impressive work!
  13. Looks like it's seen its share of races, very well done!
  14. As soon as I get the body finished and clear coated and install the parachute, cord, and mounting bracket I can call this one done!
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