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  1. WOW!! That is an amazing build, incredibly realistic. Fantastic job
  2. That looks great, I love the color and stance!
  3. Very clean looking, nice build!
  4. That is a fantastic looking truck Ray! Love the two tone color combo, and you did a great job on the paint.
  5. Excellent job, remember seeing the Wonder Wagon at Beeline Dragway back in the 70's.
  6. This is my version of an El Camino NASCAR truck series "what if". I thought it was a great idea, unfortunately my execution of the build didn't live up to my hopes! But I still think it's a cool idea and something NASCAR should have considered.
  7. That is some really nice detail work! Well on your way to a fantastic build.
  8. That is an outstanding pro truck!! Fantastic engine detail work.
  9. Very nice, great build!
  10. That is looking really good! You are a model building machine Ray!!
  11. Fantastic job on the paint and engine detail, really nice looking truck.
  12. Wow!! Another impressive build, it goes well with the '64 you had in the Desert Scale Classic. Great job!
  13. Fantastic job!! I love Tamiya kits for their level of detail, quality, and ease of construction.
  14. Fantastic work, paint and detail are outstanding!
  15. Excellent job, very good looking model.
  16. My last build was this same kit, but I used some left over Jungle Jim decals and painted it blue. You are right, it's a pretty easy kit to build, but some of the parts were frustrating. You did a great job on it!
  17. That is really nice, I've been wanting to try an open wheeled car, I guess I'm going to have to give one a shot.
  18. That is a wild looking ride!!
  19. Like the rest of this build those wheelie bars are modeling art!! Truly amazing work.
  20. Well the kit might leave a lot to be desired but your build is very well done! Nice job.
  21. Great looking Camaro, really nice build.
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