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  1. Got a little more work done on the engine. Really happy with the way it's coming out. The details that Tamiya builds into this scale is amazing!
  2. I've been able to get some work done on the engine, my glacial building speed ensures this will be a slow process. I used the Tamiya weathering master kits to weather all the parts along with brown and black panel line accent colors. The cooling fan duct was sprayed with thinned clear orange, yellow, and black. I've got a long way to go but I'm happy with the results so far.
  3. Excellent job on both cars, they are a beautiful pair.
  4. That is a fantastic build!! Both backgrounds look good, but i prefer the white, it's less busy.
  5. Very nice job!! Great job on the seats and interior detail.
  6. This is looking really good, great work on all of the scratch-built parts!
  7. majel

    2021 Builds

    Completed four models this year which is actually pretty average for me. The Porsche 911 Carrera is a box stock build of a Tamiya kit using tru-color paints for the body and Tamiya acrylics everywhere else. The Jungle Jim monster truck is a USA-1 truck with left over Jungle Jim funny car decals. The Taco Time funny car is a Revell Jungle Jim Vega with Chuck Boerner decals and a lot of Pro Tech, Top Studio, and Competition Resins parts. The Wild Willie Borsch funny car is a Revell kit with custom mixed paint and Pro Tech, Top Studio, and Competition Resin parts also. Looking forward to more builds in 2022 and hopefully a couple of in person contests!
  8. Excellent job, great looking model, love the paint!
  9. Got the body painted using Tamiya Cobalt Green. The indoor pictures make the color appear darker than it really is. Started on the basic engine and drivetrain, put together all that will be painted flat aluminum and hopefully weathered lightly. Gave it a coat of Tamiya light gray surface primer. Next will be to prime and paint the chassis.
  10. I got the first coat of primer on the body parts. It did its job of pointing out areas that need more work. So out came the marker again and now I have a little more body work before the second coat of primer. The other thing I learned is that I have no idea how I'm going to paint such a large body. My Tamiya paint stand doesn't spread apart far enough to hold the body. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to hold the two main body halves that must be painted inside and out.
  11. Got the mold lines and ejector pin holes sanded down and getting it ready for primer. I decided to add the rivets for the rear wheel flares so I measured out the spacing and will get them drilled out before primer.
  12. Thanks guys, I really enjoy the 70's era of funny cars and dragsters, that was a great time for drag racing.
  13. Finished up the Revell "Wild Willie Borsch" funny car. Built it to look like the box art on the limited edition tin. Used the injector and scoop from Competition Resins, Pro Tech and Top Studio fittings and braided line, modified the windshield and interior tins, and modified the rear spoiler to match the box art. The paint is a custom mix i made starting with craftsmart tangerine acrylic as a starting point. I call it the tale of two decals because I started with a set of Slixx decals from 1997 which worked fairly well but the passenger side large "Wild Willie" decal tore in multiple spots and could not be salvaged. So i ordered a second set of decals from Slixx and found that his hair had purple in it rather than blue like the original set and the decal itself was 3/32" smaller all around than the original decal. I didn't want to mess with removing the decals from the drivers side so one side has blue in the decal and the other side has purple. Since you can only see one side at a time i can live with it!
  14. Started marking and sanding the mold lines on the body tonight and ordered the Tamiya cobalt green paint today. I want to at least get the body prepped before I start on the rest of the parts.
  15. Body is decaled and clear coated with Pledge revive it. Just a few more details and this one will be done.
  16. I've decided to do something completely different (for me) for my next build. I've never attempted something this large and intimidating. I've done a few 1/16th funny cars but never a 1/12th. I plan on doing it pretty much box stock with the addition of some braided lines. Any tips or tricks from those of you that have built this model would be appreciated. I know there's a few videos on you tube of both the Vaillant and Jagermeister build that are very helpful.
  17. Thanks for the pictures, that is an amazing looking group of models. Nice to see the car guys so well represented. Definitely want to try to make it to this show next year!
  18. Beautiful looking Ferraris! Excellent job on all three.
  19. Here's some pictures from the 30th annual car show in Cayucos, CA on the central coast.
  20. Sharp looking model, good job!
  21. That is a great curbside model Ray, fantastic job on the paint. Great use of spare parts!
  22. Very clean build, nice job!
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