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  1. That is a very cool looking gasser. Great detail on the engine, everything looks very realistic. I also really like the seat belt harness, great job on what can be a very fiddly detail. Beautiful model!
  2. That is a fantastic build, very clean and great paint and decal application!
  3. Great looking model, I really like the under carriage weathering.
  4. I realized I had forgotten to include pictures of everything open. I was very impressed of how well the doors fit when closed, they don't sag or try to open on their own.
  5. Wow!! The level of detail and your weathering skills are very impressive. That is a fantastic model.
  6. These are both beautiful builds Pierre! I really like the Sunbeam because it's a car you don't see modeled very often, especially with the cool fender flares.
  7. Thank you guys! This is the most detail i have attempted in a model. I learned an awful lot with this build, I'm happy with the results and i really appreciate everyone who followed along for the ride.
  8. That is a great build of a beautiful car, well done!
  9. After almost a year this car is finally finished! Not going to do a huge picture dump because I posted a lot of in progress pictures under WIP. This is the Tamiya 1/12th scale Vaillant Porsche 934 painted with Tamiya Cobalt Green and cleared with Tamiya TS-13. This is the first 1/12 scale I have attempted, it is a great model kit and a great scale. I found that you can do an awful lot of detailing, but every mistake that you make is magnified and much easier to see. If you would like to see more detail check out the WIP section, and thank you to everyone who has followed along and commented.
  10. That is a very impressive restoration of a glue bomb, great detail and paint.
  11. I've got the body installed on the chassis and did a little weathering on the body. Used some 1/16 scale Goodyear decals on the tires and weathered them a little to reduce the decal shine a bit. I'm pretty much finished and hoping to get some outside pictures this weekend.
  12. Love the color and the name! The body color and the decal colors scream 1977 leisure suit!! Reminds me of senior year of high school and the Saturday drags at Beeline Dragway in Arizona. Great job.
  13. Amazing work Ian! What did you use for the injector fuel lines? I have used stainless steel welding wire in the past, but i think it's too stiff and hard to bend.
  14. Beautiful color and that dash came out really nice, good work.
  15. Gilles, all the rubber pieces like the bumpers or spoilers snap or slide in place and can be removed for polishing.
  16. Got the body clear coated, it still needs to be polished and then slightly weathered to match the chassis. Finished up the back end of the body by installing tail lights, bumpers, and rear deck grilles. Both the rear tail lights and the front turn signal lights have Tuner Model Manufactory 1.0 mm cross type rivets installed in them. Getting closer to finishing it up, pretty happy how the body is turning out so far. Both the hood and driver's side rear quarter panel decals have small bubbles in them that appeared after the clear coat. Not sure if my first mist coat or the following coats of clear caused them but they aren't horribly visible.
  17. This is truly a model building masterpiece Francis! Your skills in design, fabricating, and construction are incredible. This truck is like a fine piece of jewelry, amazing job.
  18. Beautiful model, you did a fantastic job! I'm working on the 934 Vaillant, into month 11, hoping to finish soon. These are great models.
  19. From the pictures it looks like it came out nice. It's always disappointing when we finish a model and aren't happy with the results. I guess that's how we learn and it's what keeps us building. There's always the next one.....
  20. That is a beautiful model.
  21. This is coming along great Ian, your fabricating skills see very impressive.
  22. Your level of detail on this model is fantastic Daniel. Love the linkage and the belts, very impressive!
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