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  1. hardhitter added a post in a topic 1959 Imperial drag car. COMPLETED 5-26-13   

    i would rethink the black if was mine. She need more of that WOW. But anyways I dig the over all look of it really cool.
  2. hardhitter added a post in a topic Back to the Hobby after 15 years - 41' Willy's Gasser   

    welcome back that was my first kit I got when I came back a few months ago and now have over 6 on the bench lol.The kit is a lot of fun and fit is really nice not to much to mess with.
  3. hardhitter added a post in a topic Pro Street Community Build Project   

    Ok guys i'm ready! This is my frist pro-street build i have a 86 monte carlo i got from a car show.still wrapped and opened it to find out it has been worked on before someone cut the engine compament out.So i'll take the monte and remove the rear stub out of a 66 nove pro-street(which is not pro-street with slicks but thanks to good guys on the forums i got some big treads) and put it in the monte. (I HOPE) been watching the good dr's videos they really helped.so i post the pics and get to work thanks jamie

  4. hardhitter added a post in a topic International Scout Redneck´s ride   

    Well i must be the red neck you speak of had one in high school great mud truck.Very cool build and scenery.i really like the bikini top.wish i would have done that to mine when it became a woods truck.
  5. hardhitter added a post in a topic 1/16 inter KB5 twin turbo hilborn injected V10 street legal rig rod   

    wow this truck is just SICK! really digging the box.
  6. hardhitter added a post in a topic BOSS 429   

    very nice build. I have the same issue with painting body's.I love the motor and drive train painting then bang my head when i come to the body lol. Keep it up man.
  7. hardhitter added a post in a topic Pro Street Community Build Project   

    i dont oject!i want to see that thing done up.

    You have that right Al i think i have everything lined up and ready to go with mock up. My 1st pro street build not box stock.so it will be my 1st rear stub install should be good.The good doctor's video have really helped out so will be sharing pics when i start on her. Thanks Jamie
  8. hardhitter added a post in a topic Removing Chrome Plating   

    i use bleach super cheap stuff from the dollor store lol i leave it over night and then run water over them clean and done
  9. hardhitter added a post in a topic 65`Corvette pro street update   

    that thing is so nice them big meats out back are some thing else! good job.
  10. hardhitter added a post in a topic quick ? on pro street   

    jeff that too funny. I my self would not get the batmobile kit.I think i have a plan for the 66 nova i will be taken the tubbs out and put them in a 86 monte carlo.because that is hopeful someday 1:1 cars but take it up a notch to pro street specs.When that is all said and done i should been able to take that rear stub i remover from the 86 monte carlo and graf it to the 66 nove chassis and make a nice street drive. thanks jamie.
  11. hardhitter added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    quick ? on pro street
    when i hear pro street car i think street legal car i.e. street tires big treaded meats out back. As some of you know i have been looking for this big tread tires.To take part in a community build.Well i broke down and went to buy one my local HL they only had the 66 chevy nova PRO STREET kit and got home opened it open and it has slicks!what the. am i wrong for thinkin it would come with treads bein a pro STREET kit?
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  12. hardhitter added a post in a topic The big C   

    sorry to hear buddy.
    keep you head up man. peace
  13. hardhitter added a post in a topic 69 camaro yenko   

    thanks richard i think i will be going with the lite blue stocker color and yes it came with white and black striping which makes it super nice.
  14. hardhitter added a post in a topic Boss 302 Ford Mustang   

    very nice build i like the black on yellow one of my favorite color combo's.what did you do for the chrome strips?
  15. hardhitter added a topic in On The Workbench   

    69 camaro yenko
    i got this kit at a local car show and been really happy with it other then the headers were a pain. This is my frist camaro build open to all comments thanks for looking.

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