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  1. Beautiful build!! I would give my left you-know-what to find a good resin casting of the 68 Caprice 2-door Sport Coupe so I could build a replica of my 1:1.
  2. Love that color!! Beautiful job Art. Would love to see more pics. I sure do wish you were still casting resins...I miss those days & your beautiful resin kits.
  3. Thanks Charlie. It turns purple at night under the street lights. this is actually the second STS that I've owned...I had a 93 before this one that was a black cherry color. Great handling cars, comfy ride & loads of horsepower
  4. Pegasus makes both 19" & 23" & you can also get them as a "Big N Littles" set with two of each.
  5. Thanks everyone for the great comments. I kinda hate to let this one go...but I think it will be appreciated in it's new home. Guess I'll have to do one for myself.
  6. Here is my 1:1 daily driver. I bought this 96 Caddy Seville STS a little over 2 years ago whenit has 86,000 miles. It now has 136,000. I drive 80 miles round trip to get to work so I wanted something comfortable....& it gets an average combined city & highway mileage of over 24 MPG with a 300 HP Northstar V8.
  7. I built this 1940 Ford Coupe for my local Fedex driver. He is going to give it to his father in law who is turning 85 this month & who is in the process of building a 1:1 40 Ford coupe. Paint is the exact color he is using...2011 Honda Pewter grey & the rims are what he has for his Ford. Hope you enjoy.
  8. Thanks guys...I'm glad you like my work. Mike, the wheels on the 68 Firebird are Chrome T's from Pegasus (19").
  9. Beautiful job on the 65 Al. I too love that color. Not sure where you get your paints but I buy a lot of factory colors from automotivetouchup.com. A 2 ounce bottle of unreduced paint sells for $14.95. They can also do any color in an aerosol spray can. http://www.automotivetouchup.com/choosecolor/choosecolor.aspx?year=1965&make=chevrolet&model=all%20models That is the link for 65 Chevrolet Evening Orchid.
  10. Outstanding job on the Olds Phil! I especially like your gentle touch of woodgrain in the side trim...very classy. I recognize the upholstery patern from the Revellogram 59 Impala...looks great. I have many R&R resins myself & I agree they are a little challenging, but if you're looking for station wagon kits from GM, Mopar & ford, they are just about the only game in town. They can be worked over to make some fine looking builds, as you have proven.
  11. Beautiful work Josh! I'm glad you decided to finish it. Great job on the pinstriping.
  12. Absolutely stunning!! You knocked this one out of the park for sure.
  13. Here's one I just finished. The Testors 25 Model T with pre-painted metal body. I like to do a quick builder like this every now & then just to keep from getting burned out on the more detailed kits. I gave this one a coat of HOK clear to shine it up a bit & did some detail painting throughout. Hope you enjoy.
  14. Well, at two bucks each I certainly hope you bought every one he had! Great find & great build on all three!
  15. Great looking build! I am in total awe of your craftmanship. I would love to find one of these old Cyclone kits. Always thought they were better looking than the Torinos.
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