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  1. fed

    Nice perspective ,if that's the right word...
  2. AMT Union 76 Chevy pickup

    I would think that a dark blue would look better and have more contrast with the orange fenders. That's what I'm going to use.
  3. AMT Union 76 Chevy pickup

    Don't forget the whitewall tires that most service trucks didn't have... I'll use them on something else....
  4. AMT Union 76 Chevy pickup

    I got mine a few days ago.
  5. Hi guys! I'm still looking for the steering wheel from a 1/8th scale Lindberg T bucket. It's the type that looks like it's from an old Model T. 4 spokes and the center sticks up. Thanks!
  6. Steven, I'm building a stock white over black hardtop. Thanks for the pics. Yeah,I might paint instead with some careful masking. I remember the original kit had stickers that went on the seats. I think they were gray.
  7. Hmmm Sound interesting. I might have to try that. Thanks
  8. Thanks,Joe. I've never heard of it. Is it a peel and stick vinyl or decal film?
  9. Does anyone know where I might find a set of decals for the interior of AMT's '57 Bel Air? I would like to find decals to go over the textured part of the seat. I can paint them, but decals would look better, I think. I'm needing black one. Where could I get black decal film? There's no hobby shops around here. Thanks!
  10. AMT Union 76 Chevy pickup

    Here it is. Not sure how he got this. All I've seen is 'pre order'. nice decals.
  11. AMT Cobra Racing Team

    I was surprised to see that trailer in the kit,too. But I think I know why it's there. The Fireball 500 kit is currently available,so they just molded a few extra trailers while production is in progress. I used to work in a factory that molded plastic. It's just a way to cut costs.
  12. AMT Peterbilt Cabover Drawing

    Right you are! I was about 18 when I did this,and not really serious about it - yet. I have some going back to when I was 7 or 8 years old. 1960? Very 2 dimensional. I hadn't drawn using perspectives yet.
  13. AMT Peterbilt Cabover Drawing

    In honor of the latest reissue of this kit, I dug up an old drawing I did-probably when the kit was new. This was the first big rig kit I ever built. I loved the box art painting, so I made this crude rendering with pencil. Thanks for looking!
  14. I didn't really know where to put this question,so I'm posting it here. I was curious about the value of the mariner blue 50 Chevy pickup promo. #6287EO When I look on evilbay,all I see are cream ones. The blue ones aren't that rare are they? I don't remember paying that much for it. Thanks for any info.
  15. 53 Ford Pickup Junker

    Thanks Michael! It's varied over the years,and this is an old one. Lately,I've been using Kimberly 2B to 6B pencils I get from Dick Blick. The best eraser I've found is the Factis Black 18 ,that they also sell.