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  1. Is it possible to attach resin parts with something like Tamiya clear (in bottle) I don't really like using super glue , even though it has it's place. Any options? Thanks!
  2. 1/8th Monogram Big T Coupe

    Sorry,I don't. I used the AMT bady to get the general proportions. It was a lot of work.
  3. 1/8th Monogram Big T Coupe

    Nice pickup, Steven!
  4. 1/8th Monogram Big T Coupe

    Yes. I have to make room for another project.
  5. 1/8th Monogram Big T Coupe

    Hi guys! This is my T coupe I built a few years ago. It's not a modified Lindberg body. I had to use 2 T bucket bodies to make it long enough. The frame is an inch longer. The blower is from the old PE62 engine kit. The intake was scratch built. The turtle deck was shortened ,and made a little taller. The deck lid opens. The interior is with with gold inserts.Taillights are from the AMT 50 Ford.moon discs from the 32 Ford,and the fenders are from the Big Tub. Modified with a strip of half round to make them look like the ones on the AMT 1/25th version.The paint is Tamiya metallic gold w/clearcoat. Hope you like it!
  6. 1/8th Ford TT Stake Truck New Project

    Another update. The chassis is nearly complete. I've had to modify almost everything to get the right suspension and ride height. Still have a little engine workand make a driveshaft.
  7. Club logo

    I use an old version of Paint Shop Pro.
  8. 1/8th Ford TT Stake Truck New Project

    OK, I'm back. I had a project that got in the way of this. The engine is mostly done,with a few vintage parts. The rear end -from a 1/8 Camaro -has been narrowed,and the gap on the top filled. It's being converted to a buggy spring and Big T backing plate and drums.The front axle is a Big T. The front crossmember will have to be modded to fit the Lindberg radiator shell.
  9. Monogram Big Scale Corvettes

    Maroon will look nice on that. How about a dark silver/metallic gray stripe on the hood/ Kind of like the 67 Vette had/ JMHO.
  10. Monogram Big Scale Corvettes

    They take up a lot of room don't they? I used to have one of those,and I still have 2 65's. Great work. Can't wait to see it finished.

    That's an amazing build,Frank.

    Here's the blow up.

    I think the floor pan is included w/ the latest Big T. It's a flat piece of white plastic. I don't have the instructions,but I have the 'blow up' that shows all of the parts at the beginning of the instructions.. I'll look for it. Here's a pic of mine.
  14. Station Wagon Kits

    Yes,wagons have been ignored by the model comapnies for way too long. And the mid 50's Buick,Olds,and Pontiacs.
  15. OK,this would be a good one for Ira. Here's a drawing I made from a screenshot in the movie. I actually built a model of this,but used an AMT '53 Ford. The dish on the back is the bottom of a Pepsi can,and the contral wheels on the side are the custom steering wheels from the AMT '57 chevy. The wheels are from Ron cash. If I remember right,someone made a resin '52 Ford grille.