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  1. I never thought of that,but it does have a little box art look to it.
  2. Can you draw in perspective? Where you can see the front and the side at the same time? I've drawn since I could hold a pencil ,but I can't now due to eye problems. Hope to get that fixed some day soon. I have some things posted on here,just scroll down the list. Good luck!
  3. Thank you! I've been at it for a while..
  4. Why in the world did you stop? Keep drawing!
  5. I noticed that no one has posted here for a while ,so I thought I would share a memory and post some digital artwork. Let's go back to about 1964 . AMT had released the first (and maybe the best) version of the '57 Bel Air. I was 12 years old ,and I knew how I wanted to build this. Unfortunately , I had budget restrictions - A 25cents a week - Yes, a shiny new quarter - allowance didn't go far, even then. Anyway,I shaved off the side trim,filled in the hood 'scoops' and removed the hood and deck emblems. Did I mention I was on a budget? My brother was working on a Pontiac at the time,and he painted the Chevy for me. Pontiac engine light metallic blue. Yes,engine paint.. A nice ,flat,grainy engine paint. Oh well. I had a set of Ala Kart wheels ,and skinny whitewalls to put on it,so that helped a little. The 409 ,with the supercharger was installed. I loved the chrome suspension on this. The interior had the seat inserts painted dark blue with my little,shaking hands,plus the little alligator on the rear package shelf. Oh,and I used the Buick grille. Such was my masterpiece. I don't remember what happened to it,but it must have gotten thrown out at some time. That's the way of youth. Fast forward to present day , well,a few years ago,and I created this using PSP7. This was the image that was in my childish brain. What I wanted it to look like. Except for the side trim - I don't know what I was thinking then. Live and learn,I guess. I hope you like it.
  6. You can never have too many projets...
  7. pharoah

    Dave "Big" Deal

    That's sad. I really liked his artwork.
  8. I'm building a Revell VW bus and I'm wondering what the trick is to installing the doors. I'm afraid I'll break off those tiny pins. Thanks for your help.
  9. I have those parts,but they are from the AMT Double 'T' kit. Would they work?
  10. That's what I was thinking. Or maybe a Revell or AMT engine parts pack>
  11. Hi again. I'm sorry the updates are so slow in arriving. It's a big model,and other things keep getting in the way. Here is part of the cab and the floor pan. I made oval windows instead of rectangle ones. I used the bottom of a Bactine bottle as a pattern. The cab is styrene,but I tried to make it look like wood. The windows are about ready to go in,and the roof is being made. Thanks for looking!
  12. Hi all, I think the dreaded carpet monster claimed another victim. I'm building a Revell 1/25th '32 Ford Highboy roadster. I need the frame crossmember - part #88. If anyone has a spare,I would really appreciate it. Thanks!
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