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  1. I’m so proud to watch Lee grow his modeling skills. The street goes both ways, he’s showed me things that helped me also. The only one I’ve not mastered is his painting skills, he can flow paint on like spreading butter on bread. For those reading this, you may be looking at his model and you may think he spray painted, but in reality he brushed painted the part with no brush strokes. Our dad was amazed at his painting skills always. Bill
  2. gotnitro, I taught Lee about the Micro Balloons trick several years ago, probably in the late 80’s when I was building my KW 900L conversion kit master. Although, I showed him how to use baking soda as a substitute instead since it’s much more cheaper. Mixed with superglue there is no shrinking and it’s a quick gap filler. The RC teams have used this solution for decades on fast repair in the field or during races. Bill Drennen
  3. Everyone, First, I'd like to thank all those who purchased and supported me during these past few decades in the model truck cottage industry. It's hard to believe it has been 27 years since I first announced my Kenworth W900L resin cab conversion kit. And now, it is time for me to move on in my life and take on other activities with my 4 grand-kids and one more on the way this year. It pleases me to announce that Jamie Rahmoeller of MOLUMINUM is the proud new owner of my resin cab & hood conversions and several of my personal custom parts I used for myself on my own custom builds. These are now owned by Jamie and I no longer have any ties, meaning royalties or licenses with the companies my conversion kits were representing. Over the next few weeks, Jamie and I will be transitioning the resin masters (list below) from me over to him. Please be patient with us while we are in this state of flux, you know it takes a lot of prep work to begin casting these 1/25th and 1/24th conversion kits. When Jamie has his plans together, he will announce the approximate date when he will have the castings ready for sale. Again, I appreciate your support and I know you will enjoy the same fine quality workmanship from Jamie as you did with me. Bill Drennen Full Cab and Hood Conversion Kits 1/25th Scale: Kenworth W900L, Straight and Curved cowl; Kenworth T800; Peterbilt 379 Extended Hood; Hood only Conversions 1/25th Peterbilt 358 and; 1/24th Peterbilt 379 Extended Hood
  4. Soon as I dig them out I'll take some pictures of them, the early years in the later years and the tailgate inserts and Post. Right now I'm in the middle of a basement remodel so it might take a few weeks to dig them out of storage. I think Lee my brother still has a set. I'll bug him to see if he can post some pictures sooner probably than when I could get to it. Bill
  5. My resin conversion kit is still available. KW T800 - Flat Windshield if you are interested send PM. These are pictures from Porky when he was casting my masters. Bill
  6. Boy, This brings back some old memories of the late 80's early 90's. I created all of Don Holthaus's GMC grilles and tailgate inserts, as well as the 2-Ton Chevy/GMC cab conversion. And, yes it is true GM did approach Don with licensing issues and Don decided to pull his GMC products. I still have my masters, 60-63 (rounded letters) and 64-66 (squared letters), hoods, grills, and tailgate inserts. I also did Don's 57 Chevy "Apache" grille before AMT came out with theirs.
  7. Looking good little brother. Now you have to get'r done. -:)
  8. It could be a knock off of my hood, hard to tell. Can you post pics of the underside of the hood and fenders Bill
  9. The 358 conversion kit is my kit. I mastered it back in the mid 90s. Clint Freeman and I entered into a partnership and I gave him the rights to cast my masters until he and I decided to shutdown because of so many thieves copying our work. I then brought it back with Eric until his health gave out and other issues develop. Bill Drennen
  10. Plowboy, You do have to go through legal negotiations with the major mfgs in order to be licensed to sell products that bear their name. Generally speaking, you also have to carry a Liability Insurance policy of at least $1M. Then you have to track and send into the company the units you sold and pay your royalties. All this does take time and money. There are several cottage industry companies who take the time and effort to be legit. I know of a few people who were selling Mack and GMC products without legally being licensed and they both were issued letters to cease their operations or legal action will be taken. As far as copyrights go, you can go to their website and read all about it. Only the master modeler knows his secrets that he can truly identify a counterfeit from the original. No matter how many times a counterfeiter will try and cover it up it they will know it will be there for identification. Bill
  11. I will be casting more of the 1/24th Pete 379 hoods later this year for selling during the Holidays. Bill
  12. I agree with you on the shows. I've been down that road also with a person who was taking claim to fame on my products, until I introduced myself to him. I asked all sorts of questions about his resin casting with a large crowd standing around and he proceeded to tell everyone how he made the truck masters and then molded them and all that, but when I popped the question "Isn't that Bill Drennen's W900L?" His chin hit the floor and didn't know what to say. Then I said to him, "I'm Bill Drennen and that is my work you are taking credit for." Then we had a discussion about making sure he is doing the right thing and not being a pirate. Thank you for the support.
  13. It is true, Eric is having health issues as well as other issues also, you can see that by reading his FaceBook page. I have pulled all my products from him and started selling them direct now. If you want any of the Kenworth 900L/T800 or Petebilt 358/379 kits Bill Drennen produced you can send me a PM and I will get with you on them. Bill Drennen
  14. Yes you sure did. Send some pics during your building. Bill
  15. Danno You can google copyright on the internet and find their website. You will find that if you keep all your plans, pictures and any information on your build you are legally considered copyrighted. You also have the option to register your master patterns by sending them all your info on your creation. Hope this helps. Bill
  16. Jim, I don't have a list because I dont have that much to keep one. I have most all of my kits execpt for the 1/24th Pete hood conversion. I have in stock my Pete 379, ($90) KW 9L ($90), Pete 358 ($40), and the suspension trunions ($5) to update the Revell Germany 8 air bag with the KW logo in the center. I also have several of my spun aluminum Vortox air cleaners($30). If you want any of these let me know though a PM. Bill
  17. Yes Jim, they did get sold unfortunately. It takes eBay awhile to pull the auctions. I found them about a 1-1/2 days before the auction ended. eBay said when you make the report you get put into a queue, so they didn't get to them in time before they were sold. I have had eBay pull auctions before in the past on this issue. eBay has a program named VeRO that allows you to file the Copyright Infringement charge. They said they would give him a violation for selling them. The Verified Rights Owners program (VeRO) allows intellectual property owners to report listings that infringe their rights on the site. .
  18. Thanks Mike. Yes, this old dog is still around. Sure glad you got a set of my wheels, those were so cool. If you have used them send me pics.
  19. All, This is Bill Drennen. I want to post this message to everyone because I'm totally against anyone who produces unauthorized copies of my products or other’s products and tries to profit from copyright infringements. This eBay seller below has posted and sold "black resin" Kenworth W900L hoods and cab knock-offs of my copyrighted W900L on eBay without my consent. I asked him nicely to remove his auctions, but he did not. He left me no choice but to turn him in to eBay as well as filed a Copyright Infringement charge against him. I ask of you to please do not promote this sort of behavior by purchasing the counterfeit products and if you suspect someone of this behavior, please contact the modeler who produced the originals to verify first before you make your purchase. I, as well as others on this website have put long hard hours into making our products and have taken the funding cost to pay royalties and casters to produce our products in order to make them available to you legally. To have individuals such as this person taking advantage of our work for greed of profit is detestable. If you want to check his auctions out the numbers are listed below. And, if you know who he is, or who made these casting; I certianly want to know to take further action against those individuals producing counterfeits of my product. You can send me a private email anytime. Bill Drennen Bill Drennen Truck Models eBay Item numbers 281406857809 281406867113 271570768238 eBay ID badtxz
  20. I made P&P pull my T800 conversion kit and all my products from him selling them. If you need a T800 cab conversion I have them. Send me a PM. Bill Drennen Bill Drennen Model Trucks
  21. Keep watching on AIM American Industrial Models, Dave Natale website. http://www.aitruckmodels.com/pages/kitsparts.html
  22. Petetrucker07, I've been offering my 1/25 Pete 379 conversion kit and my 1/24th scale Pete 379 hood conversion for over 20 years. I've had several diffferent casters selling it for me over those years, the last being Eric Jones with P&P Vintage Resin. He no longer has the rights to sell any of my conversion kits that was on his catalog. If you are seeking a conversion kit please send me a PM and I will hook you up. Bill Drennen
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