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  1. Hallo Simon, thanks. For the thrusters I used the baby food lids.
  2. Now I have to find my jaw under the table! Love it!
  3. Thank you, Jacob. Thank for the info, Snake.
  4. Thank you, guys. I don't think these cars ever land. However, I found some pictures of the workshops...
  5. Thanks, Phillip. You're right, I'm happy that I don't have to drive it!
  6. Thank you, Mike! Thank you, Rob. The Doc shares his work via YouTube nowadays.
  7. Hallo, I'd like to share my latest build, a Cranky-inspired (thanks, Doc) flying VW Beetle. I've used a Hasegawa kit with various parts from the parts box, wires, hoses etc. Decals are Eduard and Airfix. It was a fun build and a source of a great enjoyment for me. Original inspiration came from the pictures of Alejandro Burdisio: Cranky's version on the YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tI6wTgOkYHE Some WIP pictures: Finished model: Thank you for your attention!
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