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  1. gene added a post in a topic Old H.o. Parts And Tires   

    Try this http://www.mrconey.com/ you can find the OLD H.O. items here.

  2. gene added a post in a topic New Members PLEASE READ THIS!   

    Ok, I am going to give the plastic a try. :shock:
    I see the Dart being retro into new paint colors, looks great, My Shrike paint scheme seems to have melted into a Mongoose :mrgreen: , it all looks great.
    Where can I get a 1/8 scale C4 corvette model kit?
  3. gene added a topic in Model Car Racing   

    Jairus, Great Forum!
    Hello ; Jairus
    I really enjoy all this great stuff here, super model builders here.
    Gene [shinoda Dart]
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