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  1. larrygscale added a post in a topic Anyone have trouble ordering from Larry G Scale?   


    I happened into this thread by accident and well beyond it when it started. I quickly responded.......with regard to the following feedback:

    From sebivens, on 07 Jan 2013 - 21:32, said:
  2. larrygscale added a post in a topic Anyone have trouble ordering from Larry G Scale?   

    Hello Folks,

    This is in response to Allen Manley DRAKE69'S ignorant and unwarranted attack on my business. Yesterday I was doing some item google searches and came across this forum and this topic thread.

    I would think someone classified as an "Avid Poster" to this forum would have some general knowledge of how an online credit card transaction works but apparently not.

    Allen Manley WAS NEVER charged for the Juke Box he ordered. That is the only fact revelant to this reply, however here is the timeline of events.

    Allen Manley indeed placed an order in my store on 3/21/12 for 1 Diecast Coke Machine and 1 Juke Box, and his credit card was automatically "AUTHORIZED" for the full amount 29.85........When I saw the order, and knowing that the Juke Boxes had been discontinued and were no longer available, I processed the order on my end, which completed the credit card transaction the next day 3/22/12, and resulted in the ONLY charge to Allen Manleys credit card, for 1 Coke Machine and s/h via USPS.....total 20.90.............Attached are both the final order and the payment sheet.

    I am not sure why Allens follow up and apology were deleted from this forum, but I am sure it was an honest mistake.

    My sincere thanks to all the gentlemen who backed me up. I appreciate your kind words.

    Larry Guider
    Larry G Scale