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  1. Thanks so much for the comments everyone!! Regarding the exhausts... never known. Always thought it was cool though! Stay safe Tomo
  2. Hey all! This one I actually finished before the escort, but I forgot to upload it and these are all the pics I have. All comments much appreciated! Cheers Tomo
  3. Thank you all for such kind compliments - they really mean a lot!!
  4. Hey all! What do you get when you combine self isolation with boredom? See for yourself ;) Far from box stock, too many modifications to list - but you can check out the build here . All comments are very much appreciated!! Cheers B) Tomo
  5. Exaaactly my thinking. I'll likely pick up a Plymouth, do it box stock but in Purple.
  6. Now this is some awesome news. The Rangie, M1 and Merc road cars are must haves for me... Sadly the Delta will definitely be too expensive for me.
  7. Looks fantastic - have you any interior shots? Cheers!
  8. Didn't know AMT made one of these! Gorgeous build, looks flawless. That coupled with Tamiya's wheels and you'd never know the difference between it and the Tamiya one.
  9. Love this. I had the idea to try and tackle this years ago but I knew I'd not do it half the justice you are. Keep at it!
  10. Fair enough, I'm praying that's the case - we're long overdue an E-Type that's actually accurate!
  11. That E-Type scares me. As a big Jag guy.... That looks identical to the E-Type kit in my stash, an old Revell of Germany release. They just can't seem to get the headlights right - they always look wrong. Super super excited for the bay window and splitty, though.
  12. Cheers for all the comments everyone! I do have some reference pics to do some extra detailing, but as I’m still kinda getting back into it I don’t want to get too focused on detail and then not finish the thing. For tonight though I’ve done some more to the underside, with some washes and building the rear suspension and mounting the engine. I’ll add some weathering to the exhausts at a later date.
  13. Always liked Dr. Cranky and the work he put out. I felt honoured when he and Harry asked me to be in their international house of plastic book. Cranky was one of the first names I wondered what happened to when I became active on the forum again a month or two ago. Glad to hear he's still up and running, even if it's only on YouTube and not on here. Our hobby is scarce enough - we don't need to let egos and issues get in the way and make it worse. Embrace all, unless they specifically hurt you, that's what I say.
  14. So this is a bit of a holy grail kit for me, as I’ve lusted over this car since the early Gran Turismo days. The kit was always extremely expensive, and even with the reissue it was dear enough! Sure enough, I eventually got one, but afraid of messing it up I waited a long time to build it. Now I’m confident in my building again, I’m giving it a stab. Reference pics in hand, it’s time to get started... Body has been airbrushed, and decals put on. This is what scared me the most but they went on perfectly! Next up, detail painting. I’ll be doing mostly box stock but will add detail as and when I see fit... Cheers ?
  15. Looks fantastic, there's an insane amount of work in this. I'm glad it came out as good as it did I think I saw it on a Facebook group too, the Aoshima/Tamiya/etc one... Keep building, you've got some serious skills
  16. So I’ve finally got around to one of my holy grail kits in the stash, Tamiya’s reissued Alfa 155. I bought one part started years ago on eBay when I was starting out in the hobby, and did one of my first rattle can paints... which naturally, was a mess. Setting my freshly airbrushed one next to it, it’s crazy the difference. Do you ever set your current build against one from years gone by and think about how much your skills have improved? Show us!
  17. Wow, I'm only seeing these comments now! Thank you all so much, much appreciated Yup, he used a toothpick
  18. Hey! Bought second hand, unfortunately this kit is missing a few parts so until I eventually get them, it's done for now. Bit of an awkward one I'll be honest - instructions for engine fitment were very vague, things like that. Could definitely be a contender for a high detail build though. Paint is Tamiya Pearl Blue - built box stock. All comments appreciated! Cheers Tomo
  19. Thanks so much for the kind words everyone, means a lot! I wish I could take credit for a RHD conversion... But the kit comes that way. This isn't a Miata kit, it's a Tamiya MX-5 kit - represents a Japanese Import 'Eunos' model, which is the same as mine. It also comes with a Hardtop. As for the Mustang... Built 4 years ago. It's, in my opinion, the coolest model I've done - I'll keep it in the background of future pics 'cos it looks cool I'll be making a diorama for photograping in soon I'd say, with having a house now I can dedicate a space to it. Anyway, pics! Cheers - Tomo
  20. Hey everyone! Glad to be back at it. This is the first kit I've completed in over two years which is crazy considering I used to churn them out weekly, and my first since I've moved house and got my own work station. Also my first go airbrushing, I'm sure I'll improve after a couple kits. All it needs now are number plates, but I haven't got a printer sorted yet. The kit is Tamiya's Mazda MX5, based on my 1/1 scale. I had some fitment issues with the windows, because I wanted to keep the softtop under the hardtop - but I'm willing to put up with that to have it match the real car. Mods: Tartan Interior Original radio sanded away for a double din screen Aux cable into radio using spark plug wire (possibly a tad out of scale) iPhone on passenger seat Steering wheel changed to the non air bag model, with a snap-off boss kit that I have on my own Seat belt buckles Looking back I forgot the roll hoops. Oops! I didn't go too crazy into detailing or it'd never get off the bench - and I wanted something done!! All comments much appreciated Cheers Tomo
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