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  1. Yeah it would've been known internationally as the Fit. Love builds of everyday cars that you would see here in the UK/Ireland. There aren't many of them unfortunately. Extremely clean build, the plates look class.
  2. Thanks very much everyone, the comments are always lovely to read and spur me on to build more. This is Aoshima's GT-R kit, it comes with lots of different bits and pieces such as different grilles and things to do different styles. If you want to replicate that one I would recommend looking at their Kenmeri 'Works' kit range, they come with those big flares and headlight covers!
  3. And now with me going to Uni in September, posts will be even less frequent... I'm taking my model stuff with me but I don't expect to have much time. So, this is my most recent build. Aoshima's 1973 Skyline GT-R (you all know me for Skylines..) and it's a fantastic kit. Modifications: - Racing seat for driver (Japanese style, they tend to only put a racing seat on the driver's side) - Seatbelts and buckles - Side exit exhaust - Custom front licence plate - Rear mounted battery and wired in - Cigarette Packet in centre console - Lowered slightly The rear badge has come loose at the edge and it's really annoying. Thanks for looking, all comments appreciated
  4. Thanks everyone!! Glad to be back on here and posting again, I forgot how motivating it was to share builds. Cheers, Tomo
  5. My bad, I forgot we had a trucks section. Cheers to all for comments
  6. This was an experiment for me, I wanted to try painting every part of the kit with an airbrush for the first time, and I wanted to finally have a try at Zero Paints. As you can see, the results compared to my older builds of the kit speak for themselves... I need to get a decent airbrush though, mine is horrible and made the painting of the body a real pain. Box stock, no modifications to the kit. Colour is Zero Paints 555 Impreza Rally Blue. In the time it took me to build this kit, I bought, drove and sold a real Subaru. Thanks for looking, all comments appreciated!
  7. Since I was last active, I've bought, driven and sold 3 different cars, thankfully the same girlfriend though...
  8. Thanks so much for the comments everyone! Yes, the original 500 is the same scale.. The difference is crazy!
  9. Built for my Dad for his 60th, only add to the kit was the licence plate, to match his old one. Kit went great with no real problems. Thanks for lookin', all comments appreciated!
  10. Well some of you may remember me, it's been a while since I've been on here, but within the past two weeks I've gotten back into modelling in a big way. This was the first project I got finished. Built box stock, painted a Ford blue, with some Gulf stickers and orange details. Only mods to the kit are a steering wheel and pedals. Fitment is awful on this kit as anyone will tell you, so I did the best I could. Licence plates were added after the photoshoot. Thanks for lookin', all comments appreciated!
  11. Cheers lads, means a lot. My friend gave me a lend of his airbrush so when I get time I'll have a go at experimenting with that I reckon.
  12. Love it. I have two on the stock pile and have plans for two or three more. I plan on doing a big display eventually..
  13. Finished a while ago but never got pics. Box stock, l only added slight weathering. As a now Subaru owner, I guess I need to build loads of them... Probably my last finished build of 2015. Thanks for lookin', all comments appreciated
  14. Only seeing these comments now, somehow.. Haven't been active on here in a long time! Thanks so much everyone! I've got a new model just finished, I'll get some pics when I get a chance.
  15. Thank you everyone! Here's more from the collection as asked.
  16. This is Tamiya's new "Nismo-Custom" kit. It's essentially their old R32 kit but with a couple of new parts - Strut brace, steering wheel, exhaust system and wheels. It also comes with a few body kit mods to make it a bit more like the Group-A racer. Usual Tamiya build quality, shake the box and it assembles itself. Mods to the kit were decals from the Aoshima Z-Tune, and I opted to put in front seats from an R34. I build models to represent my "ideal garage" and if I had one I would probably stick R34 seats in for extra comfort. I plan to get two more of this kit and build the standard R32, and then the 1990 Nismo homologation model. Also shown are my current skyline models, and my 3 R32s - the blue one was the first model I ever finished and the middle one was built 2 years ago. It's nice to have a few of the same kit to be able to compare my abilities. Thanks for looking, all comments are much appreciated
  17. Well I've been away from the bench for quite some time now, so I finally got back in the game.. This time, I wanted to push myself with engine detail. I always feel the engines let me down, so I wanted to push myself to do better. Armed with reference pics I got started. No real modifications to the kit, this is Revell's newest Mk1 GTI Kit and it's a dream. All I did was add detail to the engine bay, and a decal to the rear window, and a mirror from a '65 Mustang. Detail to the engine bay consisted of wires and a water expansion tank, which for some reason Revell forgot, even though they left an indentation for one to be fitted... Odd. This was my first time trying out a new line of spray cans from my local store and they're not great but they do have some cool colours, unfortunately I had to weather the outside to cover the blemishes. Without further ado... All comments are much appreciated
  18. Thank you! Unfortunately not, the Mk1 kits do, but all Mk2 kits are LHD only.
  19. Well you all like drag racing, right? Went racing again this year.. This time we decided to go all out and go 60s style with a name and everything. Won a few races and got fastest reaction time of the weekend with a 0.092. I've been the youngest racer there for two years straight and we also won award for the best "Team", which we were all very proud of, considering we were only having a laugh, especially with my Mum making t shirts as a joke! Drastic measures were taken to try and shave seconds off my time but most of it wasn't very worth it. Some pics for you... The even makes for a very comfortable bed for me and the girlfriend too, VW thought of everything... The car is back to daily driver duty, with the stickers off and running as great as ever
  20. Thanks so much everyone! Seriously? That's awesome. I'd love to go there, I love mooneyes stuff, so cool. Hahah! That's how I do it. I drag you all in with my avatar of Sophie in the hopes you'll stay and look at my models.
  21. Well, I've wanted to do this for quite some time, so I guess it's about time I built my baby. My first car, and my current car - a car which some of you may know from my first car thread that creeps up now and again in the General section. There is an insane amount of custom work in this, unfortunately I wasn't able to convert it to right hand drive or put big bumpers on due to it being a Fujimi kit and not a revell one, but my car is technically supposed to have the small bumpers from factory anyway. It's as close as I could get to my car.. I could point out all of the various touches that I've done, but I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. These aren't the most recent pics of my car, the model is more up to date than the car pics, but you get the idea. Thanks for lookin', all comments are much appreciated
  22. Same as with the Civic, a weathering exercise on a kit built a long time ago.. Again, phone pics, sorry. What I did:Repainted interior Repainted and wired engine Wires where the missing spot lamp is so it looks like it was ripped off Repainted chrome around windows Weathering
  23. I was without my laptop and camera for a while so excuse the pics. This was just a weathering exercise on a kit I built a long time ago when my building skills weren't up to much.
  24. Always been meaning to see if the Aoshima McLarens are good. Awesome build, looks flawless to me too.
  25. Very cool. Have this on the stock pile and it'll look well beside my Mk2. Very well made!
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