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  1. Great work on the window trims, it's been great watching you tackling new things with every build.
  2. Cheers! The wheels are from the kit, but the kit has them in chrome so I stripped the chrome and tried to make a closer match to the real colour. I did it ages ago so don't ask me what I used, hahah. How they come in the kit: The real thing: As you can see there's a good bit of a difference so it's worth the extra work... @Mike - I have no clue, it's a Ford of UK colour!
  3. One for the Gran Turismo collection... Built bog standard, only modification is I stripped the chrome (first time ever doing that!) on the wheels to repaint them to a more accurate colour, and the Gran Turismo plate. Colour of the car is Ford Signal Yellow. Love these Skylines, can never get enough - Already started my next one! Took pics of it beside the last R34 I built, about 2 years ago or more. I ran into difficulties and wound up having to remove the spoiler and badge on the grille, so I'm glad this one turned out how I wanted it to. I did run into difficulties on this one though - the roof got badly messed up so I had to mask, strip and respray it - hopefully you don't notice, I tried my best to blend it in. This happened about 5 months ago and I put it away into the box ever since, but two days ago I decided to get it out and have a go at sorting it. Thanks for looking, all comments appreciated
  4. It depends on who you ask. Some say too many, some say not enough.. I say definitely not enough.
  5. Glasgow... My Mk2 Golf GTI is originally from Ian Skelly's in Glasgow. Welcome aboard.
  6. That's awesome. Always been meaning to pick up a '70 Chevelle. Loved them as a kid, I've a load of hotwheels of them that would make for cool bigger scale models.
  7. Thank you for looking, all comments etc. all greatly appreciated - Tomo
  8. (Bare with me, lots of pics...) So some of you may have seen this in the WIP thread: This has been by far my most ambitious project yet. And my first completed model as an 18 year old.. Granted as it was my birthday yesterday and all I did was put on the mirrors it doesn't really count but oh well. From the WIP: "This is inspired by (not an exact replica of) a car from Forza 5, which I use quite a lot. A lot of people know about my love of Sophie Ellis-Bextor, so I've been putting Wanderlust logos on a lot of things, frankly because I think it's a cool logo. Inspiration shots: As you can tell, the hardest part was probably the camo - and the writing on the side, which obviously there was no decals for. So after over 15 hours work, the all handpainted base camo and Wanderlust lettering were finished. A few more hours saw the suspension lowered and such. Overall mods include: Tamiya Impreza Roll Cage Moon wheel, sequential shifter, various rally parts from said Impreza Fully plumbed interior Rally dash from an Evo VII Custom aerodynamics - Home-made Canards, rear diffuser and spoiler Aluminium tubing exhaust Lowered suspension Front splitter from an R34 Skyline GT-R Hood scoop from the parts box Toyota Wheels from the parts box Various decals from the decal box All in all this was about 3-4 months work, my longest ever project. So now, pics!
  9. Thanks everyone! The plates were pure coincidence. I just randomly picked them from the decal box - it's nice to know they're very suitable.
  10. And this is where I am today - slowly but surely getting there Spoiler was custom made.
  11. Next was interior work - I used a roll cage from a Tamiya Subaru Impreza (the road car I posted in Under Glass recently..), and plumbed and wired the interior. Dash was sourced from a Tamiya Evo rally car, along with various little rally/race parts from the parts box. I then set to work on a custom spoiler, and doing the writing on the side - the most difficult part yet. There are no decals for the logos or anything so I set about doing it myself with a brush and a toothpick.
  12. First off, was doing the camo. I've never tried doing anything like this in my life so it was a fun and challenging experience. Getting the pattern just right took me about 12 hours or so in total - Everything hand painted with no masking. I like Evos... A couple hours was then spent lowering the suspension in a solid manner for racing look, along with taking wheels from the part box (from a Toyota of some description I think) and doing custom white letter tyres. Eventually the camo was finished, lights were put on and trims were painted.
  13. Well I wasn't going to post a WIP of this car but I thought hey why not. I've been working at it on and off for the past few months and it's finally getting near completion. This is inspired by (not an exact replica of) a car from Forza 5, which I use quite a lot. A lot of people know about my love of Sophie Ellis-Bextor, so I've been putting Wanderlust logos on a lot of things, frankly because I think it's a cool logo. Inspiration shots: Progress pics coming up.
  14. This is an Arii kit, I've never built one before so I didn't know what to expect. It should have working pop up lights but it wasn't going to look realistic enough for me so I opted to leave them off. It wasn't a bad kit but it was meant to be motorised and lost some detail because of that, and there was some pretty severe flash in some areas. Kit is box stock, except for a steering wheel from a Bburago 1/24 Porsche 996, and Fujimi Watanabe wheels with brake disks and tires. Colour is Tamiya lime green. Plates from the parts box, along with some small Mazda logos from the parts box. Thanks for looking, all comments appreciated
  15. Cheers lads Have something else very cool in the pipeline hopefully coming up soon.
  16. Thank you everyone, really appreciate the comments!
  17. Thanks for looking, all comments are much appreciated
  18. I seem to be slower at getting things Under Glass... This is Tamiya's 1998 WRC model kit converted to a road going version. Mods: - Hood Pins removed - Seats, steering wheel, gear shifter and handbrake from Tamiya's Lancer Evo VI - Aerial slots on roof removed - Wheels from the parts box - Gran Turismo number plate Colour is Tamiya Mica Blue. I noticed after pics the indicator fell off.. and now I can't find it so ignore that please. Also ignore the alignment of the wheels, it's fine, it's just the way it's sitting on the uneven terrain.
  19. Thanks everyone, very much appreciated
  20. Thanks guys! The paint wasn't even intentional, I just looked through my stash to see which spray can had the most paint left.. turned out to be this one Though it could be seen as a warning to them there Ferraris that there's a Shelby in town... Yellow was for Mooneyes stuff.. I really must get a decal sheet full of Moon stickers because I love putting them on practically every build but I just don't have any.
  21. Man, I grew up in the wrong time of modelling. I've built one kit that briefly described what each part was and thought it was brilliant. Never had it since. It definitely taught me a lot.
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