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  1. Great looking Porsche racer, Curt - I first thought that it was Tamiya's 1/18 kit.
  2. Nice GT 40's, Rich - my all-time favorite sports-racer!
  3. Great build, William - I have 3 of them unbuilt in my stash and one will be this version.
  4. Very nice build of one of the nicest-looking sports-prototype ever!
  5. Very nice and clean Cadillac, Jean-Philippe - excellent color choice and execution!
  6. Fantastic work Pico, great model !!!
  7. Very impressive truck-trailer combination, Graham - I also have this one on my want list!
  8. Many thanks for your tip - I will see what I can do with it even if I'm not quite sure at the moment what you mean with groove (I will check it within the next days together with the instruction sheet); the problem is that I have been over-optimistic having read excellent reviews for this - then brand new - kit back in 1999. I bought it then and spray-painted and polished all body parts without doing any dry-fitting before that: BIG MISTAKE !!! - after a 15 year-break I finally want to bring this neverending story (on and off several times: engine/frame and chassis/interior) to a good end. Adding plastic strips and re-painting the hood would be the very last solution for me, and I will try to avoid that if anyhow possible.
  9. Absolutely fantastic craftsmanship, Sergej !!! Top model and photography !
  10. Moreover, the middle of the 3 air intakes has been much larger than the left and right ones on the original Ulf Norinder car (pictured on the Targa Florio 1964)
  11. Hallo guys, has anyone experienced fitment issues in final assembly of this kit? Especially when placing the hood ? When installing the main body on the chassis, there is a 1 mm-gap between body and firewall (I glued this before onto the floor pan, as opposed to the instructions) - whe glueing this down using cyanoacrylate, the rear comes up a bit and the bumper would sit much too low. Even if I can solve this problem there is still another one left: after installing the front fender/grill unit onto the body and frame, the hood is sitting too far forward, leaving a prominent gap of about 1,5 mm in front of the windshield ! On a German website a builder said that he added styrene strips to close the gap and re-sanded, re-primed and repainted the hood - is this the only way to overcome this? I am building one in commission for the owner of the real car and would like to avoid repainting with BMW 198 royalbluemetallic, as the real one. Anyway, this kit gives me hard times. In comparison, I had no problems with Fujimi Enthusiasts over-200-parts Dino 246 GT or with Jo-Hans complex Chrysler Turbine kit - htey went together quite easily (but that was also 25 respectively 35 years ago...) I would be grateful for any help.
  12. Great weathering and a perfectly fitting flatbed trailer !!!
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