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  1. KJ, you continue to amaze me - perfect to the very last detail (even my wife found it awesome)!
  2. Great looking Autocar, Dan - this is the real thing for construction sites.
  3. This is definitely no Tamiya marketing gag: Believe it or not, John Coombs Racing prepared Jaguars for the British Touring Car Championship in the early 60's which they dominated from 1960 to 1962 - drivers were Graham Hill, Roy Salvadori and others, and one of these cars had that very license plate BUY 12 (another team car had BUY 1)- see pictures:
  4. Very impressive model, Ken - it was the FIRST japanese car that won Le Mans and the ONLY one with a Wankel (rotary) engine. In recent past, Toyota has won the last 4 races there: 2018-2019-2021 and 2021
  5. Awesome, Urs -looks like the real thing !
  6. Thank you, Bill - you have a nice collection here - are there also some Cudas in between?
  7. Thank you, Frank! Thanks, David - everything shows some signs of decay after some decades... Merci, Philippe ! Thanks, Craig ! Thank you. Larry!
  8. Here is my contribution to the Challenger theme - one of the best looking muscle/ponycar in my opinion: Both are quick out-of-the-box builds without further detailing: amt's 1970 Challenger R/T Convertible was built from the '79 Matchbox/amt release - molded in yellow, it got only a clearcoat. mpc's 1974 Challenger Coupé was an annual kit I got from a pen-pal from Indiana in 1986. Impressed by the movie "Vanishing point", I sprayed it in white with a clearcoat and added the custom front spoiler - otherwise it is box-stock. Built in 1988, the following 2 photos are from 2008: Last winter, I sold both of them - whereas the Convertible was in a rather good condition, time has not been very kind to the mpc '74 annual: the clear coat showed very visible signs of yellowing - much more than in 2008, and the vinyl tires were eating up the wheels which were melting and showed kind of bubbles around the circumference - I cut these off as good as I could, but obviously those tire/wheel combos were not meant to survive more than 45 years... Here are some more pics (this time from Dec. 2020):
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