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  1. Thanks, Gary - the best thing is: you don't have to buy some aftermarket sponsor decals - the tobacco markings are all there (the Hachette WRC collection - also from Ixo - does NOT have them)
  2. Got this IXO Ford Escort Mk II RS 1800 for my rally collection:
  3. Thanks, Gary and Keyser - it is certainly one of the highlights among my 1/24 die-casts.
  4. Nice model, Gary - though the grille looks to be printed black on to the nose - unfortunately it seems not to be available in Europe. Ebay shows only American sellers - but price and shipping would be about 50 to 60 € + customs and taxes which would sum up to 80 € .
  5. Very impressive model, Tim - the combination of the AMC muscle car with Penske's racing perfection created an awesome Trans_Am racer.
  6. Hi, Snake - glad to see you back on track (was missing you somehow)
  7. One of the classic British car icons, and world-wide known as the James Bond car - a very nice model from Danbury Mint in original Dubonnet red, a deep metallic red. Highly detailed, even for today's standards (it is from the 80/90's ?). Everything opens, even the very delicate looking fuel caps in the c-pillars, though I admit I haven't tried to open them for I don't want to break them. There is also a sunken radio antenna, some photoetched emblems, and the seats are covered with what looks like real leather - the weakest point is the heavy looking wire wheels, but anyway - a heavy and valuable model. I'm not sure if this has been posted long ago, but anyway - enjoy the pictures:
  8. Gary, they are on ebay in white, silver and yellow and were also available in a limited "Porsche Museum" edition in dark green metallic, champagne gold metallic, raspberry (?) red and in this kind of lime green.
  9. What the others said, Ray - you did a very fine job in building this kit that obviously has its issues. The yellow Whitmore/Gardner entry had a very attractive livery and it looks very much like the real thing. Remember, race cars back in the 60's were not at all perfect so don't worry about fitting problems and some other issues that only you know - it might even add to reality.
  10. Excellent execution, als always, Dave. The cooler in the nose is the oil-cooling device.
  11. Interesting conversion, Ray - that's what our British friends would call "Shooting Brake" (cross-over cars combining sportscar and Station wagon like David Brown's personal DB5 or the Jaguar E from the movie "Harold and Maude")
  12. Good looking Petes - especially the outdoor shot of the blue/white rig.
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