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  1. Amazing - I like older Italian sports cars most - I too have this Alfa in my stash for about 20 years (still unbuilt), but you raise the bar once again to unreachable heights...
  2. Very nice Porsche, Alex - good to see finally a new model from you - even if it's not from Maranello!
  3. Hello Brian, I just happened to find a youtube video showing the engine and also for a few seconds the black leather interior; extra bonus: engine sound!!!
  4. Very nice truck-trailer combo, Brian! Could be driven out of one of Ron Adams' fine trucking books! I'm gonna redo most of my old (mid 80's) truck builds to look similar (I've overdone it than with fancy paint and too much chrome) Is this a 3D-printed grille on the KW?
  5. Exceptionally well done plain Jane fleet service truck - super!
  6. Absolutely my thoughts, Gary - William did a wonderful job - I never saw one of these built up (will save these pics as a reference, super details abound, f.i. the leather seats...) as did Paul Fisher back then (I have all the MRRN mags in my collection and wondered why Paul did NOT add this one to his own range of race car models, too) - Unfortunately, this was out of my wallet then...
  7. very nice build of Larini's 1993 championship car! The upwards pointing exhaust tips were dropped for the following season so they must not have been succesful: my guess is that if under hard braking when the following car bumped an Alfa, the exhausts were squeezed which might have negatively influenced the flow of the exhaust fumes probably reduced engine poweer also. Moreover, it was necessary to protect the plastic bumpers with heat shields.This was only used in 1993 when Nicola Larini stormed the DTM and took the championship.
  8. x2 - very nice model ! I also prefer Ferraris in different colors - especially TR250's had been white, black, silver, yellow, different shades of blue and so on...
  9. 2 weeks ago, I won on ebay the Italeri Ferrari 250 SWB for € 21,50 (about 24 $), factory sealed (!) and Fujimi's Enthusiast Model Dino 246 GTS for € 10,00 (untouched!) - so both together for € 40 including postage (which comes to around $ 45,00), and the seller brought them with his car to my door (lives only 15 mls. away)
  10. Just happened incidentially to see your post - I have won this one, too - a few years ago at a fair price on ebay: the tires are junk, the interior leaves a lot to be desired, but the engine looks like it came from a diesel locomotive (obviously it was made that big to hide an electric engine, which was very often the case with Japanese kits 50 years ago - remember, they were made for playing, so perfect proportions were secondary.) But anyway, I think with some work, a rather good representation can be made: the light bar on the front is rounded which was exactly the prototype at its debut in 1969. Later it has been changed and is totally straight (most pics on the Internet show the actual, restored car). Also the wheels look quite good - only the tires need replacement. All in all, the kit is surely workable - I had a 1/24 Nakamura Lola T70 Mk III which was a bad joke and I sold it very soon (clumsy and distorted - a caricature of this racer)
  11. x 2: simply fantastic build - has a certain similarity with the International KB from the late 40's.
  12. Very nice restoration of an ultimate fun car - great color combination!
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