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  1. Great news - my second holy grail in model trucking after the Peterbilt California Hauler (little window) - simply a must-have!
  2. Simply fantastic - with another background it could go for the real thing ! Road grime, dirt, dust and diesel fuel - and above all theworn-out, bleached color of this rig - great work! I will save the pics as inspiration for my own kit.
  3. Outstanding models, Jürgen - great sense of humour and nice photography, too !
  4. Well built model of a famous racing car of two legendary drivers. I have only once seen this kit (built-up) - it must be 30 yrs. ago...
  5. Unbelievable, Thomas: it took me 20 years to get ONE model done - and you build 20 models in ONE year!!! The '64 Galaxie is my favourite of these, but all look very nice.
  6. Very nice model, Yuri - great to be in the world wide modeling community and have the possibility - in this case - as Austrian to admire the work of a Russian fellow who built an excellent model of a legendary American car! Excellent photography, too!
  7. Very nice line up, Gary - these are my favourite race cars - most impressive models!
  8. Goodness gracious, Kurt - while it took me 21 years to finish one model, you built that many in just one year (I did not count) - as a sports racers fan, I like the Chaparral 2 J most!
  9. 1959scudetto

    My 2020

    x 2 : superb color combinations especially on the '56 Del Ray and the Hudson Convertible, also the Aperta in this light blue metallic - great !
  10. Amazing model you made here, Janos, - this has been really a long-term-project !
  11. Some very nice builds you have here, Angel - several could go as a box cover model, such as the Peterbilt wrecker (Like the box cover of my very first truck model in 1982) or the Movin' On KW!
  12. Very well done, Brian - I also like the Johnson Transtar best - but also the others, especially the seldom ones like the White 9000 and the International Conventional.
  13. Excellent model, Graham ! This proves again that old iron looks best in trucking.
  14. Initially I came here to learn something new about Revell's new E-type, instead I read hard discussions about 1/24 vs. 1/25 kits - let's take it this way: to each his own! My American trucks and cars are 1/25, my European sports cars, rally cars and race cars are almost all in 1/24 scale (apart from some 1/20 F 1 and Tamiya's old 1/18 racers). They will not be presented side by side on the same shelf! Question for the 1/25 US-car scale defenders: how do the old Monogram American 1/24 models fit into this?
  15. Car-model-kit in Czech Republic has it already for sale - see link: https://www.car-model-kit.com/plastic-modelkit-auto-07668-jaguar-e-type-coupe-1-24 But beware: one of the pics shows the old (ex-Monogram) 1/8 Jag : the one without the rear-view mirrors, the higher windshield and the wipers pointing to the left !
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