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  1. Excellent build, Rich - as we are used to see from you (no matter what subject).
  2. Keyser is right, Gary - a lowered stance would look much better for a Porsche.
  3. 1959scudetto

    Mud Trap

    Breathtaking dio, Charles - it does look so real: the weathering of the dumper, the different surfaces of the mud - excellent idea !
  4. Beautiful model as always, Mario! Please show us also Dennis Weaver's movie car from "Duel" !!!
  5. OMG, unbelievable what you made of the old Merit derivative - I just revisited all the detailing you accomplished with this one!
  6. Very nice replica, Rich - the delicate photo-etch details give it the final touch which makes this one standout.
  7. x 2: Excellent,Dave - I like this one very much (had the red Matchbox die-cast back in the day) !
  8. Outstanding build, Dave, and a very impressive model that came out fantastic.
  9. Very nice model, Mario - a different color that suits it well, perfect foiling and the photography with these cool backgrounds is your trademark, anyway !
  10. Check this one out, Gary - while the Porsche 911 shown above is an early example, here is the 911 SC from 1980, the very last Porsche to win a WRC event (former Alpine ace Jean-Luc Thérier at the Tour de Corse in fall of 1980) - a lot of evolution within those 10 years ! Model is also from Hachette in 1/24 (the lime green 1976 Porsche turbo is made by Welly):
  11. 2 new additions to my rally collection (Hachette 1/24) arrived on Saturday: the 1970 Rally Monte Carlo winning Porsche 911 of Björn Waldegaard: and the 1979 Bandama Rally (Ivory Coast/Africa) winning Mercedes 450 SLC 5,0 of Hannu Mikkola:
  12. Excellent Corvettes, awesome paint jobs on both and superb looking windows. I would not have guessed that these are the amt kits.
  13. Very nice Ferrari - of the 10 NART spyders, the only one in that color ! Excellent ! (Raced in the 12 hrs. of Sebring 1967)
  14. Thank you all for your compliments - after the rework is done, I will post it again.
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