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  1. Great KW - has the typical look of a 70's truck!
  2. x : top-model Jürgen, as always from you !
  3. Absolutely my cup of tea - great model ! I really do prefer old Ferraris in any other color than the ever present red!
  4. Amazing work, Jürgen, I would never have the patience nor the abilities to put so much detail into one kit !
  5. Fantastic build, Jürgen - models like this are what makes this site so great - fantastic to look at and to explore all the details....
  6. absolutely stunning replica of this beautiful cruiser - red and black suits her very well, the continental kit and the fender skirts also.
  7. Very nice, Jürgen - superb truck - this would be a nice candidate for a new 1/25 kit ! (but we will never see this as Ertl hat a 1/32 snapper in the 80's)
  8. Excellent rally car, John - Revell's kit IS a Hasegawa reissue.
  9. Excellent build of a truly all-time classic, Bo !
  10. My wishes (fantasy): Kenworth Bullnose (early 50's) and IH Emeryville Coe (early 60's) Realistic hope: ERTL's Transtar II Coe
  11. Apart from the side chrome trim, it looks (at least from the outside) for me like a cop car. IIRC, Gene Hackman and Willem Dafoe had a similar one in "Mississippi Burning" . or was it a Dodge ?
  12. exactly my thoughts - a real iron workhouse (looks very real, too !)
  13. Very nice car, Richard - this is the first one I see as a completed model : period perfect !!!
  14. It's quality, not quantity that counts! Excellent rust and grime on this hard-working pickup looks very REAL!
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