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  1. Thanks, Rusty - yes it is the '64 Marauder from amt (mid 80's reissue) - my fist excessive use of bare-metal foil!
  2. Back in 1984, I bought a JoHan 1964 Dodge Super Stock* (picture is from the internet), but didn't want to make it a quartermile racer. So I built some sort of stock version, swapping the wheels with some found in my parts box (probably from amt) - spray-painted with leftover rattle cans - chrome trim is silver paint: Here's the class of '64:
  3. Thank you David, it will also be a matter of (available) time (I will do nothing with it in the immediate future)...
  4. Thanks, this will be done soon (some other trucks have suffered, too)...
  5. Thanks, Carl - it was a lot of fun to make some detailing without spending any money - just using parts from the parts box and other available material - I didn't want to go the extramile and spend about 50 $ for spoke wheels on a cheap 15 $ model. By the way, in Oct. 2014, I took some pics of the real car in Padua/Italy on the Auto e Moto d'Epoca - one of Europ's biggest fairs of classic Cars - it came from the Alfa Romeo Museum in Arese:
  6. Thank you Steve, I will try this out someday.
  7. thanks, Tom -when I received my 61 T-Bird, it looked very similar to your (unpainted) '60 Squarebird!
  8. Very impressive Coe, Brian - wheels and tires, exhaust shields and cab decoration - like it comes fresh from the factory !
  9. Thanks, Brian - these are the only ones I have made, and in the meantime - due to 2 movings - the lengthened frame is broken in half. So I have to repair this rig anytime in the future...
  10. Thanks guys and girls for your nice comments - someday I will be going to restore this one, maybe I will redo the body using a color that comes at least close to an original 1961 color, eventually the original wheels and tires will be used and I have to look for a more period-correct rearview mirror.
  11. Don't know if I have already posted this one built in 1986: additonal tank and double sleeper parts came from a second kit, bumper is from Revell, license plates Italeri, and the Eagle is hand-painted (no such decals back then) - the orange color I had at hand is a bit too dark, the light brown/beige (eagle) is the color of the primer.
  12. My first try on a day cab - back in 1986 - has lots of errors - cab should be shorter.
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