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  1. Steve, great model - you made definitely a winner out of a car that has been a loser in real racing (due to lack of funds and therefore less of development).
  2. Very impressive rig, Dan !!! For all of you out there trying something similar (big), make sure you have the permission of your wife before staring down on the work bench :-)
  3. very nice International workhorse, great pics - a model that you see seldom on the internet!
  4. Fantastic build, Michael .- it looks like it's coming out of a Chrysler showroom back in the day !
  5. Very nice pair of Peterbilts ! I will save the pics as a reference.
  6. Excellent truck/trailer combo Jürgen - as always! Also your awesome photography! I don't know why I have not commented on this one years ago - I always thought that it looked great !
  7. x 2 - very nice, Pavel, as usual! I can't understand how I missed this one in 2013!
  8. You did it again, Jürgen ! Fantastic job on my favourite Mack truck! Did you use the frame from mpc/Ertl's DM 600?
  9. Very nice working truck - the headache rack is a custom bar from Italeri (truck accessories # 720) - maybe I will do a similar treatment to my old build from the 80's (has too much chrome on it!)
  10. You have built an absolutely convincing old race car here, Jason. It looks like an original from the Alfa Romeo museum - the engine bay, interior, the patina on the leather seats, the exhaust, the worn metal panels....I could go on and on - simply amazing! I guess your next build will be the 1/12 Airfix Blower Bentley ?
  11. Almost like a goKart with an oversized big V-8 (imagine this directly behind your back if you were the driver...)
  12. Great model of one of my favourites from Sports cars greatest era (mid-60's to early 70's).
  13. Great looking Porsche racer, Curt - I first thought that it was Tamiya's 1/18 kit.
  14. Nice GT 40's, Rich - my all-time favorite sports-racer!
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