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  1. Absolutely gorgeous truck, Brian - wonderful workhorse backdate! With its dark green and white paint it could also run for Garrett Freightlines....
  2. Not yet, I have a rallye version of the 2002 in my stash for a future build.
  3. Excellent build of my favourite BMW, Rich !
  4. Very nice build - the nicest yet (I built mine from the old Blueprinter issue). Back in 1967, the Batmobile and Monkeemobile were every boy's dream in the neigbourhood.
  5. You're welcome, Gary - you can't go wrong with some classic European sportscars.
  6. Excellent replica of this old workhorse, Mariol - especially the 2nd picture (my wife thought it was a real one) - I admired this already standing beside your Transtar II.
  7. Must have missed this one - excellent model as usual, Mario!
  8. Excellent rendition of this iconic muscle car, Mario - I see Kowalski behind the wheel and hear Super Soul on the radio (this has been my favourite car chasing movie ever since)
  9. Very nice build of this delivery van, Mario - looks definitely better than the box-art!
  10. Sorry, Bob - but this is NOT a TR 6, but a GT6 = the coupé version of the small Spitfire
  11. Looks good as a bone-stock delivery van, Mario - a bit suspicious at night at the backside of the warehouse - or is it only a parking lot?
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