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  1. The Maisto looks ok but has one major flaw: the rear wheel cutout is totally wrong (looks radiused in streetrod manner) - apart from that there are some differences compared with the b/w photo of the original car (above, had also a contoured bench seat !): The Porsche has been restored in the 80's (?) which resulted in different wheels, bucket seats and different front trim and bumpers - this was the version made by Maisto. In recent years, the Porsche factory bought it back for their own museum and restored it to - almost - original condition (apart from keeping the bucket seats and the modified front trim) - this is the Welly version, they even replicated the original license plates very close (the chromed "A" above the left taillight stands for Austria where the first 300 Porsches were built before the company moved to Stuttgart/Germany where it still resides today)
  2. Absolutely great model - I missed it from Fisher but found the very same racer as a resin built-up in 1/24 by Le Mans Miniatures/Spark which is also excellent.
  3. Chrysler France (1967 - 1979) was a daughter of Chrysler US and took over Simca in 1971 ==> Chrysler-Simca. In 1967 they acquiredalready the Rootes Group (Sunbeam, Hillman, Humber, Singer etc.) in England.
  4. Protar/Italeri (as Italian companies !) really messed up the models of the little Alfa Spider: it was first released in 1955 as a Giulietta Spider (1300 cc.) in the 750 Series. in 1959 the wheelbase was 50 mm stretched behind the doors (= 2 inches) with small triangle windows on the doors, the series was now named 101. Another facelift took place in 1961, recognizable in the much larger rear lights (still 1300 cc, therefore still "Giulietta" which means none other than "little Giulia" in Italian. THIS IS THE PROTAR/ITALERI GIULIETTA (with the chrome stripe on the hood). When in 1962 the new Giulia Berlina was presented (now 1600 cc. engine), the 1300 versions were step by step replaced with the 1600 engine and therefore renamed Giulia (New-bodied Coupe followed in 1963 by Bertone, new Spider in 1966 - again designed by Pininfarina) The Giulia Spider (recognizable through its hood scoop which had been necessary to create room for the carburettor equipment on the 1600) was in production until 1966, up to the presentation of the new Spider. But a Giulietta Spider with the hood scoop is totally wrong and did NOT exist - Italeri # 3691 definitely is a Giulia Spider (and had the wrong name printed on the box!)
  5. Revell did re-pack the heller molds and reissue it under their own label.
  6. Very impressive model, Steve - an enviable workbench, too ! The hardest part will be to fix the 4 mudguards in their correct position with these tiny brackets - to me this seems to be the fiddliest thing with this kit - am I right?
  7. Very sorry to see this mess, Jaroslav ! Only a model builder can really imagine the time and effort which went into these models. A financial compensation can only be a small kind of consolation for this, anyway. And we all would have thought that there was no safer place than in a museum's showcase...
  8. Molded in typical Italeri fashion: the (almost non-visible) inside rear wheels in silver, the outside wheels in chrome!
  9. Very nice western rig, Tommy - with a brighter red (without the white accents) it could go for an old PIE truck !
  10. Excellent, Brian ! I've never seen such a perfectly detailed dumper body inside - the dents, the bare metal, the ribs on the floor shining through the rust - like the real thing !!!
  11. Randy, this is one excellent model - looks fantastic!
  12. as a '59 myself, I really appreciate your very nice model. I'm not sure of I should build it as a hardtop, but your convertible makes me thinking it over...
  13. Great build, Kurt (of an awful kit with a lot of issues) More than 30 years ago I happened to get an old glue-bomb which I restored using some leftover parts from the reissued union Mk IV kit which worked quite well. Home-made decals and wrong color = black instead of dark-blue, though. Link to my build here: https://www.willhaben.at/iad/kaufen-und-verkaufen/d/1-25-imc-1966-ford-j-car-super-raritaet-aus-den-spaeten-60er-jahren-326694005/
  14. Fantastic model, Alex, of one of the most important Ferraris (even if it never was equipped with a working engine) Even if you think that you don't have your old building skills any more after your accident - this model is far above the ability of most of us. Don't try to reach perfection, just build for your own enjoyment. If only Fujimi had released this one instead of the 206 S prototype (which already has been released by Heller/Airfix) ... sigh !
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