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  1. Two long gone oldies from my collection: Monogram 1/24 "Heavy Chevy" Chevelle SS454 (1985 reissue) and JoHan 1/25 Oldsmobile 442 (USA oldies series) - built ca. 1986 mostly out-of-the-box; both have been spraypainted and clear-coated with auto-laquer from the can , trim is brushed on with Humbrol silver enamel. The following pictures are from 2008 - you can clearly see the similarities as well as the differences between these two: Before selling them off with a bunch of other models in 2020, I took some single photos of each (a further 12 years later) - here we go: JoHan's Oldsmobile: Monogram's Chevrolet Chevelle:
  2. Though not a fan of this car, the metallic blue color suits it well - very nice!
  3. Fantastic model of one of my favorite Ferraris, Mark!
  4. Thank you, Phil - I have a soft spot for sportscars that are different (expecially Italians).
  5. Very nice model, Pierre - the 917 K is one of my favorites, and you nailed the look perfectly. If mine turns out as well, I would be happy. (I also have 4 of them in my stash)
  6. Another old build from 1984/85: amt/Matchbox "Pabst" Freightliner converted into a SD version using the drive axle of "Pop's" Ford Louisville Short hauler. Due to lack of reference material (only one b/w photo), this one has a lot of mistakes - definitely a candidate for rebuilding - the weathering is bad, the putty around the headlights has shrunk over time, the wheelbase is much too long, lots of small details are wrong, etc.etc. - you name it! These photos are from 2005 (model was 20 years old back then, I still have it) A truck like this needs doubles hooked to it :
  7. Gene, that is the real deal (in fact, it's a steal!) - very nice model! Few years ago, I happened to find a Franklin Mint dark green E-Typ roadster for € 5,- , only missing one (of three) wiper.
  8. This is the logical explanation for the photo-etched Arizona license plates in Gunze's Cobra Daytona kit....
  9. Thank you, guys, for me this is a typical "dolce vita" car as only the Italians could build it.
  10. A good-looking typical British club-racer !
  11. Excellent build of one of my favorite Ferraris! I intend to replicate this in 1/24 in grafting a modified 250 GTO-nose onto an Italeri 275 GTB/4 which also needs to be heavily modified in the back - we'll see. I'll be definitely watching your build !
  12. Rich, I only believe that this will not be in the near future. I hardly find time for building now, maybe when I'm in my retirement which is still 3 years ahead.
  13. Very impressive oldies, Pierre - I too have both of them in my stash.
  14. Very well built, Rich ! Those decals wer certainly a pain to apply correctly.
  15. Very unusual build for you, Rich ! I have the same kit in a silly fantasy"race version" (!?) This was only a styling exercise - a show car, never intended to be a racer. Only an ugly decal sheet had been added to the otherwise unchanged kit: I have won this one a few years ago for a fair price on ebay: the tires are junk, the interior leaves a lot to be desired, but the engine looks like it came from a diesel locomotive (obviously it was made that big to hide an electric engine, which was very often the case with Japanese kits 50 years ago - remember, they were made for playing, so perfect proportions were secondary.) But anyway, I think with some work, an acceptable representation can be made: the light bar on the front is rounded which was exactly the prototype at its debut in 1969. Later it has been changed and is totally straight (most pics on the Internet show the actual, restored car). Also the wheels look quite good - only the tires need replacement. My plan is as follows: Building up a realistic looking interior, replacing the engine and the tires, gluing the engine cover shut and try to achieve something similar like this - the original 1969 prototype: Here is the restored car with a few detail changes: Pics are from the internet .- the following two are from famous German racing car photographer Rainer Schlegelmilch shot in the 1990's All in all, the kit is surely workable - the engine in the above photo looks almost like the powerplant from Politoys Abarth 2000 (1/25 die-cast). I'm not sure about the scale: for me, it seems to be somewhere between 1/24 and 1/20, but I could be wrong. Nakamura kits are - - - - - , but the only alternative would be scratchbuilding. I had a 1/24 Nakamura Lola T70 Mk III which was a bad joke and I sold it very soon (clumsy and distorted - a caricature of this racer)
  16. Great model, Mike - this one must be huge !
  17. Very good looking delivery truck - excellent choice not doing it in Coca Cola livery!
  18. Anders, this is a fantastic build - absolutely showroom quality (as have all of your models)!
  19. Received White Box' Lancia Stratos HF (1/24 scale) today = competition version in civilian clothing.
  20. Excellent idea and use of "unloved" parts that you possibly would have discarded. Immediately Bob Falfa's car leaving Paradise Rd. comes to my mind!
  21. Fantastic models of AMC' legendary muscle cars, Thomas ! A grocery store owner in my home-town had a Javelin in a similar color as your AMX back in the mid-70's.
  22. Thanks, Patrick and Trevor for some nice comments about these not-so-nice pickups.
  23. Nice, Gary - have you got an idea for what amount of money you could buy such an Alfa in 1965/66 ? Today, these are aold at auctions (if ever!) for several millions of $ .
  24. There can't be enough E-types around - very well done ! Color comes close to old English white - the old Austrian license plate is a nice touch (w stands for Wien = Vienna, Austria's capital) - where those included in the kit?
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