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  1. Interesting conversion, Ray - that's what our British friends would call "Shooting Brake" (cross-over cars combining sportscar and Station wagon like David Brown's personal DB5 or the Jaguar E from the movie "Harold and Maude")
  2. Good looking Petes - especially the outdoor shot of the blue/white rig.
  3. Very well done, Bruce - looks great! What were the main obstacles in building this one? I have the very same in my stash and want to turn it into Nuvolari's 1930(?) Mille Miglia winner (got decals from tom Tanner).
  4. Very nice, Joe - the covered wheel wells were supposed to bring aerodynamic advantages on the long Le Mans straights.
  5. It is my personal favorite from the "classic" 911s.
  6. Another iconic Porsche for the aficionados: the legendary 911 turbo, this time a cheap diecast made by Welly in various colors: Here is mine from the Porsche Museum Collection - well executed, with good proportions. With a little Snake-Fu you can certainly dress this one up - I only added period-correct Austrian licence plates, everything else remained yet untouched.
  7. David, as far as I know, at least 5 different models have been made (some in 2 or more different colors): the iconic Toyota 2000 GT (ca. 1967), the Nissan (240) Fairlady ZL (ca. 1971), the 1990 Honda NSX, the 1994 Nissan Skyline R34 and the - only non-Japanese car - Porsche 911 Carrera RS 2,7.
  8. Here is a highly detailed Ebbro die-cast.
  9. Thank you all for the nice comments on this hastily built old kit !
  10. x 2: perfect harmony between cab and rear wheels, frame and body striping. The trailer looks also much better with 2 than 3 axles (will convert mine someday also from 3 to 2).
  11. Exceptionally well done model of the best-looking Lancer Evo of Tommy Mäkinen's 4 world championship rides.
  12. I guess MPW is for Mulliner Park Ward ?
  13. IIRC, I paid around € 40 for it (without original box or certificate - I don't care about the paperwork - but with a bent antenna, a small paint chip and some damage on the trunk mat/above the spre wheel) Helmut
  14. Thanks, Tim and Gary - the dark red/brown and gold color suits it well, too. Zinc pest is awful - I experienced that with some (forutunately cheap) die-casts that literally fell apart.
  15. Very nice collection of T1 and T2a (Welly?) vans and buses, Gary.
  16. Excellent model - too nice to be used in races.
  17. That is indeed a survivor, Gary, with a certain amount of patina - old VWs offered technical simplicity combined with reliability.
  18. If I ever would win the lottery, this one would be my choice (Alfa Romeo 1750 GTV): pictures from original Alfa Romeo advertising/press phtos: or this one (1969/70 Alfa Romeo GT 1300 junior):
  19. Good looking Mopar, Tony - it has that classic 70's street machine look.
  20. The same here - Yuri this is a fantastic model that looks as real as it gets!
  21. Thanks, Keyser - I've just corrected the title (name was taken over from the Car Model homepage)
  22. Now something unusual (at least for me) but when the opportunity was there, I had to take it (for little money, because of some small issues) - I think it is one of the best detailed Franklin mint models: very big and heavy, highly detailed, but take a look at the photos! Weakest point is the gap around the doors - but hey! 4 opening doors!
  23. Another "quickbuilder" from my modeling past: long gone amt/ERTL kit, but I still have some pictures (from 2008): built in the mid 80's, sprayed with car laquer and clear coated (both from the can), tried painting the window surroundings with semi-gloss black and added a few custom parts - otherwise stock-out-of-the-box:
  24. Slobodan, this is an exceptional build with fantastic details and excellent engine bay - it doesn't get any better. The 635 is certainly one of the most attractive BMWs ever with its aggressive, but at the same time elegant lines.
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