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  1. I got a factory-sealed Italeri Ferrari GT 250 SWB from the mail today (It was on ebay for € 30,00 + 5,00 postage) - now my stash rose up to 5 such unbuilt SWB's !
  2. Thank you, Dan - I was able to prevent my little brother destroying my truck models (but he was yet 17 when I re-started modeling :-) Thanks, Dave ! Thanks, Yevgeny !
  3. Looks good, Mario - I once read that as the black paint was drying faster than other colors, Ford made only black model T's in the last years in order to increase output - could anybody verify if that is true or is it just a rumour?
  4. Excellent build, Mario - I built this one also long time ago, and I know that it's not easy - but it is certainly JoHan's best.
  5. Very nice car, Mario - especially the third picture could be taken for real !
  6. a few more scans from 1984 pictures found in a box: Mack and tanker are spray painted with Revell silver, the cab was then masked and the dark blue brush-painted (found a similar paint scheme in Lou Kroack's old b/w book "Collecting and building model trucks"). In my imagination back then an owner-operator leased his Cabover to the Ryder company - I didn't want to paint the rig yellow. Finally, some (digital) pics from 2008: As of now, after 3 movings, the whole rig is a mess and cries for rebuilding (I have already decals for "Overnite")...
  7. Very nice photos in the outdoor settings - looks good with the blackwall tires and dog dish hub caps.
  8. Thanks, Gary - this will not be done in the immediate future. Thank you Rich - the updates will have to wait some time. Thanks, Chris !
  9. Thank you, Gator- in the meantime I happened to find the truck - the former white stripes have turned to an ugly tan/yellow color - all due to the Revell clear gloss enamel I used almost 40 years ago for covering paint and decals. This is definiely a candidate for rebuilding ! Thanks, Chris !
  10. Very nice model, Mario - I am surprised that such a Ford can look that good - I rebuilt my Fords 2 or 3 times and nover was satisfied with the result - but yours: GREAT (and the pictures of course, too) !
  11. x 2 ! Exactly my thoughts - the model looks exactly like the real car !
  12. Thanks, Carl - the van was hastily glued together back then, the continental kit on the DeSoto is a custom part from JoHan's '63 Pöymouth IIRC.
  13. x 2 : the set back axles look much better than the kit version !
  14. Thankyou Larry ! Thanks, Brian ! Thank you, Philippe ! Thanks, Mario - I have the Cat D8H also, but it is heavily damaged.
  15. Thank you Bruce - after taking over the small Alpine company, Renault started their own Le Mans program with their new V6 turbo engine in 1973 - the A442 came in 1976 and ran 2 more seasons until the goal was reached in 1978. (Alpine - using Renault engines - has run in the 2nd half of the 60's at Le Mans, took several class wins with their small engines, but was far away from an overall victory. Therefore they ended in 1969/70 their efforts and concentrated on rallying with the A 110 instead, dominating the 1971 and 1973 seasons) Thanks, Bruce - these kits are depending on the decal work, everything else is quite easy to do. Thanks, A.J. Thank you Gary, very appreciated! Thanks, Trevor ! Thanks, Chris ! Hi Rich - thank you - sometimes you don't want to spend endless hours in detailing things. Thanks, Ray. Thank you Tony - you're right: bad decals can really spoil the fun of modeling. Thanks, Hans ! Thanks, Carl !
  16. Another 2 quick curbside builds - Minicraft/Academy's Ferrari 250 LM - both have been spraypainted from the can in 1988/89. The yellow is the could-have-been winner of the 1965 Le Mans race, until a rear tire explosion smashed its chances, the NART car of Jochen Rindt/Masten Gregory took the laurels, and the Belgian car fell back to 2nd place - finished the race with substantial body damage. This one will be reworked (door gaps lightened), some mistakes corrected (headlights, red door stripes only on the right side, rear race # misplaced) and upgraded with some wire mesh in the back. The white and blue is the car of Swanson/Ennis from the 1000 km Monza 1966 race/DNF. I will try to turn this into the longnose LeMans winning car from 1965. Anyway, on to the pics - first the real car (photo from the https://lemans.slot-racing.fr/ website): Now the other one (picture of the original found coincidentilly on pinterest 4 weeks ago):
  17. Here are two of my own gluebombs from the 80's: Revell's 1977 "Brute Force" Big Rig custom Chevy van with a Mack-lookalike front - picture of the box is from Scalemates: van is molded in brown, had a slappy two-tone brush paint, which I will remove before refurbishing this one : The second is JoHan's American Classics DeSoto Adventurer I had converted to a convertible/lowrider, a second one was built as a slammer with blacked-out window, and chrometree + chassis and other parts fro a 3rd one are also here. l will either make a stock or a slightly customized HT out of these...
  18. I recently found some old photoprints - these are from 1983 - and scanned them: built out of the box, truck is brush-painted, trailer body sprayed with Revell matte steel grey. I have located the trailer, but don't know where the truck actually is - will be reworked and turned into a workhorse some day (too much bling-bling on this one = too many decals and much too much chrome !)
  19. Great looking blue mule, Ken - finally a different cabover than those we see everytime! I remember seeing "white line fever" in the cinema here in Austria - must have been in 76 or 77.
  20. Thank you Rex - the smp24 resin (?) kit looks very accurate, down to the seperate chassis - compare the body proportions with my diecast ! But I don't want to spend a fortune on a model ! The Nakamura kit (at least the red one) has a nice box cover, but I try to avoid these whenever possible: I had bought a Nakamura Lola T70 Mk III coupe and sold it off as soon as I could - it was a caricature of the original car with only a slight similarity. I do have an Abarth 2000 prototype from them, though, that looks a little better, but still will need a lot of work (I will postpone this for my retirement).
  21. You know, sometimes you're not in the mood to work extensively on a model - you just want to see fast results: Here these 2 old Tamiya kits come in handy - simple curbside kits with good proportions: Alpine Renault A442B (1st) and Porsche 936-78 (2nd) built in 1988, spraypainted from the can, without further detailing, decaling was the most intensive work. no setting solutions necessary, no polishing the laquer - remember: these were RACE and not show cars ! It was a holiday for the French, when 2 Frenchmen won in a French car the most important endurance race - here is the winning Renault-Alpine A 442B of Didier Pironi and Jean-Pierre Jaussaud: After his own car broke, Jacky Ickx came as a 3rd driver to the Jürgen Barth/Bob Wollek Porsche, was the fastest man on the track, brought the car into the lead, until gearbox troubles finally let it drop to 2nd - so Renault finally had reached their goal and ended its sportscar program. Porsche would come back and win again in the following year.
  22. x2 - at first glance I thought the first picture shows the real thing !
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