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  1. Harold added a post in a topic What do you drive?   

    last year, i found this 1987 thunderbird for 1400 bucks. It had 95,000 miles om the clock. its the base model with the 3.8, and it runs like a champ. i did all the stuff that gets neglected on cars (shocks, struts, tune up, exhaust and a flush, fluid and filter change for the trans). brakes are next, and when warm weather starts, i can begin adressing some cosmetic issues.
  2. Harold added a post in a topic Spring is in the air!   

    Since the only place I have to paint is outdoors, well, you can imagine the bodies stacking up around here (no, not human).There's an '81 Ford flareside waiting for the final color coat and some clear. Then there's the '63 Ford, '55 Chrysler, '69 Dart, '62 Pontiac and '66 Fairlane all awaiting the same fate. Warm up, dagnabbit.
  3. Harold added a post in a topic 1997 Ford F150 Conversion   

    uber sweet
  4. Harold added a post in a topic Where do your Ideas come from? Me magazine ads and Hot Wheels   

    One of my sources is Collectible Automobile, especially when they profile, say the '61 Pontiac and they have old photos of clay models from the styling archives. Stuff like this is just full of ideas that were good but rejected due to complexity or cost.
  5. Harold added a post in a topic Where do your Ideas come from? Me magazine ads and Hot Wheels   

    ten bucks says they ain't truffles.
  6. Harold added a post in a topic AMT Fred Lorenzen '65 Ford Galaxie 500XL   

    Wha tI like is the restoration of the original custom bits. Got one on the bench right now.
  7. Harold added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Starsky & Hutch Ford Torino   

    I still see the chassis sliding right under the Model King '71. At least I wouldn't have had to eat up six kits converting the Allison Thunderland body into a mild custom '69 'Bird
  8. Harold added a post in a topic Cover versions of well-known songs   

    hope this works...

    Gov't Mule (with the late Allen Woody on bass) doing 'War Pigs'.
  9. Harold added a post in a topic Citation for suckiness   

    Now having said this, it seems as though another reason cars appear the way they do is the fact that so many government regulations have dictated what should and shouldn't be on a car.

    Hardtop rooflines?? Forget it! Pointy tailfins?? Not on your life!

    Yet we get such far out designs (Nissan Cube anyone??) at times that I don't know how they got out of the styling department's board rooms. It would be nice for car designs to be a bit more daring and not be ugly, and yet still be distinctive from one another, than for the appearance to be nothing more than a mundane account of the styling department's time. Of course we know that styling is subjective..............jus' sayin'.........

    Just my 2ยข............

    We can't forget focus groups- usually a bunch of pensioners with nothing else to do on a Saturday afternoon...
  10. Harold added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Starsky & Hutch Ford Torino   

    Was never fond of this generation of Torino. When the T-Bird became a Mark IV clone in '72, the Torino and Montego were transferred over to the '67- '71 Thunderbird platform (114" wheelbase for the two- doors, and 118" for the 4- door). Look at the Model King '71 'Bird and this Torino side by side- all the hard points (window shapes, door openings, cowl to front axle, etc.). I feel a conversion coming on...
  11. Harold added a post in a topic January Barrett-Jackson   

    Not a fan of Barrett- Jackson. All it ever is can be thought of like this- tri five Chevies, Chevelles, 'Vettes and more Hemi muscle cars than Mother Chrysler ever produced. I had to laugh when some poor schmuck paid 55 large for a '50 Suburban which meant it sold for more than the '57 Thunderbird that preceeded it. I'd much rather watch reruns of Top Gear UK because its hysterical and I get to see something different in terms of cars.
  12. Harold added a post in a topic Revell '57 Ford Custom 2'n1   

    Got this for Christmas and I'm pleasantly surprised. There seems to be a few more variants on this kit. The chrome tree has the Paxton blower for the F code 312. I'm hoping for a Ranchero and (I may turn blue holding my breath) a '58 Edsel wagon. You can use a lot of the custom bits from AMT's '57, and that beatiful stock grille from Revell's offering will spruce up the Fairlane. A few oddities, however- the carbs are molded to the intake and though there is a heater under the hood, but no controls on the dash. The interior us a reall plain jane office, with good engraving and decals for the door and seat upholstery and the speedometer.. Mine's becoming a mild custom- I should have some in progress pics up soon.
  13. Harold added a post in a topic Less than 10 days to the End of the World....   

    I think maybe the Mayans were charting the stars as an exercise, sort of like spending your life trying to figure out where pi ends. They got five thousand years into the future and decided 'enough'.