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  1. Here's on I finished last night. It's an old Jaguar that I found at Dean's in Owosso over the summer. Even though it's a bit undercooked in a few areas (no wipers and a few missing trim moldings). I'm not sure of the source, but I replaced the plastic tires with some AMG style wheels and some real tires. I filed off the telephone that was on the armrest into nothingness and replaced the clunky, oversized gear shift for the custom piece from a '53 Studebaker.




  2. Started this while I was doing the wagon. I molded the taillight bezels to the body and the car was nosed, decked and shaved. The colors are Ford Twilight Blue Metallic and Nissan Super White. The engine is the kit 312 with the intake from the AMT '57 Thunderbird. The supercharger is from Revell's Fireball Roberts Ford (still trying to line it up right. grrr.). Little things; alternator replaces battery. Battery is modern. A parts by parks distributor' heater hoses and a bit of wiring. The Cragars are from another '65 Galaxie and the tires are Revell's no name Goodyears. This was a fun build.IMG_0132.jpgIMG_0125%202.jpgIMG_0131.jpgIMG_0126.jpg

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