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  1. thanks guys! John, i havent tried using just one magnet yet, it should work fine though. having the magnet behind the styrene it decreases the resistance so it opens and closes with no problem

  2. Couldnt resist and had to start this one, at first it was going to be an out of the box build but now i have decided to do a track/time attack car... so far i have the doors cut out, wheels are on the way. is going to have a stripped interior, full cage, not sure about the engine setup yet either twin top mount turbos or a single turbo. the to do list is getting bigger by the second. hope to get some input and ideas from you guys. heres where im at so far.AF373CB5-5B08-4C8E-8D58-4AB499BCD541_zpsDD5A705D-FEB7-4E43-BFC6-BF8D3C8BCCF5_zpsC09437E6-537F-49D3-9600-479A80581E64_zps

  3. Super build Edward, just as I remember them. Yes as the guys said before you must have knocked the mirror off when you swiped that tree back there!

    Glad I can bring you memories, I would love to go to a WRC
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