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  1. Thanks for the nice comments guys, car had been a long time in hiding. As for the supercharger, it is a complete scratch built piece using odds and ends grafted together from the spare parts bin. Started as an alternator and a small wheel from an old jet. The LED lights were from the scrap bin at the place I work. I will post some more pics of the build later, but to answer the question, they are different LEDs for the lights. 4 bright white Ones used for the headlights and fog lights, with amber ones used on the inner lights. Fine wire was run along inside of body to the trunk area where I installed the current limiting resistors and connector to connect external power. Which is a 9v battery.
  2. Thanks guys, got the idea for the grill when I did a 55 chevy stepside. grill on the truck was easy to open up with the wide openings it had. As Jake from Ohio mentioned earlier (he seen me in action on this one, been training him for years), I took an X-acto blade and slowly shaved down the grill from the back side, holding the knife at a slight angle. As the plastic gets thinner, you will need to watch how much pressure you apply so that you don't punch thru the grill. eventually you will be able to see the grill clearly thru the back side and then you can try to carefully poke the thin plastic out, just don't force it. If it doesn't just pop out with the weight of the blade, shave it some more. Time is your freind here. You could even use some sand paper to do this too, but the blade will give you a flatter surface and a more even thickness as you go.
  3. Picked up the 09 Challenger special edition kit from Revell over the holidays and decided it needed something different. Was ging to drop in an old school Hemi from an old AMT kit and do a drag car, but decided instead to build up the modern Hemi with a scratch built centrifugal supercharger, shave off the 6.1L badging and add 7.0L badging to it. I kept the engine near stock, with the addition of fuel injectors and fuel rails. fuel lines will be added once I am satisfied with the supercharger and related ductwork. I will post images of that once it all comes together. body was clean overall and needed little smoothing before it was ready for paint. All the body pieces fit rather well. hood hinges need a little shaving down to let the hood rest in place properly, but that's typical. I did however spend some quaility time with the nose of the car. I like to open up the grill along with any other front end openings that typically just get painted in black. Typically one would just buy some photo-etched pieces for a new grill, but I decided instead to carefully shave the back side of the grill area and opened up the grill that way. It came out really nice and leaves the badges in place without having to reattach them later. After the paint sat for a week, I laid down some bare metal foil on the badges and painted the grill area semigloss black, rubbing the raised letters clean after the black set up a little. picture doesn't do it justice, it's hard to get good pictures with this dark color. The under body is left fairly mod free, with only addition of more foil to the exhaust pipes for that stainless exhaust look. I may weather the exhaust and underbody a little for that used look, but I am not decided on that yet. Going to have to either make some white stripes myself or see if any of the lesser challenger kits out there have what I'm looking for, since the red stripes supplied with the kit just arn't going to cut it. More to come as the build progresses, may be a while, I'm tend to let things sit between stages, as I ponder different ways to take the build.
  4. This is a work in progress started several years ago. The engine of course received the bulk of the detailing. Since Monogram's old Hemi had little detail with only an inaccurate timing cover, I began by scratch buildng the whole front of the engine. I adedd the oil pump and filter, and created a water pump. once satisfied with the look of the basic engine. I added plug wires and fuel lines. The engine compartment on this kit is very sparse and still in need of completion. firewall and water pump was drilled for heater hose, and lines added, as was the was the master brake cylinder vac line. Still needed as some will notice are heater blower motor and batery + cable, along with wiper motor and a few other small bits. On the suspension, as with this old kit there are some details lacking, but I kept it simple with only the addition of rear shocks and drilling out the exhaust tips. One bit of detail I concentrated on with this kit was the suspension markings used on the real counterparts from the factory. A keen Mopar guy will pick out discrepancy in colors used, but this was done using various images of concourse restorations of other Mopars I have seen over the years. Hope you enjoy picking an old guys efforts apart. Will have more projects to post soon.
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