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  1. rayu1988 added a post in a topic 66 Chevy Impala   

    Very nice. I'd drive it...carefuly. Lol.
  2. rayu1988 added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    door panel trim
    Hey everyone. My brother smokes Bronson100's and I noticed for some reason the foil inside the cigarette pack is silver with a very small pressed in detail. I think with a little black wash it would be a good replica for the inside metal panel on some of the fifties mopars. Thay had some kind of weird black/silver finish that kind of moved with your angle of view. Haven't tried it yet but pretty sure it will work if you can make it stick to the plastic. Can't be too hard.
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  3. rayu1988 added a post in a topic Pinstriping How to topic   

    It is late on a weekend, not to be critical,and I don't know what exactly I am looking at. I see pinstripes gradually getting better and a box of tools? I spent 6 hours during the latest snow storm laying out tape for the pinstripes on a 71 Boss 351 mustang-on one side! It would really help me out if you ncould have someone else photograph you using the tools in the box? Thanks, Ray
  4. rayu1988 added a topic in The Off-Topic Lounge   

    I just told my wife that she needs to show me how to post pictures on the forum, and she replied "Why, you never finish one anyway." Ahem.
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  5. rayu1988 added a post in a topic Making Door & Hood Hinges   

    I don't know how to post pictures yet. I am a real newbie to scratchbuilding, and I had a half-dozen ideas for these things before I left the store. Just look at a can of Rustoleum metallics on your next store visit. Thanks.
  6. rayu1988 added a post in a topic Making Door & Hood Hinges   

    Just bought a can of metallic rustoleum, and it had a safety clip on the trigger-I assume to keep from being sprayed in the store. After removing the safety clip, it is plastic and looks remarkably like the hinge bases on the older kits. Drill a hole thru from side to side and done. All that is needed is the wire hinge itself. Hope this helps someone, I already have plans for some of these things. Ray
  7. rayu1988 added a post in a topic pinstripping and paint cleaning   

    Okay, easy. It was Saturday night and I was using what I had on hand. Highly unlikely my first taping effort would be a success anyway. But I will be picking up some of the Tamiya tape. Thanks for the advice. Actually worked out okay-changed the base color from a med metallic blue to a Rustoleum aged copper with black stripes, so we will see. Ray
  8. rayu1988 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    pinstripping and paint cleaning
    Spent several hours last night taping and spraying the hood to a 71 mach l to resemble the box art. Enough run under to take a swim in the purple pond but not really that bad. Maybe could have been saved but it was just the outside pinstripe, and not the main field of color that covers the hoodbulges and scoops. I was using regular painter's tape cut into strips using the method I saw on this forum. I had to cut circles out of the tape and then straight angles out of the holes left in the tape to make the bends in the stripe at the front corners of the hood. Pretty clear, right? Well anyway, what tape works better for this than regular blue painter's tape? It will not bend or form a circle no matter how thin it is sliced. The second thing I did yesterday was take a 70 Monte that had been in the purple stuff for two weeks out to check it again. The red paint had quickly dissolved to the point that it could be scraped off with a fingernail, but that was as far as it ever got. Toothbrush or rag would not remove it no matter how hard it was used. Sprayed it with the yellowcap ovencleaner to maybe speed things up, and when I checked this morning it had re-solidified the remaing red paint. Right back to where I started. Learned a couple of things yesterday but not really a productive evening. Well, try try again, right? Thanks guys. Ray
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  9. rayu1988 added a post in a topic new paint source?   

    Cool. I figured I was not the first guy to find this stuff, but I would hate for anybody to miss out for the simple lack of a post.
  10. rayu1988 added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    new paint source?
    I found a brand of paint at Walmart today that wasn't there a couple of weeks ago. I was looking for a french curve in the crafts/school supplies section, and found a new display for Apple Barrel paints. Permant-Fast Drying-Waterbase Acrylic according to the label. 57 cents for 2 oz, with much larger bottles for 1.25. Just used Pavement color for the centercaps to a set of Mopar Rallyes, and besdies going on dullcoat, looks good. Brushed it on over Krylon classic grey with no ill efects so far. Being waterbased, I don't really expect any. Literally hundreds of colors including metallics. I plan to pick up a few every week. Hope this helps somebody. It took over a month to find the classic Testors bottle of semi-gloss black, and I think it was 1.75. If this works out I won't need those anymore!
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  11. rayu1988 added a post in a topic '73 Chevrolet Chevelle- Mastered by Tom Ellifritt   

    Sometimes patience pays off. I have been looking for the colonnade chevelle for years, anf have come close to buying a stock car kit for conversion several times. I just joined this forum today, and guess what I find? My best friend in high school had a 73 2dr hdtp and we went everywhere in that car, and a cousin had a 76 Laguna about the same time. Like the man said-Paypal is ready! Incredible work on the kit by the way.
  12. rayu1988 added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Hello everyone. Just joined today. I recently got back into modeling after about a 15yr break. Seems the quality of builds and tips/tools have changed alot. Mostly build 55-75 musclecars with the occasional odd subject thrown in to break up the monotony. Hope to learn a little and really like viewing other builds-complete and in progress. Thanks. Ray Underwood
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