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  1. sk8erdave added a post in a topic British tri chev gassers - anyone interested?   

    Hi from another brit. Im sure ive seen the green onion decals on rods n sods
  2. sk8erdave added a post in a topic 50th Anniversary GT500   

    that is one cool collection!
  3. sk8erdave added a post in a topic 59 Cadillac in BLACK!   

    smooth I think best describes this. nicely done
  4. sk8erdave added a post in a topic Revell 49 merc kustom   

    A first for me when building model cars, is that I added a black wash (citadel paints/games workshop's nuln oil) to the door/panel gaps to add some detail. A minor detail but as I'm older now (25) Im using what I've learnt over the years and from painting warhammer 40k.
  5. sk8erdave added a topic in Under Glass   

    Revell 49 merc kustom
    This is revells kit straight out the box. Got it for xmas when it first came out (!) After numerous attempts at spraying it I put it away until a couple months ago. I some fairy power spray to strip the pain of, and after a good sand it was good enough to paint. There were several layers of paint on it! Body colour is a ford colour and the interiror is citadel paints skull white with bleached bone aka cream tuck n roll. Theres a few scuffs on it as i dropped something and it got hit The fender skirts didnt want to sit right either. Oh well its done and on the shelf. I'd do a better job if I got the kit again. I had everything except the body painted years a go and added the cream to the tuck n roll more recently to add come detail to the interior. I also bare metal foiled the window trims.
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  6. sk8erdave added a post in a topic Rust T phaeton- Built at the weekend.   

    I worked on this from 1200-2130 on saturday then 1200-1700 sunday. Not bad for a weekends work I think. And it was a quick build as planned.
  7. sk8erdave added a topic in Under Glass   

    Rust T phaeton- Built at the weekend.
    Having been laid of (again!!!) on Tuesday last week, I was fed up of sulking so decided to get back on the workbench. I needed a break from foiling my catalina 421SD so decided to make something out of this model T phaeton. I got the kit of ebay, knowing the hot rod parts were gone. I had planned to use the body to make a lakester/modified out of it but it never happened. The kit was missing the steering arms/wishbones, steering column, steering wheel and the soft top had been chopped along with the screen. So I decided to make a barn fins out of it. I used citadel paints and the salting technique again. I got some brown spray from games workshop (mournfang brown) and chaos black spray was the top colour. On top of the brown spray I used agrax earhshade and nuln oil washes to darken it, then stippled and dry brushed skrag brown and a tiny bit of troll slayer orange to create the rust. Water and salt was then applied, allowed to dry then chaos black sprayed on for the top colour. I used a sponge (the green top bit) to remove the salt and further dull the black. The "chrome" was first stripped with oven cleaner spray (fast and effective) of the headlight rings and bumpers. I then used revell steel as a base colour, followed by a wash of nuln oil, then stippled my rust colours on. The interior was brown spray again washed down with agrax earhshade and nuln oil, and a wash of reikland fleshshade to help darken and add some brown back to the colour. I then dry brushed steel legion drab on the interior to help add detail as the interior was all one piece with little detail. I could have created depth using colour but that would have taken ages, and it was to be a quick build. I also added sand using pva to the underside to simulate dirt accumulated from driving. A first for me was using a lighter to heat the tyres then press down on a hard surface (the vice in the garage) to simulate squared tyres as result of having been sat for a while. On one wheel, some spokes snapped, on another a couple melted, all adding to the illusion of an ancient car. I used this to my advantage, the idea being its had a slight unexpected venture of road.... I plan to make a diorama once I can afford to buy some balsa wood..
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  8. sk8erdave added a post in a topic WIP: 1/16 '68 Mustang Pro Mod   

    that is some serious craftsmanship! Beautiful work.
  9. sk8erdave added a post in a topic 66 Beetle "boxer" 12.   

    thats a sleeper for sure! nice job