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  1. sk8erdave added a post in a topic 1936 Ford Coupe - updated 2/9   

    this is really nice.
  2. sk8erdave added a post in a topic 427 shelby cobra   

    very nice, I finished one of these recently too.
  3. sk8erdave added a post in a topic Hello from the UK   

    some friends of mine went to that, said it was pretty good.
  4. sk8erdave added a post in a topic Hello from the UK   

    Hey, I'm from northamptonshire, but spend most of my time in Bedford right now at uni.
  5. sk8erdave added a post in a topic 55 Chrysler Mild Custom   

    Thanks for the kind words 
    I've just been put on to hiroboy and had a good look around, I have other websites too, the one I got my paints from for this model.
    Paints aren't  the issue as such, I also use citadel paints from games workshop as I paint warhammer as well and companies such as humbrol who cater to airfix and hornby offer weathering and metal effects now, Its getting hold of resin hot rod and drag racing parts that is hard, and the one time I got a kit from the US, customs over here added their bit making it non-cost effective. Perhaps because it was an ebay store purchase.
    I will at some point order a big order. Also getting hold of kits is hard, as its a case of waiting until one (only one) comes up, or making do with whats on offer from websites such as emodels and ebay. I've been on the US ebay and theres loads of awesome stuff!  But first, I have a reasonably sized to-do pile, then I want to binge on muscle cars, just building them OOB, 'cos theyre muscle cars! whilst hoarding hot rod material. Thats the very long term plan lol
  6. sk8erdave added a post in a topic The Black Cobra   

    Way ahead of ya! It was done the next day as I finished putting it together and took pics at 11.30pm lol.
  7. sk8erdave added a post in a topic 1966 Chevelle SS...My first completed build of 2016   

    thats a clean build, nice one.
  8. sk8erdave added a post in a topic 55 Chrysler Mild Custom   

    Thanks guys.
    I find being in England I don't readily have access to the model after-market for all the stuff I'd like,(or i just dont know where to get it) so make use of what is available in the UK This is the first time I've used hobby products, I've used general automotive touch up sprays in the past, but think I'll be using more hobby stuff.
    How do you use nail varnishes, in an airbrush? If so, I don't own one, or know how to use one lol All of my stuff is done with rattle cans.
    Hopefully I can resume this project ASAP, but university comes first right now.
  9. sk8erdave added a topic in On The Workbench   

    55 Chrysler Mild Custom
    So, this was what I was building for a competition on the UK's hot rod forum, rods n sods, but having lost my job, I've had to put this on hold, and enter something else -  The Black Cobra - check it out in the "Under Glass" section
    The story so far...
    It needed to be low, so blocks were added to the rear suspension

    And for the front, I dropped the spindles by cutting them of and re-attaching them higher up..

    .. and added a longer mounting tab to the upper A arms and enlarging the opening in the inner fenders to suit.

    Nice and low!

    Then on to paint. I first shaved the handles and badges, having to use putty to recreate the upper part of the ridge that runs down between the grilles once the badge was gone. I then used Tamiya fine primer and lots of wet n dry to get a good base to start on. If it looks good in plastic, it'll look good in primer etc Then I used Humbrol gloss black as suggested by the manufacturer as a base. I initially thought the paint was rubbish when sprayed as it settled textured, only to realise once I had bought some more gloss black, this time by Revell, that it was my technique. So, once the black was down, onto colour, which was Humbrol's violet multi effects paint, the only metallic purple I could find, then used Humbrol gloss to finish.
    Just after it was done

    Outside pics

    And thats as far as I have got. I lost my job just before Christmas, and being a third year university student in my mid 20's, you have to make priorities, so until I have work, I can't get the paints needed to finish it the way I want.
    I plan to do the engine bay and chassis pearl white and use bare metal foil on the suspension components. The interior will be white with purple inserts (I've started that)
    Watch this space.
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  10. sk8erdave added a post in a topic The Black Cobra   

    ill start a thread in the workbench section.
  11. sk8erdave added a post in a topic The Hollywood Garage   

    I've just seen this, read it from the start, and all I can say is WOW! the concept and execution are great. 
  12. sk8erdave added a post in a topic '55 Chevy Gasser, Just done   

    Great job on the weathering. I plan to do the same concept with a hemi dart, an old race car thats still going strong but showing its age.
  13. sk8erdave added a topic in Under Glass   

    The Black Cobra
    I was working on 55 chrysler mild custom, which has the best paint I've ever done, especially considering it was rattle cans, for a competition on a UK hot rod forum (rods n sods), but having been laid of from work just before Christmas, I have no money, especially for paints, I decided to wait until I can get paints instead of just finishing it.
    So, I had a sort out and come across my Shelby Cobra model I had started a long time ago, getting as far as completeing the chassis and painting the engine parts.
    I did some minimal body prep to get rid of some mould lines and flash, then looked through my sprays. I used games workshop's chaos black spray, which is actually thier undercoat, but gives a finish I think is between matt and satin. I sprayed it standing in the garage door so the overspray would go outside. Initially it didn't give a smooth finish... I thought maybe it was too cold, the wind outside affected it, or my technique. I got the hot air gun on it and it settled how it normally does. YAY. Not my best body/paint work, but I think it suits the lines of the car and the chrome likes it too.
    The wheels are from revells 36 ford 2 n 1 and the brake discs came from a AMT Fast and Furious:Tokyo Drift Mustang. The wheels had solid backs, so I cut the centres out to form the back half of the rim.  I think for the brake I used the kit wheel backs and cut/dremeled them down to fit in the centre of the brake discs so they fit on the kit axles. In the pics the wheels arent attached, I want to do a better job than just sticking them to the brake discs.
    The kit, despite being relatively simple was a pig to get together, with the bulkhead interfering with the header on one side. Id also lost some bits somehow whilst the kit sat in my to-do pile.
    Metallica made the black album, I made the black cobra!

    Not bad for a days work, and another one out the pile and on to the shelf.
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  14. sk8erdave added a post in a topic Walt's Puffer Too T-Bucket Altered   

    I love this build!
  15. sk8erdave added a post in a topic British tri chev gassers - anyone interested?   

    Hi from another brit. Im sure ive seen the green onion decals on rods n sods