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  1. major-love the old chevy mud runner, and that syclone is looking good outlaw035- thats unique dward- like em all any more pics of this blue one? perspective customs like the h2 bastardo-she looks old and beat
  2. Platerpants-i like tha raptor, silvarado is a beast but i think it needs bigger tires lol, id like to see an escalade skybound lol
  3. cavemanx-nice collection! i like the ford f150 the most!! but they are all nice cobraman- i like the color!! nice build jeffs396-whew!! any more pics of that beast i love it!!
  4. if i could find a nice pair of big rims i would see about throwing them on here..anyone have pics of this kit built the way they like?
  5. thanks for the kind words guys!! tooltas- its far from box stock lol, i have shaved down some frame and the tops of the axels so it lowerd it a lot, i have thought about bagging it but if i cut the bed now ittl mess up the body work on the bed
  6. i like the elco!! nice build so far lookin good like the bulled holes
  7. donks mud trucks mud cars just country small lifts anything that big and tall.. lol you never stolen a model kit!! where have you ben missin out on the funn lol jk
  8. hey everyone id like some insparation and would love to see everyone elses lifted models please post as many as you would like!!
  9. sweet what scaleare these thangs?
  10. dang that sucks.. i do like the front tag though lol
  11. hey everyone im sorta new to modeling! i used to do models wth me grandpa a long time ago i have decided to pick it back up i have never built anything custom so everything on here is a first!! this will honestly only be the 2nd build i have done by myself i just love to collect and look at them but here is what i have so far!! comments welcomend and tips encouraged thank you mod list:fully shaved everything, frenched in tag,molded everything, shaved down some of the frame so it can be low with all the components, flow through center concel, 4 bucket seats, 58 impala tails thanks to a member on here!
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