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  1. Even though most on this thread would think that the construction/heavy equipment/heavy truck niche of the modelling industry/hobby is small, there are a large number of us, and just because a ton of car modelers or military modelers say something wouldnt sell, or that theres no need for it, doesnt mean that there are people, like myself, that long for some equipment kits! there are so many things and reasons to want them like loads, loading, dioramas, and photos for trucks. just because you or a few arent interested in dump trucks because theyre "boring" doesnt mean that we dont need more dumptrucks! gonna go ahead and agree with Ben here on this one!! why must there be an arguement over what will sell and wont sell anyway when its not even produced? im sure the model manufacturers would cross that bridge when they got to it, if they did. but dont worry about it! i personally would love the equipment and such, ive seen enough 32 fords and mustangs already!
  2. finished up the chevelle and went outside for a few pictures, looks real outside!
  3. ok, so i added my custom/homemade styrene stacks wrapped in chrome duct tape i got from automotive section st the hardware store. also was playing aroun d with some light ideas, but am going to put on amber colored lights instead of red.
  4. only flaw is the roof where i had airbrush pressure too high and blew paint out of a couple spots and never filled back in.
  5. its a "look alike" truck of a 379. bigger fuel tanks are on the real truck so i used kw fuel tanks on the pete to look the same
  6. AMT 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle. paint is a custom mixed metallic blue by me. airbrushed on. wet sanded the paint then cleared it. pictures are after wet sanding, only a couple flaws but it will be fixed soon.
  7. working on this truck for a comission build and have to make some straight pipes for it. these are some pictures of what ive done to it. color is amazon green metallic duplicolor main with black fenders and roof. has wires for trailer, but isnt getting a trailer.
  8. so its been a while since ive updated anything, heres the trailer as of now behind my amt t600 WIP. has all the decals on truck and trailer. trailer is a 100% complete model now.
  9. great ideas for trailers, cool to see so many people with all different ideas, then some the same with so many different outcomes! will be real cool to see the sliding suspension! i did some dry fitting on my walls and roof, everything lines up perfectly, maybe you did something wrong? maybe theres something wrong with you kit?. i did notice though, that the front panel is a bugger and super tight to go in, i did it third so then i had a wall left and works easy that way just a little tight, roof i will try soon, then i have to finish painting everything.
  10. havent gotten that far yet i still need to finish painting the walls ands roof then i can assemble it. ill post what i figure out to be easy and hard and trant about it when im finished lol
  11. thanks! Ive got another one on the way soon to build the same as this. thanks! Ill have some more pics up hopefully next week sometime!
  12. The walls i fit dry befor paint and cut a bit off some parts so theyllfit better. But after paint it will be a different story. At least its a lot better than amt trailer i did lol. thanks! I might make some side skirts for this one, dont know yet.
  13. A T660 would be awesome! looking good! and can you get a pic of how the passenger side fuel tank mounts for me if you can? the instructions dont show it very well, and i cant figure it out.
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