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  1. bigbluesd added a post in a topic Where to get a hypodermic needle (or alternative) without looking like a crackhead?   

    That is PERFECT. Didn't even think about Amazon. And I see that they use the blunt needles for ink refills, I think I might have an ink refill kit laying around somewhere from years ago, THANKS!
  2. bigbluesd added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Where to get a hypodermic needle (or alternative) without looking like a crackhead?
    I often find myself with the need for a small needle to apply thinned paint to crevices like the recessed parts of grilles, panel lines, etc. I try to use toothpicks, etc. but the paint makes a blob on the end that is either too big to get into the crack without getting it all over the adjoining surfaces or too small to properly fill the crevice. It has occurred to me that a needle would be ideal for filling these lines so I naively went to CVS and asked if they sold needles. As you can probably imagine, she gave me a look as if I had asked her for a pound of meth and told me in no uncertain terms that they did not sell them. Fast forward to a few weeks later as I'm standing in line at the feed store and some rough looking individuals are in front of me relaying a long and convoluted story about immunizing puppies to the old lady behind the counter. She eventually sells them several needles and as they walk out she looks at me and says "Puppies my #$#...". It was at this point that I realized how I must look when asking a pharmacist for needles to help paint my models with. While I could certainly obtain them from the aforementioned elderly lady, it's probably not a good idea to do this in a town of 2,000 people where I am relatively well known.
    Has anybody else had success in obtaining a needle for this purpose without ending up on a list somewhere? Is there any way of purchasing these while bypassing the moral judgment stage of the transaction? Or is there a viable alternative that I'm overlooking to apply thinned paint in really tight spaces?
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  3. bigbluesd added a post in a topic Any interest in trading 1:18 die-casts for kits?   

    Shoot me a photo or list of what you have, I'm not looking for anything specific any more, mainly interested in Fords or motorsport cars though. I'll work on putting together a list of my miscellaneous stuff (tools and supplies) as well.
  4. bigbluesd added a post in a topic Any interest in trading 1:18 die-casts for kits?   

    And one more thing... I have two awesome ignition protected fans for an indoor spray booth as well. I think they push 235 cfm each. Wish I could sell the whole booth on Craigslist but I assembled it in place and it's too big to fit out the door!
  5. bigbluesd added a post in a topic Any interest in trading 1:18 die-casts for kits?   

    Here's what I have left:
    Mark Martin NASCAR
    Mustang Mach III
    Porsche 911 Slant Nose (Built)
    Viper GTS Coupe (Project, primed and minor body mods nearly complete)
    Viper RT/10 (Built)
    Police Expedition
    Red Mustang Snap Kit
    GSP Crown Vic (not pictured, partially complete, includes aftermarket decals and Scale Finishes paint)
    I also have some supplies, tools, paints, etc. that I haven't figured out what all to sell yet.
  6. bigbluesd added a post in a topic Any interest in trading 1:18 die-casts for kits?   

    The bulk of my kits have been traded or sold already but there are a handful left. Is there anything in particular that you're interested in?
  7. bigbluesd added a post in a topic Any interest in trading 1:18 die-casts for kits?   

    Updated OP with what I have left.
  8. bigbluesd added a post in a topic Any interest in trading 1:18 die-casts for kits?   

    Still have some of these left if anybody else is interested. All of them are up on eBay though so I would need to know pretty quickly so I can pull the auctions.
  9. bigbluesd added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    Just finished a great trade with gardnerpag44!
  10. bigbluesd added a post in a topic Any interest in trading 1:18 die-casts for kits?   

    Meng F-350, Ford Galaxie and Dodge Charger traded to Paul.
  11. bigbluesd added a post in a topic Any interest in trading 1:18 die-casts for kits?   

    EDIT: Moved all of my photos, etc. to the OP.
  12. bigbluesd added a topic in Trading Post   

    Any interest in trading 1:18 die-casts for kits?
    UPDATE: Here is what I still have... everything is up on eBay so this list may change daily.
    Monogram '94 Mustang Indy 500 Pace CarRevell Mustang Mach IIIRevell 37 Ford Panel Delivery Van (including wider tires from another kit)Monogram 1987 Mustang GT Convertible (New Monkees) (I have two of these, one is in a ziplock)Revell Shelby Mustang GT350HRevell 1970 Mustang Boss 429 3'n1 (minus one set of tires/wheels)AMT Mark Martin Valvoline Ford TaurusAMT 1997 Mustang SVT CobraLindberg F-150 Flareside 4x4Revell Jeep Wrangler RubiconAMT Ford Courier PickupDodge Rammunition Monster Truck (some screwed up headlights and clear parts)Tamiya Mercedes Benz SLK (started by another person, poor paint job, have not inventoried parts yet but looks complete at first glance)Snapfix 1983 Mustang (started, some body mods in progress)MPC Dust Devil Bronco (body is FUBAR, suspension needs to be replaced)Revell 1999 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning (started by somebody else, I've stripped it, appears ready to go)AMT Dodge Viper GTS Coupe (Started, all parts primed with Duplicolor, minor body mods started and nearly done)2015 Mustang GT (Build and Plat Kit, assembled but mint and not painted or anything)26 Issues of Scale Auto Magazine and Scale Auto EnthusiastA box of junkyard parts (wheels/tires/seats/figure/rally stuff/off-road stuff/NASCAR parts w/motor)Aoshima D1GP Kei Office S15 SilviaYoung Model Builder's Club Mercedes 450 Rally CarFujimi Ferrari 348tb (built)Monogram Porsche 911 Slant Nose (built)Revell Snaptite Dodge Viper RT-10 (built)AMT Bill Elliott Ford Thunderbird Coor's Light NASCAR (built)Maisto 2014 Chevy Corvette Stingray (die cast Assembly Line kit, built)Willing to trade kits for 1:18 scale die-casts. Have come to the realization that I just don't have time to build these all from scratch. Things I'm looking for (although I'm open to many things, let me know what you got):
    Maisto 2015 Mustang (acquired)Maisto 2000 SVT Cobra R (acquired)Beanstalk F-150GMP Georgia State Patrol Mustang (my holy grail, would literally send you everything I have left for this)Ford GT40 depending on the livery and manufacturerShelby Collectibles issues (nearly any)Rally/drag/IMSA cars, particularly Ford but not ruling anything outDodge Vipers 
    Most everything is complete/unaltered, the only exceptions being:
    the red Bronco (which is actually been offered to another forum member so that may or may not be available)(mostly complete, some parts altered/destroyed, can provide details)the yellow Airfix Mustang (complete but some parts modified and not very well)the F-150 Lightning (bought it on eBay as an unfinished glue bomb, have stripped most of the paint, looks complete but can't be certain)the Raminator (another unfinished glue bomb purchase, stripped most paint, I think one of the headlight lenses or taillights is cracked but kit complete)the Tamiya SLK (not sure if complete or not, suspension etc. partially finished, salvaged from my uncle)I think the Probe may have a cracked A-pillar, can't rememberOf course I can double check/detail any of these if requested.
    lso there are quite a few finished models here too, willing to trade any of them.
    Additionally, I have some Young Model Builders Club kits that are not pictured... One is the rally Datsun (same kit that I have a finished version of shown below), another is an old Mercedes and there are a couple of planes and ships.
    Enough blabbering, here are the photos:





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  13. bigbluesd added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Foose - Revell Partnership
    Just got this in my email....

    Revell Partners with Custom Car Designer Chip Foose for
    6 New Model Car Kits
    Series Will Include 2 Exclusive Foose Car Designs with All New Tooling

    Custom car designer and TV personality Chip Foose and Revell VP and GM Lou Aguilera shake hands after signing a 3-year, six vehicle license agreement. ELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL (May 19, 2015) – The world’s largest scale plastic model kit manufacturer RevellInc. today announced an exclusive three-year licensing agreement with acclaimed custom car designerChip Foose that will add six new model car kits to its existing Foose collection. Two will replicate Foose’s real-world car designs, complete with original tooling, for the first time ever in the scale plastic model marketplace. The other four will be re-issues of earlier Revell model kits that will be Foose-ified with Chip’s personal design modifications.

    Revell’s first ever pre-decorated model glue kits featuring Foose designs, the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette C7 and Dodge Challenger SRT8, will be released in Q4 2015. They will feature Foose-created paint schemes, wheel designs and special Foose renderings used only on the Revell box art.

    The two exclusive Foose cars will be selected by Foose fans and Foose himself from a list of six Foose masterpieces: his 1934 Ford Mercury-inspired “Stallion”, 1935 “Grand Master” Chevy Master Sedan, 1936 “Impression” Ford based roadster, 1965 “Impostor” Impala, 1956 Ford F100 pickup and Hemisfear custom supercar coupe. Collectively, the six candidates have won six major industry awards, including the prestigious Detroit Autorama Ridler award and America’s Most Beautiful Roadster (AMBR) award. Voting will open on the Revell and Foose social media sites in June 2015.

    The series will include full glue and paint model kits as well as Revell’s first Foose pre-decorated glue kits. It will be released over a three-year period.

    “Chip Foose is an icon in the custom car world and admired by every car enthusiast, including our customers. Being able to work on his cars through our kits gives builders an up close look at the details of Chip’s designs,” said Lou Aguilera, Revell VP and General Manager. “Our new Foose kits will give both the casual model builder and hard-core enthusiast more opportunities to do that, ‘own’ their own Chip Foose cars, and have the thrill of ‘building’ them just as Chip does with his full-scale, one-of-a-kind vehicles.”

    “I grew up making models, and it put me on the path to being a car designer,” Foose said. “Partnering with Revell lets me share the pleasure of both model building and custom car design with others, including people who have seen my work at car shows or on TV programs like Overhaulin’. Revell’s model kits make it possible for anyone to literally get their hands on the one of my car designs.”

    About Revell Inc.
    Revell has been a worldwide leader in scale plastic model kits since 1945. Today, Revell offers more than 7,000 different accurately detailed cars, trucks, ships, aircraft, spacecraft and more scale plastic model kits. The company is a subsidiary of Hobbico, Inc. one of the largest designer, manufacturer and distributor of radio control and model hobby products in the world. For more information, visit www.revell.com.

    About Chip Foose and Foose Design
    Chip Foose is the creative head and driving force behind Foose Design, an automotive and product development company specializing in illustrations, graphics, fabrication and the complete construction of automobiles and automotive related products. Founded in 1998, Foose Design products and creative services are available to individuals, TV and film companies and automotive manufacturers. For more information, visit www.chipfoose.com.

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  14. bigbluesd added a post in a topic Where to find these Crown Vic wheels?   

    Ron, do you know what year you ordered? They have several from that period but no photos so I'm not sure which ones I need.... also it says it's for the Lindberg kit, I guess they fit the existing tires that came with the kit?
  15. bigbluesd added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Where to find these Crown Vic wheels?
    To all the police car modelers around here... any suggestions on where to find or how to scratch build these Crown Vic wheels? I gave it a shot using thumbtacks and a slice of Evergreen tube for the center circle but the thumbtacks were too small for the wheel and the Evergreen was "meh"... if I can't find them to buy somewhere I will have to start making the rounds in the office supply aisle of every store in town with a ruler in hand.

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