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  1. This coming weekend is the fall vintage classic at Road America. I'm looking forward to it. Only 50 miles away.
  2. Recently purchased. Needs a little cosmetic work but mechanically stout. Just another hobby.
  3. Actually this quote is attributed to Juan Manuel Fangio. It goes "whats a behind a me is no concern of mine". He then rips off the rear view mirror & tosses it.
  4. I cut down a piece of 1x4 pine with a hole (1-1/8" I believe) drilled in the center to accomodate the circular base to the upper portion of the stand. I then mount the pine block in my articulated vice & I can position it any way I want to apply decals & fine details to the body. Works great.
  5. I am currently building the 427 SOHC version of this kit. My only complaint is that the screws don't go in far enough because of the paint in the threaded holes. I don't have a tap that small to clean them up. Otherwise, a very nice kit.
  6. Carroll must be asking "What the heck is that"?
  7. I believe the valve covers on the one in the middle are backwards but nice looking engines none the less.
  8. Old Nasty

    Cuda question

    Thanx Steve. Who makes them?
  9. Old Nasty

    Cuda question

    Does anyone make a kit of a late 60's (series 2) Baracuda with the sport roof? All I can find is the fastback. Thanx in advance for any replys.
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