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  1. Why would you continue assembling it if you knew there was a flaw in the windshield that you had to get at?
  2. If that box is filled anything like my 1:1 in the garage it would weigh about 1000 lbs. Not anywhere close to a spare wheel & tire. Not to mention it would be top heavy. That's why you never see a set up like this in real life.
  3. Fully loaded, that tool box would be an anchor on one side of the truck. Not very maneuverable & quite dangerous to drive. Just sayin.
  4. I've owned & flipped many cool cars over the years. but at 70 years old I think I have finally found my "keeper". '68 barracuda notchback with a "built" 340 good for 400+ HP @3000 lbs that I have been slowly returning to a period correct day 2 street racer. Spring shackles & an ass up attitude will complete the look. MOPAR or no car. =
  5. must be some kind of anti theft device to put your plug wires in your pocket.
  6. No plug wires on the car on the right.
  7. Revell Germany. 1/24 scale. I'm building it now. Nice kit.
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