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  1. He can pull a camper with the trailer hitch. Wonder what that would look like.
  2. No big mystery. It was the name of a truck I used to own. Very appropriate too.
  3. That's a great looking dumper, but it's too clean.
  4. The condom ad with the 2 guys in their underwear standing on the bed. That is revolting-I don't care who you are.
  5. Yup. That's the guy. I learned a lot from him back in the day. Glad to see him get some credit for his work.
  6. I remember a guy named Don Emmonds (I believe) who was the resident modeler for the magazine. This was my first magazine subscription when I was a kid. I started getting R&C back in the late '50s. I still have a few somewhere in a binder.
  7. Thanx guys. I appreciate the input.
  8. I like the shot gun slug holes. Nice touch.
  9. I'm about to use BMF for the first time & was wondering if you apply it before or after clearcote? Does it matter?
  10. I cheat a little bit. First I assemble the suspension & make everything as square as I can. I make the mounting holes in the wheel backs slightly oversize with just a little bit of play. When I glue the wheels on I place all the tires on a piece of glass (flat surface) & use machinist V blocks pressed up to the wheels & eyeball the alignment from the top. Works every time & I always have all 4 on the ground.
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