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  1. Weird cars Post em here.

    This would make a cool rat rod.
  2. Lola GT

    Thanx Art for the info.
  3. Lola GT

    Does anyone know if the Palmer 1/32 scale Lola GT is from the same tooling as the Monogram kit? Thanx in advance.
  4. Tire decals

    Does anyone make small (1/32 scale) tire decals for Dunlop brand? I'm building an Airfix Ferrari 250 LM & could use these. Thanx in advance.
  5. Mecom Lola Mk VI GT

    Very nice! One of my all time favorites. I've been looking for the Monogram kit for some time now at a reasonable price.

    This may all be true but the fact remains that I have not heard one word from Red Frog as to the status of my order. To me, that is rude & borders on negligence to your customers. I will not be dealing with them again.

    I too have been burned by this shop. I ordered some HRM products from them a month ago & still haven't received them even though their website claims they have them in stock. I have called numerous times & keep getting transferred to a voice mail box that is always full. Many emails have gone unanswered. Fortunately, I used PayPal & am prepared to open a dispute thru them. Could someone tell me who else carries HRM products?
  8. Question about '67 Daytona 24 hrs FORD GT 40 no.2

    If you look closely at the first & third picture you can clearly see a difference between the rear wheel flares also.
  9. Pittman 41 Willys

    Nice stance.
  10. Harbor freight airbrush will not spray

    Their disposable gloves are nice.
  11. 41Plymouth gasser

    Very nice. Finally a gasser with the proper stance.
  12. Another heavy haul

    No turn signals.
  13. Scenes Unlimited

    I just wanted to give a shoutout to Scenes Unlimited. I ordered several items from them & was very pleased with the quality & speed in which I got them. Strongly recommended.
  14. What do you drive?

    Just got this last week. 1965 Plymouth Belvedere with a 440 big block, headers, & a 750 cfm Holley double pumper carb on a mid rise aluminum manifold. Power should be adequate. It needs a little work, but it should be roadworthy by spring.
  15. Top 10 TV cars

    John Steed's Bentley & Emma Peel's Lotus Ironside paddy wagon 77 Sunset Strip T Bird I'll think of more.
  16. Top 10 TV cars

    How about the one from "Honey West"?
  17. Another Ebay Comedy

    What is that little critter under the rollbar? Cat? Bunny? Large gerbil?
  18. 1/25 scale Drag Racing Tire Decals?

    Try Fireball Modelworks. They have quite a selection.
  19. Old Yeller 2: The most famous "junkyard dog"

    Fascinating story.
  20. Heavy haul

    How the heck did they load that? Big crane perhaps?
  21. Possibly the worst thing Ive ever seen.....

    Worthy of the explosives test. Is there any plastic hidden in there amongst the glue?
  22. Looking for a Jeep

    Does anyone make a 1/25 scale kit or body transkit of the Jeep FC150 forward cab pickup? I have a hankering to build one. Thanx in advance for any & all replies.