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  1. That is a 65 Satellite interior. You can tell by the instrument cluster. Fury became a bigger car starting in 65
  2. AMT and Johan seemed to be the most accurate.
  3. Why is it the bodies made in the 60’s are more accurate than the ones made now?
  4. I will be buying multiples of all the Plymouth kits as well as the Comets. Thanks a ton Moebius
  5. Funny how they put trim on that Golden Commandos Belvedere between the two colors. Just noticed it
  6. Best advice. With each build you will learn better ways to assemble. Take your time to test fit before glue and paint. Your off to a good start
  7. I think Sox and Martin had that name on their 66 Barracuda
  8. I would have to say the AMT body looks the best.
  9. Love those early b bodies. Good subject choice.
  10. Cool project, I thought you might like to see some pictures of a folder my father bought at a swap meet. It has all kinds of info about driver backgrounds ,appearence schedules ,contracts and photos inside.
  11. Not necessarily, sway bars on the early b bodies is kinda rare
  12. Thanks for the photoshop work guys. I think that would look good for a drag version. Plenty of room for slicks.
  13. Not to be a nit picker but the red taillight is upside down. The curved part should on the bottom. As I said before thanks for bringing this kit to life and I will definitely buy at least three of them.......Jay
  14. Thanks for the comments guys. I have seen a few real Falcons with front fender wheel openings grafted onto the rear quarters. It looks good and maybe do that if I do the concept car route for that lighter sporty look. Tommorrow i will glue the roof and cowl in for good and start spreading the bondo.
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