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  1. Candy Colored Clown added a post in a topic Improved Lighting & Magnification Options?   

    Thanks for the replies everyone. For the last couple of weeks I've been looking for the perfect one and even though I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for (rectangle 4''x6'' like my old one) I'm seeing some fairly good products on line. Unfortunately I've seen lots of junk as well. The ones that Office Depot have (Real Space Brand) has several qualities and prices and the best thing is that they're local and they also have them all in stock as well, so I'll go there this weekend and check them out. Usually it seems like I can't find the selection or the quality that I'm looking for in a local store and I end up buying on line, but for once I might actually find something that I like that is also quality enough to be worth the price.

    The hobby stores around me are few and far between and unfortunately it's not just the hobby stores but most all stores period except the big box stores with their unlimited junk. Therefor it's usually more convenient to purchase on line as they have more of a selection. All the same I'm still not finding a rectangle magnifying lamp like I'm looking for, and as usual I'm going to end up buying the best of what stores stocks, not exactly what I want though.

    Thanks again for the replies, Richard
  2. nitrojunkie added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Improved Lighting & Magnification Options?
    Well its finally happened.Ive built off and on since age 6 or 7 and never had any problems but I am trying to detail a Big John Mazmanian Willys and the optivisor just is'nt doing the trick any more.I picked up a pair of "Reading Glasses" and they seem to be helping out pretty good but I guess a trip to the eye doctor is in order for a pair of modeling glasses.I came to this realization after it took 2 hrs to attach the injector linkages on a 1/25th Hilborn injector body. I really want to do more in depth builds like this.Are there any other good alternatives?I thought about a flourescent lighted magnifying glass.This will solve the ligthing and magnification.
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