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  1. Picked cordoba brown and some gold color for the body, wheels and some engine details will be brown as well, the chassis will be in the gold, i will try my luck at painting carbon fiber for the bumpers and hood. Interior will be black with seats out of the f&f mustang due to the fact that i had to shave the floor to fit in the 71 body and those seats are shorter.
  2. Heres my entry, started with a gluebomb mach III from ebay and a left over 71 mustang body from my stash.
  3. If I can still join, Sign me up im enetering with a 1971 mustang mach 1 with the drivetrain out of the infamous mach III , will be called the Mustang Mach IV pics coming soon!
  4. Scott, you are correct about the mustang II in fact up to maybe recent years, in the past all mustangs in mexico were v8 cars. I have also read that Ford de Mexico was in charge of the engineering to shoehorn the 302 into the Mustang II engine bay.
  5. Great looking wheels, do you have a picture of the pegasus wheels you started with? I have a few wheels of the integra kit that would like to make like yours but wwant tomake sure I order the correct pegasus wheels/tire combo.
  6. Sure Scott, In 1972 there was no fastback bodied mustangs in Mexico so Ford De Mexico took a coupe body and created their own version of a "Mach 1" and they named it the GT 351, All the cars were 351 w 4 speed with full instrumentation Hurst shifter front power disk brakes ram air hood mach 1 grille honeycomb rear panel mach 1 gas cap Dana rear end standard interior with deluxe rim blow steering wheel. Im sure there is more to it but for the most part that is it
  7. yes i agree thats what came with the lightning kit they look too small on that one too !
  8. And now the final product, it had some challenges adn its not perfect by any means but im happy with the result
  9. Now for some primer! More Progress We have paint! I went with duplicolor sealer primer then duplicolor satin black topped off with testors dull cote for that flat black look i was after, combined that with gloss black wheels and gray/black interior i think it looks good.
  10. Well this is going to be more like a "On th Work bench / Under Glass" I know I should have done them separate but I got too involved in the build lol, this was my first kitbash other than a small engine or wheel swap. Enough talk here are the pics. I took these 2 kits a skill 1 Expedition adn a Skill 2 Lightning to create fords one off "Thunder" First thing was opening the hood of the expedition, cutting the engine bay out of the lightning and transplanting it to the expedition. Next for the interior tub mods, this took some thinking and doing so i could mount the chassis of the ligtning to the expedition.
  11. Its going out this mornig the tracking # is 9405503699300348600442
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