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  1. Blown03SVT added a post in a topic Getting rid of swirls   

    Sounds like soft paint. Tread lightly use a very soft high quality micro fiber and apply Meguires No. 7 Glaze to lightly fill the swirls. The glaze has a koalin clay in it that fills lights scratches which is why guys use it on show cars.
  2. Blown03SVT added a post in a topic Revell Max Rat , part missing   

    Tunnel ram BBC. It seemed prwtty nice to me, nice set of MOROSO vavle covers on it too
  3. Blown03SVT added a post in a topic what does everyone do for a living?   

    U.S. Navy submarine electronics technician on radar, gps, inertial navigation systems, interior communications, voyage management systems, and navigation plan preparation and execution. 17 years strong, just a little bit more to go before I have to get a big boy job. I am also a part time automotive detailer, not much time for it anymore while on active sea duty
  4. Blown03SVT added a post in a topic Need to replicate "gold" chrome   

    The only other thing I can think of is to replate at a place and coat in clear Tamiya yellow
  5. Blown03SVT added a post in a topic Clear over polish   

    As a automotive detailer a polish and a wax/ sealant are two different things. However many polishes have oils in them to lubricate while the abrasive is cutting. You best bet would be to wash the body in a strong solution of dawn to ensure the oils have been removed as well as any residue. Rob called it, try it on a spoon, this while mitigate a potential trip to the purple pond.
  6. Blown03SVT added a post in a topic $0.49 ? What happened to these ? Where's the dragster ?   

    The best analogy to describe how inflation relates to model cars in relation to real world expenses
  7. Blown03SVT added a post in a topic Do trikes "hop" around corners?   

    I imagine there would be some sort of rudimentary differential in the center of the sproket much like a 10th scale r/c on road pan car...
  8. Blown03SVT added a post in a topic Barris Cars   

    Little known fact about Mr. Barris I just learned... he learned the craft early on working with Harry Westergard in Sacremento in the late 30's before he made the trek to L.A. to eventually start out with his brother Sam.
  9. Blown03SVT added a post in a topic what is flocking? help?   

    over by the scrap booking supply's and stamp pads.
  10. Blown03SVT added a post in a topic Who makes a set of PE wire wheels for the new Slingster ?   

    True, but there is still usefulness in this post for those who are building any nostalgia dragster like the AMT double kit or the 22jr.
  11. Blown03SVT added a post in a topic Revells 1969 Camaro copo finished in dove white   

    Very nice... front looks lowered, no?
  12. Blown03SVT added a post in a topic 49 Custom Mercury: Teaser pic   

    The silhouette is beautiful with the hard top. I know the skirts are very traditional Hirohata style buy the think the front cove scoop of the skirt is fighting with the gorgeous lines you have created that work well with the dog leg from the fender to the door.
  13. Blown03SVT added a post in a topic 41 Willys drag coupe   

    Its a nice build, but the black panel lines are cartoony. I think you missed a mold line on the passenger side rear splash pan. That's the obvious things to me you didnt mention. I love the color and other than the flaws you noted the paint looks very nice.
  14. Blown03SVT added a post in a topic Who and where are the MacGuyver Fans?!?   

    Sort of related, I met Richard Dean Anderson when they where filming for a Stargate movie on the submarine I was stationed on back in 2007. FYI, he didn't like being called mcguyver. Nice guy though
  15. Blown03SVT added a post in a topic Beating the carpet monster   

    Best idea ever! This is one of those " why didn't I think of that?"