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  1. marcarm added a topic in All the Rest   

    Revell Marder 1 A5 1/35
    My second only Armour, I posted the first on here, but this one I think has come out a lot better. Got this in the sale at Modelzone for the grand total of £7.99

    No real issues with the kit, seemed to fit together nicely.

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  2. marcarm added a post in a topic KV-1tank 1/35   

    I tried to copy the colour of the tank that was on the box, so it ended up being a custom mix of about 4 different paints.

    I used masking fluid for the chipping, painted the green undercoat and then stippled some masking on with a firm brush. Painted the top coat then removed the making fluid to show the paint beneath.

    Just got a Revell Marder 1A5 in the sale, so hoping that will come out better than this one.

    Thanks for the comments guys
  3. marcarm added a topic in All the Rest   

    KV-1tank 1/35
    So many firsts with this kit. In the past I've only ever built cars and bikes using rattle cans and brushes,

    This model is different in lots of different ways

    So, first armour, first time I've used an airbrush, first time I've made a (albeit simple) base, first attempt at weathering.

    The kit is from Eastern Express (?) and was truly awful to build! More flash than I've ever seen, and I've got more parts left in the box than I used! Just couldnt get the tracks right, gave up in the end so i could move onto something else. No brushes used at all, I used tamiya acrylics.

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  4. marcarm added a topic in All the Rest   

    Yamaha Monster Tech 2009
    Just finished this one today, overall very pleased with it.

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  5. marcarm added a post in a topic Zr-rr finished   

    The fuel tank, seat cowling and the underside were 2 separate parts, where everything else was moulded in one piece. I was quite pleased with the fuel tank as I managed to completely remove the join line by filling and sanding.
    I think I did a better job on this than the yamaha, the YZR. Was the first bike I have built so learnt a few things on this that I took forward to the Kawasaki.

    Currently building the YZR monster tech 2009 which is going well so far
  6. marcarm added a topic in All the Rest   

    Zr-rr finished
    Finally managed to get his done today, pretty pleased with it although the decals were a nightmare.

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  7. marcarm added a post in a topic Yamaha YZR M1 2004   

    Thanks, I used Tamiya weathering pack D on the exhaust.

    Bikes are quite addictive, I am going to start next on the ZX-RR Kawasaki, Tamiya kit 14109 when it arrives in the post.
  8. marcarm added a topic in All the Rest   

    Yamaha YZR M1 2004
    My first bike kit, been modelling since November so not a patch on some of the kits that I've seen, but I'm very pleased with it.

    Brush painted apart from the cowlings which is TS51 out of a rattlecan.

    Thanks for looking
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  9. marcarm added a post in a topic Tamiya XJ220   

    Thanks, it is the Tamiya kit. This is the 6th tamiya car kit I've built, after 3 revell cars and the build quality is so much better in the tamiyas. The level of detail is a lot better as well, and they just seem to fit a lot better together as well. Wouldn't go back to revell now, especially as a novice you get better results.
  10. marcarm added a topic in Under Glass   

    Tamiya XJ220
    Finished this one today, nice kit to build with no fitting issues at all. Still a novice at this but if you look at the first model I built compared to this there's a world of difference.
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  11. marcarm added a topic in Under Glass   

    Lexus SC430 ~ Open Interface
    This was the most difficult kit I have done so far, mainly because of the decals. All the red on the car, apart from the skirts, are separate decals that don't go together as good as I would have liked, so they took almost as much time as building the rest of the model took.

    Curbside model, just have to attach the trims on the rear spoiler and the wing mirrors, but ran out of time last night. This will be done on the weekend though.

    I've done better out of the 6 models that I have completed so far, at least this one gave me a lot of practice with decals Overall, I would give myself 7/10
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  12. marcarm added a post in a topic Ferrari California   

    Very nice
  13. marcarm added a topic in Under Glass   

    Merc CLK-GTR
    One of my first models that I completed, still learning but I think it came out pretty good.

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  14. marcarm added a topic in Under Glass   

    Tamiya Merc SLR 722 edition
    Hi All,

    I have only started modelling last November, and completed my 5th car yesterday.

    It's not up to the standard of some of the cars that I see on here, but I am really pleased with it. I used artistic licence on the colour scheme, still saving for an airbrush so this was painted using rattle cans.

    Main issue that I had with it was after painting, there seems to be a few mm gaps in the panels, whereas when I dry-fitted them they were fine, maybe a case of putting the paint on a little thick? Something to be mindful of when I paint my next ones.

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