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  1. feisty102 added a post in a topic Dawn of the Apocalypse Ford Truck   

    Thought you couldn't paint any better, until I looked at your older posts (This one) The creativity, look, idea, and PAINTING all perfect. If I wasn't broke I would pay good money for this.
    Some of the models on here, true or not get more recantation then they should, but sadly your's didn't get enough.

    Where do you find these car kits at? How much would this sell for? (In your eyes) Do you have any pictures of preparing this?
  2. feisty102 added a post in a topic Little Lady   

    Ha, I never knew that it was blue over in the UK, thanks for the info. I took a look at all the sites, but there all in another currency XD (Should have known)
    Well I really do like um, specially the alien fellow. Any plan's on making more?

  3. feisty102 added a post in a topic Little Lady   

    I like this one, whats the story behind it?

    Do you sell you work? What website, or store do you buy your parts at?
  4. feisty102 added a post in a topic Little Lady   

    I wish I had your skill, I would love to do dioramas at this level. Very cool, man I'll be following.

  5. feisty102 added a post in a topic Revell Audi R8 W.I.P   

    Ya you don't spend $130,000 on a Audi R8, and not do a little speeding XD.

    Links: (A bit pricey, but well worth it)

    Seat Belt Material:

    Seat Belt Hardware:


    Will you be adding any green to the black body?
    Not sure how it would look, but would you consider green rims?
  6. feisty102 added a post in a topic Revell Audi R8 W.I.P   

    Looking good, the green accents are coming together well.

    Suggestion: Ever think of adding maybe a racing harness to the seats?
  7. feisty102 added a post in a topic 1953 Ford F-100 Custom Truck   

    Very nice, I wonder what kind of material did you use for the trunk?
  8. feisty102 added a post in a topic PEGASUS! Flying Mustang A/G Racer...WIP 3-29-13   

    Wow, very creative. Best costum I ever seen, and come to think I can't even finish a stock kit. I'll be following, keep it coming.

    Good luck.

  9. feisty102 added a post in a topic Revell Audi R8 W.I.P   

    The Audi R8 is one of my favorite in the Audi class, and adding black makes it even better. I'll like to see how you add green inserts. Good luck on finishing the painting.

    1.) What paint did you use? (For learning purposes)
    2.) How much did the kit cost? (For some reason I'm interested in the cost of things)

    I'll be following, good luck.

  10. feisty102 added a post in a topic Porsche 911 GT1 street   

    Not much of a Porsche fan, but this one pokes at my interest strings. As said in a previous post, the yellow really does stand, out nice color choose. Did the tires come with the kit, or no? (They definitively add to the Porsche nicely) I'll be following this one.

    P.s: How much did you pay for this kit?

  11. feisty102 added a post in a topic Barn find diorama'a   

    This is actually one of my dream builds, having a worn down barn with a rusty 50, 68 Corvette tucked in the corner. Your builds look amazing, I would pay good money to have one A question I have is how do you get them to look so "Rusty"?