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  1. That thing is awesome. Nice job!
  2. I figured it will be fun to play around with anyway. Even if I don't make it exactly like a car I see I can just make it look like something I've seen at a track before. Either way I'll do something and have fun doing it. That's what counts anyway.
  3. Thanks for the link. I haven't had time to mess with it for a few days. I'm not really sure where to begin. It looks like the rear is longer and the nose sticks out a little more. This would be my first time doing anything besides building one out of the box. You guys will get a good laugh when I start hacking at it and post pics.
  4. Lol that's a good idea. Never thought of that.
  5. Well after just coming out to the bench and taking a closer look, the body is warped. I guess if I am going to cut one up this will be it. Where can I get sheet styrene, or is there anything around the house that can be used to fill in little gaps?
  6. Something kind of like this. Oh and you can thank the auto correct on my phone for the "nasal kit." Lol, should have said Nascar.
  7. I have an AMT monte carlo, I'm guessing around a 96, Darrell Waltrip kit. I was wondering if anybody has altered a nasal kit to make it look more like a late model you'd see running on a Saturday night. I was getting the body smoothed up for a coat of primer and the idea hit me. I'm up for a challenge and figured it would be kind of cool if I could pull it off. I'll post a pic of what I'm talking about.
  8. Couldn't have said it better myself. After seeing my grandparents battle cancer it was almost a relief knowing they weren't suffering and we're in a better place.
  9. Thanks for the tips. I know you are right though it would be better to get the best I can get. Your exactly right though I won't be doing any major automotive work. I've been reading that sanders, cut off tools, and saws use a lot of air. I'm sure an impact does too but just in short bursts. I've got my eye on a 33 gallon craftsman. Only issue is its oil less. I'll find something. What size tank is recommended for my use?
  10. I have the $100 gift card and I can add 100 or more if I have too. Option 2 would be buy one for 100 off Craigslist and use my gift card for some air tools. I'll do some more research first. My garage is only a single car size so there's not much space. Also my breaker box is on the other side of the house. I think for now I'll stick with a 10-20 gallon and try to find one that holds oil. The majority of my use would be inflation and possibly airbrushing anyway. Edit- breaker box is on the other side of house so that knocks the 240 volt compressors out. It would be really difficult to get a wire across. (slab house)
  11. I have been toying with the idea of getting an air compressor for my garage. I'd like to use it mainly for automotive stuff like inflating tires, maybe an impact or air ratchet. I also have a little trim work to do and a little air nailer would be nice. I got to thinking though if I were to get one, would a hobby type airbrush work with it? I'd like to spend between $200-250 if possible while still getting something decent. This wouldn't be used daily, maybe once a week or something. I guess I really just want an all around compressor but being able to pick up an airbrush and trying it might be fun too. I have $100 sears gift card so any advice on craftsman would be great. Thanks, Joey
  12. Your paint job looks great I like the color.
  13. JFortner5

    Been awhile...

    That looks really good. We are in the same boat I'm 29 but it had been several years since I built a model. I found this place and have gotten back into it. Can't wait to see more.
  14. Sorry I'm a noob and really have no idea. Hopefully someone will chime in and help you out. Thanks for the compliment!
  15. Thanks guys I really enjoyed building it, and I love lookin at it every time I walk by.
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