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  1. 2020 Winter Angel model show on Jan 18 has added 2 more classes diorama and a ladies class, along with a kids pick award plus Harrisons Rod and Custom will be handing out there harrisons rod pick, hoping to expand more classes next year, looking forward to seeing everyone there looking to have a great time.
  2. Looking forward to seeing you again Gerald, I hope you will have a model in the theme this year. Jeff Marsh.
  3. Me and Earl Barnhardt will be there looking forward to it.Jeffro.
  4. I also have a set of the cards in the clear plastic box, plus I have a uncut sheet of the complete card set. I knew the guy that had that business in Bristol Tennessee.
  5. Gerald thanks for the pics. So glad to meet you and was glad you could attend the show looking forward to next years show. Jeff Marsh.
  6. Awsome job on the BMW love the attention to detail!! Where do you get your seat belts from there amazing. Thanks Jeff marsh.

  7. Only 18 more days away!!!!! I understand this show is the same as the hope it don't snow show in spartingburg great show great group of guys. But this is the 4th year it is in the same building as a real 1;1 show, so if your looking for a good show with real cars this will be the one to go to, all judgeing is from outside all judges is from the automotive field, ford techs, GM techs, hot rod builders, paint and body guys along with a drag racer, ive tried to make this a fair judged show, Next years theme is Box Stock Muscle cars from the 60s. Looking forward to seeing you there. Jeffro.
  8. Yes there will be some vendors there Creigs hobbies and a few others there is vendors there for real 1;1 cars.
  9. have you traded for these kits yet what are you wanting to trade

  10. Hey Bucky pm me this is jeff  marsh im the host of the model show ill get you to white pine looking forward seeing you there or call me @ 423-312-2611.

    1. Bucky


      I saw on Google Maps that it is on I-81, not far from Newport. My ancestors came from Newport, and lived in Knoxville for four years back in the early 80's. If you can, send me some more info on the show at my email: imperialbucky@aol.com.

      I'd love to try to get up there. I haven't been to a show in a few years!

  11. looking forward to this show gets bigger and better each year!!!! jefro.
  12. I can say one thing pictures does not do this build JUSTICE!!!!! You need to see all the attention to detail and the clean building style of this build!!! For it to be a 1/12 build is simply amazing!!! Great job jeff!!! Jeffro
  13. -hey jeff if that Camaro shows up I'm leaving!!!! Just Kidding looking forward to seeing it!!! jeffro.
  14. Me and Earl Barnhardt will be there looking forward to it!!!!!
  15. Well time has come again for the East Tennessee model car show!! This show is in conjunction with the Winter Snow Angel car show the same day. What more could you ask for a real car show and a model show all in the same building indoors!!!! This is the 3rd annual show all proceeds go to the angel Christmas tree fund for under privilege children. This show is judged from outside source judges from GM mechanics, Ford Mechanics, Race car builders, and parts people that has worked in the automotive field for years. The judges does not know the builders, so with that said there will be no home cooking, no buddy buddy deals going on. Ive had positive feedback from the model builders about this type of judging and it was a big HIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! First and second and third place awards plus the best ofs. Hope to see you all there for a good time I also understand the Hope it don't snow show will be the same day in South Carolina so either show would be a hit!!! Thanks Jeff Marsh.
  16. All I can say that is ONE HELL OF A BUILD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You sir have talent!!! Jeffro.
  17. Awsome Job Shane top of the line Always!!! jeffro.
  18. Killer Build looking forward to this one!!!Jeff Marsh.
  19. Love the details!! Where did you get the brake rotor and calipers from? Thanks Jeff Marsh.
  20. I hope to make it this year ill be coming up with Shane Harrold and the rest of the East Tennessee bunch!!! Jeff Marsh.
  21. That engine bay looks busy!!!! I love the attention to detail you have a winner on your hands AWSOME!!!! Jeff marsh.
  22. Looking Forward to this show!! I have 2 Venders conform Xtreme Detail and Creigs Hobbies. All Judging will be from outside each judge is in the automotive field one way or the other. Looking Forward to seeing you there. Jeff Marsh.
  23. Awsome Build my friend!!!! Can not wait to see it in person! Jeff marsh.
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