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  1. What is the source you are basing this on?
  2. I happened to enjoy mine but I don't know enough about GTOs to think it's 'Junk' like others here do.
  3. Boy that looks like a nice kit. Thanks for opening it up.
  4. I noticed this year there aren't a lot of those goofy rods being issued. I have the most recent reissue of this and liked it. I hope they come back out next year with a few of the caricature rods as I call them, love them!
  5. hpiguy

    Random thoughts...

    I stay motivated by building every single genre of models under the sun. Two full builds per week can kill your motivation really fast if you don't find ways to keep that fire going. Cars, trucks, all scales, ships, planes, helis, sci fi, figures, buildings, resin, metal, plastic, whatever. I love models and model making. I'm not at an amazing level of skills and likely never will be, but I love the assembly, paint work and just zoning out in my shop on whatever kit I have to build next. Any brands, makers, styles, love it all. I'm not an expert on any of it. I make mistakes, I call a part by the wrong name, I stick a tiny sci-fi laser gun on in the wrong direction, so what. If I only built muscle cars, or one type of car, or only did weathered things, or just shiny new things, I'd lose my motivation in a couple weeks. Kudos to those that can be laser focused on just one type of model all the time and not get burnt out. I also love watching other people build and get a kick out of seeing what others are doing. There is a guy on this forum that shows off all the new Japanese kits on his videos, I watch that stuff too. I stick with the positive channels, those that don't drag drama or sniping at others onto their videos. Folks that are as eager as me to just make a model fire me up to keep working on all mine. I simply do not get those that have to try to start stuff between channels, or troll others or cut others kits or work down. Terrible. We should be lifting each other up and having a blast. It's models! It's supposed to be a fun past time! I refuse to drag drama or anything else but models and fun onto the model videos I do. There is enough bad stuff in the world, my model videos are about the model and that's it. And having fun doing it no matter the skill levels. I have bad paint jobs and slipped marker scratches and show my mistakes all the time so that people know that perfection is an illusion and the main goal is just to sit down and make something.
  6. In my opinion the death of the hobby won't come from lack of interest of new builders. Creating, making and putting things together will always be a human interest for many many people. Among the things that do the most damage and will help kill the hobby off bit by bit are the critics, the complainers and the whiners that lament everything and anything about every kit on the market. Making those not in the know think every kit is trash and not worth buying or building. 50 pages on roof lines and literally heated arguments about exact curves of decals using graphs and charts. The ones that criticize people for just trying to share the hobby, with others telling people that they aren't good enough or that their skills need more work before they should try showing it off, etc. Honestly, what kind of person feels the need to trash others work on their hobby? Do woodworkers leave horrendously cruel comments to each other in such great numbers? Models seem to attract that type of angry unhappy person like fly paper. The guy that tells a kid they 'need' an airbrush to make models or they 'have' to have this and that and not just telling them they can grab a kit and have fun making it, that the rest will come to them as time goes by. No man, you have to buy only AK interactive paints or just throw that kit in the trash. Wait, that's not the perfect Chevy green for that year, why are you even showing this to people? Trust me, those types of people and their attitudes that they must thrust onto everyone else do far more damage than kids not wanting to assemble stuff. I've watched to many scare newcomers off than they ever bring in. We need to find a way to get those folks to stop that kind of thing and support each other more.
  7. Don't let the speculation by peeps get you upset. Don't put too much faith into guesses and the maybe-so stuff. The same type of rumor or tall tales that tell us molds are 'lost forever' and the kit reappears a year later. It's just spit balling and guesses as to why something is late or held up in most cases here. VW is NOT the reason the Bandito is held up in licensing for now.
  8. I have this now. It's molded in black (chassis components, engine), white (body), silver (one set of wheels?), light grey (interior) and lots of chrome (rest of the wheels, fuel tanks, stacks, fenders). Tires are molded on a flexible tree with detailed manufacturer sidewalls. Decals to match the box art, full dash decals too which is nice. Option to paint the raised detail on the dash as well if you don't want to sand it flat for the decal. I've never done a big truck with a multi part cab (roof, doors, walls, multi part sleeper walls) so this will be interesting. Hood and fenders are thankfully one piece.
  9. Revell just sent me the 87 GNX / GN 2n1 boxing so this looks like a G-body intensive summer for them! If it goes as nice as this Monte it should be a nice build up.
  10. Well, I requested the 69 Yenko in my latest batch of kits but it did not get sent. Oh well. I got a big box of other kits though so as soon as I get the word I will start gluing and posting builds up for those that are curious what will be in upcoming releases. Looking forward to the 74 Road Runner, 65 Chevelle Wagon as two of my faves from this shipment (But I like em all). The Italeri/AMT re-boxing of the Peterbilt 378 Long Hauler looks like a big parts count, should be interesting. I hear they are pretty good truck kits. Time to get gluing!
  11. The 1/48 Sinclair Fuel truck is also due out really soon. And that super sweet 1/10 scale Allison engine, which, even though it's not a car would be a great build for anyone that likes models.
  12. Haha! I should be getting that one for review soon. I've never even seen it myself so this should be interesting if people say it's a bad kit.
  13. This is just a total guess, but if you see the Future crack or get lines it might means the enamel under it is still moving, likely not totally hardened. So it moves a bit as it hardens up and cracks the Future above it which dried and hardened almost immediately.
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