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  1. China is a gigantic country, one place may be open while 500 miles away one may be shut down to be cleaned. Same as the US.
  2. Building two kits per week, for the past half dozen years or so, I have only seen the same kit come back out a few times, so yup, you're spot on with that. R2 and now even Revell USA has been digging into their archives and finding/issuing kits that people haven't seen in 20-40+ years. It's pretty cool.
  3. www.modelroundup.com They also advertise in this magazine if you get the print edition.
  4. Personal friend made them, to copy our local Hwy Dept since my Dad retired from there years back. Couldn't find a decal maker otherwise.
  5. OR, don't make claims about being always polite if you aren't. You guys about done being insulted by science and going off the rails about it?
  6. Yeah, you're a saint. You never start a fight on here and insult people for no reason what so ever and then have to apologize later......
  7. I never called anyone stupid. Do you know the difference between ignorance and stupidity? Being ignorant of a subject does not mean you are stupid. People talk about facts and science and you instantly think they are implying you are stupid out of nowhere.... A really odd reaction. ig·no·rant lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about a particular thing. stu·pid having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.
  8. Facts and science do matter. This is the third time you've gone out of your way to insult me just because you don't know something and you take people using facts and science as an insult to you personally.. Maybe it would be better if you just used the ignore button on my profile if facts and real science upset you that much. Ok? Thanks.
  9. Old decals scare me. Rarely use them, I've noticed some recent decals from some kits will crack as well, not dissolve, but crack, for no apparent reason. I've mentioned it and also mentioned it to them as well, and sent pics of it. I'm wondering if it's the high tropical humidity in the countries they are being made in slightly activating them before they are packed into the plastic wrap? The ones from places like Italy or Russia that don't have that oppressive humidity don't seem to have the issue like Asian printed kits do. But just a spit ball in the wind. Thanks for the nice comment about the 69!
  10. You cannot catch a virus because some Chinese guy packed a trailer and stuck it on a boat. IF (big if) you ordered an overnight package from China and a sick guy coughed phlegm inside the package, sealed it, and kept it near body temp for the entire trip and you opened it and licked it, maybe. And the risk of that is so low it's not even worth considering.
  11. Mine will be here Monday and my custom decals for the Hwy Dept are already here. Looking forward to it!
  12. I love those Dart Board decals, can't wait to make it with those.
  13. ^ 100% accurate.
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