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  1. Yup, there are so many thousands of kits out there waiting to be reissued that no one could have ever built them all. And it's nice to see kits that are out of reach for builders that don't want to pay hundreds of dollars for a 'rare' kit come back at retail prices and actually assemble it. It's doubtful their market is people who already own 5 kits of a reissue, rarely build anything, and feel the need to say 'yawn' at every monthly video. It's those if us who want to build kits and enjoy the nostalgia and appreciate the added details, decals, parts, etc they almost always add into kits.
  2. What's really odd isn't the fact that Revell and R2 aren't telling everyone their future business plans, that seems pretty normal and smart on their parts. The more odd thing is that there are adults who read the name Round2Models and then complain endlessly that they aren't constantly releasing lots of newly tooled models..... Think about that. Do the same peeps also go to antique stores and ask where all the new stuff is?
  3. Or like an '86 Berlinetta(sp) 2.8 Auto all rotted out under the doors, hatch held down with a bungee, dragging it's massive 40 pound catalytic converter down the road, sparking on every bump. LOLOLOLOL
  4. The great thing about that 5.0 coming back is that all of us wanting to make a meth dealer diorama are all set! Just need to fab up a trailer home and it will look right in place!
  5. Nope, you folks are still incorrect. I speak to more and emailed with more than one person at Revell USA in the US and I've never spoken to Ed personally in any capacity. I've also spoken directly with people at RG but that's besides the point. Can we still stop pretending we're know it alls on that company already and drop it?
  6. I LOVE threads that devolve like this. And they always do. All this speculation and certainty from people with zero professional connections to a company on what really went down, who got fired, why, why a product isn't out yet, what the financials of a company are, etc. Always a good read. Like a knitting circle of plastic model gossip. Instead of correcting people with facts, it's more entertaining to let it unfold over time and see all the 'experts' proven wrong. Again and again. Stay tuned, you'll see.
  7. Yeah, did a promo video on that for them. Nice kits, very easy to build and kids should like it.
  8. My full build review is up for those interested. I enjoyed it all. Awesome kit, perfect fits, even all the glass just presses in. And it has a lot of glass of course.
  9. I have both of these kits sitting here right now waiting to be built for the channel. The tires say Bandag and Tyrone Malone on my copies. Both kits. Pad printed in white of course. I have to assume these are full production kits as that is what I request for my reviews, I only want what the customers will be getting in the same boxes, etc. They are molded in black, that is correct, which will make black painting easy, no white marks or streaks as paint pulls away from rivets and such. There are no Bandag logos anywhere else that I can see, just the tires on both kits, which look great.
  10. I'm going to be building a larger scale Mustang 289 V8. The block is clear but I want to paint the oil pan and air cleaner which are cast in silver plastic. On some cars I google see the air cleaner is chrome with the 289 decal, some all blue with the 289 decal. Also, on some the oil pan is black, on some it is Ford blue. Any consensus on which is most 'correct'? If not I'll just wing it and do blue oil pan and chrome air cleaner.Thanks!
  11. I may or may not have one of these Vegas in my hands right now.... Guess with all this interest I'll have to set in the front of the line for a look see soon.
  12. I'm looking at an Oct 30th video for that one I hope. Others done before it are set for this Weds and Saturday.
  13. I can happily say that I'm impressed by this Italeri rebox. The AMT Wrecker took me two days of assembly and was very fiddly, lining up axles and such. This kit is light years different. 6 hours of assembly and I was in paint. Figured out the cab quickly, and the floor inserts from the bottom so bang zoom and it was done, ready for paint without having to do the interior and paint it first. Like you I sealed the sleeper up, you won't see it anyway. The seams on the chrome bits are nice, little super glue and touch up with molotow and they look nice enough that I'm not repainting any chrome at all. 6 hours from intro video of parts and built in subsections ready for paint (frame, engine, cab, sleeper and chrome bits) A sign of a well fitting and easy to assemble kit.
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