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  1. I really don't think people will pay to use a forum like this for so many reasons. People want a magazine with editing and single track articles about subjects that don't get derailed about a different subject 14 times and also devolve into petty arguments, only to maybe deliver 10 posts out of 90 that give good content in a concise and direct manner like a magazine article does. People don't want to sift through 215 random and off topic comments to find a picture of a kit build that may or may not have been removed by the hosting site by the time they build the kit in three months. Few want to pay to read a thread on a new Impala kit only to have to weed through posts about the most minor of issues which would be covered in the magazine with half a sentence and moved on from. On the forum it lasts for weeks, post after post rehashing the shape of a decals or roofline, etc. We've seen it time and again. the horse gets beat, then all it's relatives get beat as well, then the barn gets torched too. Who wants to pay for that? And also have to read through all the whining about the most pedantic things and never really delivering the content they pay for. Someone who is paying isn't going to tolerating being insulted or belittled or chased off by forum bullies, etc. Anyone who gets banned or insulted or chased off will demand refunds, or call their bank or CC for refunds (which they would probably get), etc. Guy pays for a year, gets banned in a month for a post that he thought was fine, calls his State consumer fraud division for someone taking his money and then blocking him from using what he paid for and so on. Sure, you can add 'fine print' that says no refunds but most CCs will just refund the guys money anyway and hit you with a chargeback. The site goes down, people want refunds and will get them from their bank and CC company by showing them they got billed for a site that's not running for a few days..... What a mess it would be for whoever has to manage it all.
  2. I certainly liked reading the magazine when it was being published. Keeping any business running takes a lot of time and dedication. We must always remember that we owe the customers and clients everything, they don't owe us anything but payment. I make sure all my people know this every time we take a new client on. Without them, we don't exist. It's never their fault for expecting to get what they paid for, done well and in a timely manner. I'd love to see the mag up and running full steam again, producing regular issues. It was a nice read every issue.
  3. I'd say identical. Save for removal of the name brand of course.
  4. The reissue 23 T went together fine. I did the rod version on this one, since I've done some stock Ts already. That frame that needs to be stick built piece by piece was fiddly, but I was surprised when I was done it had all four tires flat on the ground. Only real mod I did was chopping the windshield and giving it some rake. Otherwise it was all by the manual. The pad printed Goodyears are nice and look vintage. Video will be up next Saturday.
  5. Fit is very nice so far, working on mine now and it's in paint today. Video should be up Weds after this one.
  6. You are correct. And very nice pad printed Firestone Wide Ovals are in with the low profile tires as well. Two complete tire and wheel sets, stock and modern. Building mine right now so it's first hand knowledge.
  7. I've never even seen a Vega in person, I'll still build it. Dragster, stock, whatever.
  8. hpiguy


    I wish I was retired! Thanks for the nice words. It's very true, I don't sweat the small stuff on my models. I like old school fun model making, and for me, fun means getting it built and painted so that it's a reasonable facsimile of the real thing. Perfection isn't my goal and I make that pretty clear, as you've seen and heard watching the videos. I'll handle some seams or mold marks at times but I don't let it mire me down. A lot I don't see as an issue and don't even bother. Flash I'll take off 99% of the time, but there will be times I miss that too or didn't see it or thought it was part of the part to begin with. When I notice it, I think, oh well, this isn't a contest model and it's not a real Cuda selling for $400,000. When I'm done with a Buick Regal or Chevelle kit, anyone I know will look at it and say, yup that's a Buick Regal, that's a Chevelle, etc. I try to get more people into the fun side of the hobby, buying and building kits, any kits, of any genre, and just enjoying themselves. Especially kids, who feel overwhelmed when they see the posts about 'This kit sucks' or 'You HAVE to have an airbrush if you want to make nice models'. It makes them not even want to take the kit home. For those that demand scale perfection, cool. More power to them. I don't cut them down but I'll make remarks that if perfection is your thing and little issues send you into a rage (you should see the comments I delete, some grown men really go overboard with the F bombs about a small issue on a model or misspoken word about a part) , my channel isn't for you. But for me and most of my viewers, my style suits us best. I get a lot of calls from some sponsors that they love that style too and they hear from people that I'm the reason they got back into making kits after being burnt out on the perfection and 'you must be an expert on that subject and models to make a model' type attitudes. Thanks again and I hope to keep making kits as long as my finger work!
  9. hpiguy


    I agree They are 'new' to a massive amount of modelers. I built 62+ kits last year for the channel and this year I'm on slate to build 90+ (two per week) and almost all of these reissues from Atlantis, Revell, R2 are 'new' to me and I love getting a crack at them.
  10. Those pad printed tires look awesome to me (something a guy real proud of his crazy expensive tow rig would have used his tire marker to make) and I couldn't care less about identifying 40 year old tread patterns on a model. 99.9% of buyers won't care or even come close to knowing about the tread pattern either. I'll be digging into mine soon for a full build.
  11. The reissue has very little flash and builds up nice and straight.
  12. hpiguy


    On the Autocar reissue I just built you can see where they scraped ERTL off the trees. Makes sense since it's not the same company anymore.
  13. I enjoyed the Pinto reissue quite a bit.
  14. They sent out a new email, no real info on the kit (all back story on the Rover still) but it does have a pre-order link now. 29.99 Euros Kit #07047 105 parts 185mm long Coming out in Europe, Sept 2019. https://www.revell.de/produkte/modellbau/autos/young-oldtimer/land-rover-series-iii.html?utm_source=discoverrevell&utm_medium=teil-1&utm_campaign=landrover
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