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  1. Revell 2019

    They whine about what is not released and they whine about what is released. Fortunately, they represent about 10% of long term modelers and are almost always ignored by the powers that be since nothing that will ever be done by anyone will make them happy. I'm looking forward to every kit on that board, and I've already built the Ford GT Lemans and loved it. I'll have fun with every single kit listed.
  2. Autocar dump coming this summer

    The AutoCar A64B I did weathered up needs a buddy!
  3. Autocar dump coming this summer

    Gotta have! Can't wait!
  4. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    ^ Yummy!
  5. Revell Ford GT LeMans

    Thanks dude! The one here is taken to level 1000 with detail. Amazing.
  6. Krylon paint trick, is it for real??

    I don't know exactly who the OP is referring to but I cover this on my channel on numerous builds. I used to heat it up when spraying other things and it carried over to models. As Scott says, it works absolutely fine. I just spray, let dry for a while and then warm the body with a heat gun (the model aircraft covering shrinking type personally, not the paint stripping 1000 degree type). Don't hold it on the body and melt it. Warm it. Pass the gun back and forth to warm the paint and it gets a smoother surface and a higher gloss to it. It's the nature of the paint to respond well to lower heat as it dries. Same reason I soak the can in a glass of hot tap water before shooting. The paint flows out smoother and richer, the color mixes easier inside the can when you shake it and it has more pressure after being warmed up. It works perfectly fine, but then again there are also people that tell me I "can't" use Rustoleum and "can't" use Krylon and "can't" combine them on the same model etc, and yet, here we are, doing it all the time and not having issues on hundreds of builds.
  7. Revell Ford GT LeMans

    Dear lord that's a gorgeous job.
  8. Woops, I made a mistake and missed that fuel cap entirely. I'll have to go back and glue it on mine and put a little crust on it. Sorry folks.
  9. Atlantis 2019 catalogue

    If their releases from the R/M vaults keep going the way of the Ghost of Red Baron and Phantom of the Opera, buying those old molds was the wisest purchasing decision for a company since someone said "Maybe we could buy a machine that slices the bread before we sell it".
  10. R2 April 2019

    Bingo! I was out of the hobby for decades, came back in during my late 30s. All these kits are 'new' to me. Kits I saw as a kid but never owned or built. I love it.
  11. I'm building one right now, the new reissue. Some of the 4WD parts are in the box. Front driveshaft, transfer case, cross members. Tool box, jack, roof top roundy round flasher also of course. And the small tools on the chrome tree. Little Red wheels and steelies. So far so good on the build, no alignment or assembly problems yet. I'm enjoying it.
  12. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    There are quite a few R2 reissues that have gauge decals. I've scavenged them off decal sheets for the ones that don't. I'd like to see them included on all, and the way they know that is to drop them a nice email, without calling their stuff a 'waste of plastic'.
  13. Revell 68 Chevelle availability

    They are both worth waiting for. Good kits, easy builds. I think you can nab them online from Hobby Lobby's website if you can't find them anywhere else and don't think your shops will get them. Use that coupon for sure. Ebay has them for sure at normal pricing too. Modelroundup says June for restocks.
  14. Revell 68 Chevelle availability

    Except I actually DO say when a kit has big issues, always have. That's easy to see if you actually watch some instead of skim over them to find something to whine about. I'm just not the type to endlessly bitch that I had to use model skills on a model. I have zero issues with opinions. Never have an issue with an opinion. Coming online and saying "They knew" "They did" "They have" is stating things as fact and there is no basis in reality for those claims aside from made up assumptions and general pissing and moaning from the exact same dudes all the time. "I think" "Maybe what happened was" That's an opinion. I'm sorry that your channel hasn't taken off the way you hoped James, but don't go accusing others of being dishonest on their reviews. You folks have a great time with the endless whining about kits you don't own or build and patently false/made up accusations on your forum about companies and reviewers, I'll be movin' along.