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  1. No connections, an article popped up and the guy that built the cars for the show talked about them. https://driving.ca/chevrolet/impala/auto-news/news/supernatural-impala-is-a-big-block-powered-demon-hunter
  2. The cars used for filming had all types of engines, built 350s, stock motors, etc. The 'Hero' car they used for close ups of the car, as shown by the guy who owns it, has a 502 under the hood. In the show the character states it has a 327. So I think just about any engine is 'ok' in this one.
  3. Those are super cool. I'd like them with their decals. Maybe Atlantis will dig these up from the molds if they still exist.
  4. Thanks, as long as the fits and manuals are at least 'OK' then it won't be an issue. It's when the instructions and the parts themselves are vague that it takes a long time to get it together. Once you've assembled five piece track links plus pins for an entire tank in 1/35 scale anything else isn't all that bad. LOL
  5. Has anyone on here built the kit? Is it more or less challenging than the AMT wrecker? Meaning, vague part locations, etc.? Curious, thanks!
  6. I did my usual full video but I don't like to promote my stuff on others websites without an invite to. It's on my channel though.
  7. China is a gigantic country, one place may be open while 500 miles away one may be shut down to be cleaned. Same as the US.
  8. Building two kits per week, for the past half dozen years or so, I have only seen the same kit come back out a few times, so yup, you're spot on with that. R2 and now even Revell USA has been digging into their archives and finding/issuing kits that people haven't seen in 20-40+ years. It's pretty cool.
  9. www.modelroundup.com They also advertise in this magazine if you get the print edition.
  10. Personal friend made them, to copy our local Hwy Dept since my Dad retired from there years back. Couldn't find a decal maker otherwise.
  11. OR, don't make claims about being always polite if you aren't. You guys about done being insulted by science and going off the rails about it?
  12. Yeah, you're a saint. You never start a fight on here and insult people for no reason what so ever and then have to apologize later......
  13. I never called anyone stupid. Do you know the difference between ignorance and stupidity? Being ignorant of a subject does not mean you are stupid. People talk about facts and science and you instantly think they are implying you are stupid out of nowhere.... A really odd reaction. ig·no·rant lacking knowledge, information, or awareness about a particular thing. stu·pid having or showing a great lack of intelligence or common sense.
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