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  1. OH ok, thanks. I thought a big block since the headers are spread wide out, instead of two close in the center.
  2. What size engine does this Mooneyes kit represent? A 427? (We all know I'm no expert on spotting an engine unless it's super obvious like a Hemi)
  3. This is by far and away the easiest and most well thought out semi tractor I've ever assembled. If they were all designed like this I'd review way way more of them. I've done the more modern Revell and Italeri kits and they were good, but this revamped Ertl was nothing but easy the entire time. I had not even one frustrating moment and I've mentioned on a few of the AMT semi tractors and tow truck that they take a very very patient hand and going over the directions a few times. They are not for the beginner. This 4070A went together like a modern Moebius Ford kit. Easy peasy.
  4. Makes perfect sense. It's a good book Tim, I talked about it on the channel as well. Nice job.
  5. Yup. I needed the recoilless cannon from the Godzilla Jeep kit for a future kit review. Best price online from parts scalpers shipped was $15 for just that parts tree. You can grab the entire kit at Hobby Lobby for $18. And it's a fun Jeep kit to have, loved my build up of it previously for the channel.
  6. Thanks! I'm hoping to see that Dodge come out because I NEED to make a Red Green possum van!
  7. This just looks like an entire year of fun to me. So much nostalgia, cool packaging, and kit builds you can relax doing. But I'm weird like that.
  8. Correct, they sent me an original boxing to build for the show and so that VW could see the completed kit and give approvals. And R2 says right in their latest video that it's an ESCI kit.
  9. The Peanuts brand and licensing is worth billions and still sells like crazy every year. https://www.businessinsider.com/how-much-is-the-peanuts-franchise-worth-2015-11 From the article "2000: The comic was published in 75 countries, 2,600 newspapers, and 21 languages a day. Those comics, along with merchandise and endorsement deals, raked in $1.1 billion a year." Peanuts yearly sales are higher than the combined value of almost all the model companies currently in business. Just like the Coke license that is whined about on here all the time by those that really don't understand business, it's literally a license to print money for whomever holds one of the deals to use the logos on their products. I hope it's a big success for Atlantis and kudos for them bringing back the out of the ordinary stuff constantly.
  10. It's in stores. Or at least some stores. A kid in the FB group posted his HL purchase of it back on the 13th.
  11. I can tell you that I and tens of thousands of my viewers LOVE the kit, it's proportions, details and accuracy as is. The comments, likes and reactions to the model proves that. As with every single thing on this Earth, there will be a small group that doesn't like something, about anything presented. Keep up the good work if you're still on the Revell team, love the things coming out!
  12. I usually don't mention this in the video, I just say two days, but the actual working time on this kit was about 9 hours total (not including overnight paint drying time of course). I usually assemble and get it into main paint on day one, then do all the detailing, handpainting, final assembly and decals on day too. 9 hours from pieces to finished kit, and I stopped to make a video and took pics, etc of it during that time too. I'm my opinion as a guy who builds kits up fast for reivew and not perfection model competition levels, this thing fell together and was crazy easy to detail. Usually the more complex kits add a few hours of time to work on them, but not this one. Even the multi -piece side mirrors which almost always get me cussing glued together the first try with little fuss. for someone looking to make a model able to win a model competition, they have such an amazing kit to start with. If I can get this result out in 9 hours, imagine what a superdetailer could do over a few weeks.
  13. Stevens owns Megahobby (or it's owned by the guy's son I was told, I'm sure the experts here will give the exact connection down to bloodline and DNA references) Round2 owns Autoworldstore. I'm guessing Megahobby and Stevens International combined move so much product that R2 tells them everything long in advance so they can set orders and get an idea of demand.
  14. I go through so much Rustoleum and don't get that many clogs. I mean a LOT of cans in a year. I get maybe one clogged nozzle a month, and I average 8 builds a month. Maybe someone is selling you paint they've had in a hot warehouse for 5 years or something? I get mine at Menards and Walmart and they move a lot of product. Pop the nozzles off, soak them in Super Clean overnight or for a couple days, scrub clean with a toothbrush and try again. Always works for me. I keep them as spares when the cans are empty.
  15. I just received renewal mailings from Scale Auto. It's very very likely, almost guaranteed that upper management knew they'd be closing long before (usually months) they announced it to the public, that leaves a bad taste in my mouth for Kalmbach. Still ordering renewal paperwork to be sent to customers, knowing full well they are shutting that mag down before it's sent. They could have instructed their renewal center to not send those out, but instead they let them be mailed last week. A last breath money grab from loyal SA subscribers knowing they'd just revert those renewals into FSM subscriptions without any approval from the SA subscribers. Lots of SA subscribers do not use the internet (unlike us) and that's why they still get a paper magazine. So they have no idea it's closing. in October. Imagine sending in a three year renewal, which is what I usually do, and finding out in December you now are getting FSM and you only like car models....(I get both mags because I love all kits, but you get the gist of how not cool that is)
  16. I've never decanted it for airbrushing, but I spray it in a cup for touchups and it works fine. I know that many many of the viewers have commented that they do decant it, store it and use it in their airbrushes without issues.
  17. Oh man, if they released those farm machinery kits, HOLY COW!
  18. I always liked it but it was getting thinner and thinner, which makes no sense. They made a choice to cut content, which in turn made subscribers quit in droves. Recently Kalmbach went with a new printing and subscription service company in Texas and in my opinion their customer service fell apart right after. I get issues WAY later now. Most times a couple weeks after the hobby shops and book stores, when it used to be a subscriber had their issues first, before the newstand. Also, my latest renewal to Model Railroader said NOTHING about auto-renewals, I checked. I sent in my check and get a letter thanking for me signing up for auto-renewals and they'll be deducting my yearly price from the checking account automatically for my 'convenience'. Talk about a sneaky way of doing business. No thanks. I called, cancelled the whole thing, mag and all. I'm not buying into that nonsense. It took forever to get anyone on the phone, and when I did, her attitude carried through the line loud and clear. She didn't care about anything at all and made it clear she had other things to do, like read Facebook. Honestly, print is doing this to itself. Fewer issues, less content in each one, lower quality articles written by more and more low quality writers, and now really shifty business practices to grab money from customers not paying attention.
  19. No connections, an article popped up and the guy that built the cars for the show talked about them. https://driving.ca/chevrolet/impala/auto-news/news/supernatural-impala-is-a-big-block-powered-demon-hunter
  20. The cars used for filming had all types of engines, built 350s, stock motors, etc. The 'Hero' car they used for close ups of the car, as shown by the guy who owns it, has a 502 under the hood. In the show the character states it has a 327. So I think just about any engine is 'ok' in this one.
  21. Those are super cool. I'd like them with their decals. Maybe Atlantis will dig these up from the molds if they still exist.
  22. Thanks, as long as the fits and manuals are at least 'OK' then it won't be an issue. It's when the instructions and the parts themselves are vague that it takes a long time to get it together. Once you've assembled five piece track links plus pins for an entire tank in 1/35 scale anything else isn't all that bad. LOL
  23. Has anyone on here built the kit? Is it more or less challenging than the AMT wrecker? Meaning, vague part locations, etc.? Curious, thanks!
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