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  1. how did you do the lettering on your tires? Mine never look that crisp
  2. the front end looks a little high to me...but other than that man its awesome great looking car
  3. setting solution yes....and sol after but the decals look like BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH very dull and u can still c some of the outer clear part of the decal.....they r just not very crisp and clean looking like i c in a ton of pics i was hoping that there was a better way to get the good year eagle on there and they still look real nice
  4. hey everyone i am currently building a Nascar lumina and it has the good year eagle on it. Ive tried the decals that came with the kit and they look horrible....so how do i get them to look sharp and awesome like they should?
  5. yea i just finished the revell 56 and hated every second of it.....but i might try something else for this CBP
  6. very nice....i love the firebird favorite car
  7. These r the parts I'm trying to duplicate
  8. well thank you to both of you....when i get home from work today i will take a few pics and try to post them up....but since i already scrapped the mold i tried i will post an image or 2 of the parts im trying to cast
  9. i made a mold for a set of rims i need an extra set for and they did not turn out....and yes this was my first time attempting to cast my own parts....so yes i am very much a noob at this..... so what i am asking is if there is someone willing to skype with me or something to show me what i am doing wrong...... or a very straight forward tutorial for making the mold and casting the part specifically for rims and wheels?
  10. Thanks for the suggestion ill have to give it a try.....and no I wasn't using superglue but the testors glue in the tube but with no tools or anything to keep everything neat
  11. wow real nice....love it one of my favorite rides
  12. I was wondering if there was a way to remove the glue from a fingerprint on a windshield?
  13. beautiful work man...i love the 37 Chevy
  14. nice kits....i personally liked the NASCAR builds the most
  15. ok ty i will give that a try, I think i might go get a different model to try this first cuz i dont want to mess up this truck i have.
  16. Hey everyone i had a question about my set up for painting. Mainly my question is when i sand my parts or body for mold lines, do i stop there or do i sand the entire body? What am i looking for as a finished product before priming for paint? I know its kind of a newb style question but I have this really nice 56 Ford Pickup and i want to make sure i do it justice. So any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jason
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