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  1. Q tip added a topic in Under Glass: Big Rigs   

    revell snap w9
    I havent posted anything in some time now, but i havent been slacking. Heres the revell w9 snap kit. Added extra frame, amt wheels and lowered a bit. Thanks for lookin.

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  2. Q tip added a post in a topic Abandoned Road Boss   

  3. Q tip added a post in a topic B-train trailer   

    well its almost done. i'm going to try to sum up both the pete and the trailers. the tractor speaks for itself. now the trailers, i picked up the sheet aluminum for HL and embossed the quilting on the back side to serv as a sidekit. the tarp was made from white glue,water and newspaper. still needs quite a bit of work and some tweeking here and there, but all in all not turning out to bad.

  4. Q tip added a post in a topic KW Aerodyne in blue(s)   

    good job! anything that includes kids ,trucks and modeling is ok in my book. And yes, scale truck shows at big truck shows are great. this will be the second year for showing here at the local event. For some reason scale draws just as much attention as the big ones.
  5. Q tip added a post in a topic B-train trailer   

    hey sean how ya doin! i'm wanting to make covered wagons.
  6. Q tip added a post in a topic B-train trailer   

    thanks, if you noticed i'm just going with a tandem-tandem, so would that be considered a b minus train? its pretty much falling together.what the pics show is only about 5 hours of work so far.
  7. Q tip added a topic in On the Workbench: Big Rigs   

    B-train trailer
    Its been a while since i have posted anything, between work and doing some custom building for others,i noticed i have a show in a little over a month from now. Its time to get busy. needing a trailer for the pete, i could have just went stock but whats the fun in that? (well for me anyway!) so here we go. cut the 40 footer in half and just started chipping away at it. i'll let the pics tell the rest. ...........john

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  8. Q tip added a post in a topic AMT Peterbilt 359   

    nice ride, i too like the colors, as far as a trailer......how about taking the 40 foot van, cut the box down and make a grain hopper?
  9. Q tip added a post in a topic Freigthilner FLD 120 SD   

    thats sharp, i like it. that set up would look nice with a third axle and a rotator setting on the rear
  10. Q tip added a post in a topic Kenworth cab question   

    here are the pics of the kw's,, the first with the aerodyne sleeper is a 1995 with the B cab and ext hood, the second is a 1998 with the B cab and the start of the aero cab transition, the last is a 2005 aero cab that we most often see. biggest differences is the windsheilds ,the sloop of the hoods and on the 98 is the doors in witch were an option.

  11. Q tip added a post in a topic Kenworth cab question   

    the biggest difference between the A and B models were the size of the cab and the dash board. A's from the 60's all the way to the mid 80's were nearly cookie cuts except for the door handle placement and a few interior mods. the B's had a larger cab ,so to speak , with a new dash board, windsheild wipers and were boxier. the latter part of the 90's is when they still used the B model cab with the aero sleeper. witch then developed into the w900L's that we see all the , known as the aerocab. i will take some pics of of our trucks tonite at the shop. we have three of the four i just mentioned.
  12. Q tip added a post in a topic peterbilt cab over custom   

    thanks guys! heres a few outside pics.

  13. Q tip added a post in a topic peterbilt cab over custom   

    sprayed some paint today. used flat dark tan,then red metallic and finished with a gold metallic red mix to make the copper brown. also made a new visor.......thanks for lookin.........john

  14. Q tip added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    how do you buy paint?
    just wondering. do you stock pile or do you buy as you go. i normally will buy as the subject arises.
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  15. Q tip added a post in a topic Snowman Truck finished   

    frog,"i dont know" snowman,"i dont know" bandit," well who in the hell knows?" snowman, "i really dont know!"