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  1. Very nice! 👍
  2. Awesome rescue! Would never have guessed it looked that bad before you started. Outstanding job!
  3. 70’s Style Chevy Street Van (AMT A-Team kit). Exterior: Removed all side trim/moldings, opened hood, installed new rain gutters, scratch-built door handles/hinges, California windows, sunroof, sun-visor, side dump exhaust, satin black paint, Cragar SS rims with “old school” look. Drive-train: Frame modified, scratch-built air ride rear suspension and rack/pinion steering installed. Monte Carlo SS SB Chevy V8 / TH200-4R auto trans installed up front. Rear is a 12 bolt Chevy from a Nova. Parts box parts, various paints and imagination provide: alum. driveshaft, HD cooling, HD alternator (w/ onboard inverter), PS, PB, AC, and (multi-fuel cells - mounted just inside the rear doors) to provide extended mileage capability (just imagine they’re there in there). Interior: Cab area includes a modified dash, scratch-built door panels and overhead console (w/ dash cam & CB radio).
  4. Putting my build in the Completed Builds thread now...
  5. Very nice, looks like it's ready for work the season where I live.
  6. That''s why that Radar Patrol car could only be a station wagon, the units had to be bolted down some place! Great model though - really like it!
  7. Very nice! Good choice on the rims!
  8. Both of those are very nice! Have to say I like the color on the original post a tad more.👍
  9. LouO

    '96 Impala SS

    Looks really great, I like it! what's the paint? I agree, it sure could use mirrors though.
  10. very nice, very clean, sharp build!
  11. All the above comments say it all!
  12. Nice, clean work. Sharp build! I'm hoping to get started on mine soon.
  13. Absolutely love it! Perfect style! 👍
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