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  1. Just wondering if anyone a place that does 1/16 resin bodies? I'm looking for something maybe like a 32 Ford...
  2. It looks pretty cool, I only wish you had better pics.
  3. Nice work. This car just looks B.A. - I like it!
  4. Looking good, can't wait to see this all come together.
  5. Great paint and amazing detailing work, this should turn out awesome!
  6. The weathering looks a little overdone, but everything gets a thumbs-up! I love the rake / Keystones combination too.
  7. Nice. Good choice of colors!
  8. This is pretty cool, lookin good!
  9. Turned out great! Way better than the parts delivery Chevette I had to drive! LOL!
  10. Another very nice one. I'm getting very inspired by you to build a Mopar soon.
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