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  1. Just my first car (parked for the winter season) after a lot of hard work. Still in search of a 1971 Chevelle model kit at a reasonable price so I can replicate it.
  2. I thought I was on the list? Guess not - but please put me down for a 1968 Chevelle SS396. Hopefully 2022 will be a better year in many ways for all of us!
  3. Sweet. Thinking of going with a 5.5 out a Corvette C7.R kit to do something a bit different.
  4. Found my 68 Chevelle kit (already opened, a bit started?). I will admit main part of chassis looks like it was sprayed flat black at one time; however I'm also missing numerous pieces (inc. all engine parts) so hopefully you folks will be kind enough to let me use it? or is it considered already started?
  5. If we do birthday year, I guess I'm pretty lucky - 1968. Count me in with the Revell 68 Chevelle kit.
  6. Very cool, back when crazy cars like that were actually seen on the strips. I dig it man!
  7. Lots of things on this year, so I'm retiring from this years build. Good luck to everyone; things looks great so far. I'll be stopping by every now and then...
  8. ahhh...very crafty (unless you get caught) LOL! 😁
  9. Count me in with a 90 Mustang LX Drag Racer
  10. Count me in, I just came across a kit I forgot I had (and it's a Foxbody ?)...
  11. Built as if it was recently recovered from a backstage studio lot (after having sat since 1995). During this build I lost interest several times, pressured myself for time and ended up with less desirable final results – but hey I guess it’s done enough. It does include a 25 year old aged/weathered exterior; inc. signs of a quick black paint job, over the factory silver (the real car was hacked 10th Anniversary Edition car!) an unsound exhaust system and an aged/rusted undercarriage. The interior includes worn/split seats, a relocated steering column (placed in the correct location) and I deleted the stereo. Rumors say the real car had no stereo in it – so I went with notion it was stolen. On the plus we did find Billy’s original “Boom-Box” in the back seat with the original cassette tape still in it!
  12. Nice. Now that's some interior chrome work!
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