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  1. I just bought one of the 1mm chrome pens to do small trim etc...and was wondering about storage since the day I got it. So I reached out to Molotow and here was their response: We recommend to store the Marker lying (tip up) protected from sunlight and not exposed to high or low temperatures. Don´t forget to shake very well (approximately 2 minutes) before using again. Hope this helps.
  2. Love that faded Ford finish (seen many 1:1just like it). And of course who can't love a good ol' sleeper.
  3. Nice! I have a 70 1/2 that just broke at the spindle. LOL. It's in my pile of fixes.
  4. This could be kind of cool, maybe get some input here first. Then narrow it down to maybe 3 different kits (via voting) so there is some choice. What are you considering for a deadline though?
  5. Have you considered using the frame and suspension from the Revell 68 Chevelle? Both being GM "A bodies" it might be a good starting point.
  6. Someone might think you like Vettes LOL! Nice job on everyone of them! 👍
  7. Dig the build, just wish the photos were better. I need to get one of these kits...my son & I have a 1:1 86 S10 w/ 350 that I'd love to build out in plastic as we imagine in some day when hopefully done.
  8. Building models simply because I enjoy it.

  9. nice project - I like it! Good choice on the wheels 👍. I think a light-moderate grey tint on all the lighting and windows would be cool.
  10. This is very, very cool! Love the B&W pics too! Great work!
  11. I recently started experimenting with foil HVAC duct tape (folded over on itself). So far I'm having good results for things like brackets, I might have to give it a shot for wire looms and report back.
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