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  1. LouO

    AMT '72 Nova

    Having built it's sister kit (The Old Pro) a few times; this is one of the nicest (if not THE nicest) builds of this kit I have ever seen. Nice work.
  2. You made a really rough kit look OUTSTANDING! Great job! Nice ride!
  3. LouO

    '66 Malibu Wagon

    Nice build. I like the grill painted body color - it works really well on this build.
  4. That color and paint laid out nice! Good stance on that ol' goat! I like this.
  5. This turned out fantastic! Hard to tell it's not a 1:1. Great detailing under the hood. 👍
  6. Nice build! If only in 1:1 scale, that would be one little quick ride! Great idea!
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