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  1. Found him: Len Feinburg fnplastics@aol.com, he may have info you need. Thanks to Tom for your help locating him!
  2. Looking for Lenny from Hay Terrace, Easton PA.
  3. Lenny who once owned Fantastic Plastics from Hay Terrace in Easton PA had some prototype box art from AMT truck kits but he retired and I lost contact. If you can locate him he maybe helpful, he had a lot of knowledge about AMT.
  4. Hey Merry Christmas Marine from the Army guy, and Merry Christmas to all our truck modeling brothers. Keep building.
  5. What happened to Dennis from Model Express. Good guy to deal with.
  6. Hey Mark, Nice design and build, looks really sharp. I like how you made the lights, remember you can never have enough lights. This would make a nice 1:1 to drive, I'm impressed. Keep up the good work.
  7. Very nice build. Fix the front wheel by flipping the safety rim. These were usually painted silver or body color. Keep up the nice work. Looks great.
  8. Gordon, the first trailer is out of the box, on the second trailer I cut off the center suspension to make the spread axle and on the last trailer I just cut off the lead axle suspension. These kits are really nice to build but one thing I found was that the axles are too wide and cause the tires to extend beyond the side edge of the trailer so they should be narrowed. It's an easy fix and makes a big difference. If I remember correctly DOT regs state that trailer tires/wheels cannot extend past the outer edge of the trailer.
  9. Short WB, single fuel tank, wheels and tires from Diamond Reo, steel bumper single stack fleet truck.
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