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  1. The engine bay is incredible. With the "blacken-it", have you ever found it to "greenen" metal? Perhaps it was a knock-off product but my dad was making a boat with metal cannons and used this stuff on it and it ended up giving them a greenish tinge.
  2. Great work so far. I, along with every other commenter to date, will be looking forward to seeing this one take shape. I was wondering ....... ...... when this is sitting in the parking lot, why is all the attention on the station wagon in the back?!?!?!?
  3. One of the coolest threads in the forum.
  4. awesome job on the wheels. The paintwork is also spectacular, great masking. I can picture the wrestler Goldust drifting in this.
  5. Privileged to be watching a true artist. Incredible detail and great execution.
  6. Mockup looks great! Following this one. The Canadian government recently started phasing out the penny. Now I have something to do with mine!
  7. Thanks for the paint booth info. Sounds easy enough to craft. I may try this out!
  8. great job! can't believe you're doing the license plates LOL. *following*
  9. Looks great. The red is turning out awesome, but I'm also a big fan of yellow cars, especially Ferraris. Too bad! You mentioned your paint booth. Can you show a picture of it? What booth are you using, or did you custom rig something? I live/model in a basement apartment with minimal ventilation so I've been looking at a better option than standing in the stairwell with the door propped open ....
  10. Power brakes were an optional feature on the '58 Impala. http://www.oldride.com/library/1958_chevrolet_impala.html
  11. I cut the 1st door off my 1st ever model tonight ('70 Plymouth Roadrunner). I had no idea how to re-attach it and make it open. After reading this entire thread I'm wondering what I've gotten myself into ...... However, I'm also energized by the beauty of what you've got here. Thanks for the detailed pictures/videos along the way. They will help me with my progress as I work my way through my first ever hinged build.
  12. Thanks Jason; I was more asking what materials were involved here. Is everything we're looking at straight paint? Or have you added something else (wiring etc)
  13. Do you know the exact colour that's on the Willy's? And how is it applied? I'm assuming nail polish in the air brush but better to ask. I have a Corvette (the 91 Callaway kit) I'm stalled on whilst I figure out what paint to do. Thinking this effect would be perfect.
  14. Chassis is incredible as well as the wiring in the engine. Is all of the chassis painted or is there more going on? (wires, decals, etc) I'm always trying to figure out how to make the undercarriage look less boring. You nailed it.
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