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  1. Wowser, this is one of the nicest trucks that I've seen on this forum in a long time... Jumpin Jehosaphat... WOW!
  2. Beautiful build. Never seen such a nice example of this kit before. My hat is off
  3. I liked this. There's all too seldom bikes here... I like Yours a lot
  4. Good morning fellow builders. Has there ever been a Blackhawk casted? I'd like to build a tribute to the King...
  5. Nice build I'm very much looking forward to building my own... Thanks for the inspiration
  6. Good evening Does any of You know if there's a resin caster who makes street interiors for the Manta rally kit? I found a Ukrainian caster who makes one for the racing Volvo 240, this gave me hope­čśĆ
  7. Wowser, this is one sweet build. And very VERY VERY nice pictures too
  8. Merc-57


    I love this build. Looks kind of photoshopped, but still for real. Great work
  9. Very nice build! I like it a lot!!! Unusual cars, I guess they┬┤re even more rare in 1/24
  10. Merc-57

    Jaguar XJ 220

    Sweet, great choice of colors
  11. Uskomattoman hieno... Sweet build, wonder how a crosswind felt in the bug?
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