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  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again The model building world needs more land yachts. If not just for their beautiful design, simply because they represent something that sadly never will be offered again. They are historical cars and it's sad that none of the model companies offer any...
  2. Great looking car again. I know I've said it before but I really hope You would be able to somehow cast these cars and sell them as kits too Furthermore I think that if the "real model kit factories" would come up with kits of full-size cars from the 70's they'd sell like cold beer on a sunny day. These are cars from a bygone era and something like these will never come back... That's sad
  3. I really like Your models. You do just the cars that I'd like to build. They represent something gone missing today. These were the last cars with real character. Yes, I know that quality was an issue on the real cars back the. Yet still I'd hope that there would be kits of them. Hopefully the big companies start making models of full-size landyachts and until that day I really really enjoy seeing Your models Grzegorz
  4. Wow, Man, just simply wow. You have nailed the truck from The Duel. Great work, my hat is off and my jaws are on the floor Thanks for showing us
  5. Oh Man, this is a stellar build. Both my thumbs up
  6. Thank You Jeffcad, but unfortunately it's the front wheel drive car I'm looking for. Thank You Very Much anyway
  7. Has there ever been made a model, in any scale or form, of this car? I haven't been able to find any by googling. Hope You can help me Rocking regards Janne
  8. Nah, it's not an odd question. The one I found on eBay was a double pack and I'm not interested in the other car in the pack. I kind of hoped that someone would feel the same about the Suzuki. If I don't succeed with this I'll try to obtain one from eBay.
  9. A lovely old lady gave me her sisters car. It's a Suzuki Alto from the middle of the 80's I saw a model kit of this car on eBay. Now I'm wondering if anyone of You fellow modellers have one to spare? Aoshima was the maker of the model
  10. Almost speechless... Gonna go with a WOWSER what a great build. Must be one of the most impressive builds ever on this forum... My hat is off for You Jumpin'Jehosaphat ?????
  11. Wow,sweet! I think we're dealing with a great fan of Cadillacs. And You sir,You do everyone of them justice. JUMPIN'JEHOSAPHAT
  12. I think You did a great job on the model. Resin kits are a great challenge and really pay off when You get them right. Like You did here. It's very sad that the real model kit makers almost completely overlook the seventies. Especially the land yachts. Luckily there's resin casters around, making accurate models like these... And skilful builders putting them together
  13. Wowser, this is one of the nicest trucks that I've seen on this forum in a long time... Jumpin Jehosaphat... WOW!
  14. Beautiful build. Never seen such a nice example of this kit before. My hat is off
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