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  1. Merc-57 added a post in a topic My Ultimate General Lee in 1/25   

    You Sir, have made an awesome build! The engine bay is amazing 
  2. Merc-57 added a post in a topic Let's see some police cars   

    I guess this is a resin kit? Are these still available? This is one cool kit... nicely built
  3. Merc-57 added a post in a topic Citroen 2CV Club / TAMIYA / 1:24   

    Oh Man. This is perfect 
  4. Merc-57 added a post in a topic Bartoletti Transporter and the Daytonas Coupe Tour De France 1964   

    You Sir have made one helluva model. Jumping Jehosaphat!
  5. Merc-57 added a post in a topic Ford Focus WRC (crashed) - Rally Cyprus 2002   

    You Sir, have made one helluva model!
  6. Merc-57 added a topic in Wanted!   

    Models of the so called land yachts of the seventies
    Good morning
    Can You guys give some kind of a picture of which models that have been made of these outrageous but simply beautiful cars?
    Like the fuselage inspired Chryslers and huge Fords... just anything fullsize really...
    I would love to build models of these dinosaurs 
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  7. Merc-57 added a post in a topic Larry's '51 Jaguar XK120 coupe....In his own words   

    You Sir, have a GREAT talent
  8. Merc-57 added a post in a topic And a logging we will go   

    Apart from the truck being American this is also how we logg in Finland
  9. Merc-57 added a post in a topic Malibu Bitch Chevelle   

    I remember this car very well. You've made a nice tribute to it!
    Sure was a fast car
  10. Merc-57 added a topic in Under Glass   

    A normal day in Finland during the seventies
    Good morning from a long time reader first time poster.
    First let me say A BIG THANK YOU to all You guys out here. You have provided me with much (needed) ideas and inspiration to get back to this hobby. When I was a child I used to build cars and planes with my father and when I became a PROUD father of two sons I took up building cars with them. 
    Now after a few years break I took up building again. I've got a nice little stash saved from earlier and I'm getting around building them again.
    The first project is a Mini made by Tamiya built into a winter landscape much like a normal Finnish winters day. The registration plates are not 100% correct but it gives You an idea of what they looked like. The blockwarmer was/is used in almost every car during the wintertime in Finland.
    I should have taken the pictures before gluing the displaycase shut.
    Don't eat the yellow snow!
    Thank You for watching

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