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  1. Nice to see this kit in a different livery.
  2. afx

    Cunningham C4

    Another very impressive build by Scott and thank you Gary for making the effort to share these builds with us.
  3. afx

    Mopar Kits

    Update for what is still available.
  4. The early 356s (A/earlyB) had the smaller rounded bonnet: The later cars (late B/C) was larger, more square: You will also note the difference in wheel style used.
  5. Hearsay but if true his Boss had the appropriate response to the color name suggestion: The most interesting part of the story came when he told me that after he mixed the paint color, sprayed a few test panels, and was approached by his boss. His boss asked what he intended to name the new color, to which he replied..."STATUTORY GRAPE!":wow: His boss then wryly asked him if he wanted to turn in his resignation that day or wait until tomorrow, insinuating that another name must be chosen...which lead to "Plum Crazy" https://www.challengerforumz.com/threads/interesting-trivia-about-plum-crazy.51198/
  6. Civilized Debate in today's environment? Unfortunately not very likely.
  7. Glad you are an active member of the forum Bill.
  8. Don't have the kit but from what I understand it's the Valliant kit with different decals.
  9. I believe it was inspired by the lines of the 935
  10. "Devin Enterprises is an American automotive manufacturer that operated from 1955 to 1964. Devin was mainly known for producing high quality fiberglass car bodies that were sold as kits, but they also produced automotive accessories as well as complete automobiles. The company was founded by Bill Devin." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Devin_Enterprises
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