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  1. afx

    pontiac drawing

    Very nice Ken.
  2. Working knowledge of automobiles and engines in particular certainly helps but is not absolutely necessary IMHO. I have never assembled a 1:1 engine but have built some fairly accurate scale replicas. Thankfully in model car world things only need to look the part. There is a wealth of information now on the internet on just about any car you would care to build. Some things I find useful: plumbing and wiring diagrams shop manuals restoration photos and videos automotive parts websites car related forums And when I really get stuck I turn to help form this forum, no shame in asking a question.
  3. I haven't built the kit but fully intend to. I have the original Trophy Series release as well as the Polizei box art release. It is an excellent kit IMHO. Several of the AMT USRRC cars were also released under the Frog label.
  4. afx

    73 Porsche RS

    When I build these kits I attach both the front and rear bumpers to the body before painting. I find that helps align everything and produces a good fit.
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