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  1. afx added a post in a topic Model T Engine   

    And Art here are the oil level petcocks.

  2. afx added a post in a topic Model T Engine   

    Very clever Ted using an allen wrench for the hex base of the plugs.
    I have always had an interest in old classic and hot rods Randy. There have been a few Model T projects on the forum that have inspired me.
    Thanks Dennis. I'm keeping an eye on the build-off.
    I wish had more of these plugs too Daniel.
    Here I have added the turned up radiator hose connection.  Its too long but I want to have some material to work with if I ever decide to install the engine in something.  And Eric please note that I've added the magneto post. 

  3. afx added a post in a topic AMT Cal Drag Combo   

    Here is the trailer that was included in the MPC's Mako Shark and '76 Caprice kits.

  4. afx added a post in a topic Model T Engine   

    Thank you Eric and Daniel.  Mark, Mr. Norman Veber hooked me up with some out of production spark plugs.  I think these will work just fine.

  5. afx added a post in a topic My old Queens NY neighborhood in HO scale   

    Great project.
  6. afx added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell Ford FD-100 Pickup   

    Not a big Foose fan but I thought he did a great job on this one.
  7. afx added a post in a topic Bartoletti Transporter and the Daytonas Coupe...   

    I don't know if it is just my computer but most of your earlier photos are not showing up.
  8. afx added a post in a topic Favorite Obscure or Discovered Music Album   

    Jellyfish released only two albums, Bellybutton and Spilt Milk (both excellent) before braking up.  One of my favorites for sure.
  9. afx added a post in a topic Early ‘20’s Oldsmobile Racer   

    Very nice Steve.
  10. afx added a topic in Under Glass   

    Race Car Trailer
    I bought this parts kit trailer off ebay and restored it.  This particular trailer is from MPC’s Mako Shark kit but the same trailer was included in MPC’s ’76 Caprice.  Scratch built the front rail, storage tray and tail light housings.  The gas cans and tool box are from the current issue of the Falcon Ranchero.  The build thread is here:


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  11. afx added a post in a topic The Race of Gentleman - '13 Ford Model T   

    Very nice.
  12. afx added a post in a topic Model T Engine   

    Thanks Bruce.  The detail on most of the engine is quite good.  However they made no effort on the spark plugs.

    I removed the blobs and reshaped the plug recesses with a ball bit.  I am working on some replacement plugs.  If I can't find or make anything acceptable I'll just leave them out.  Also added a connector to the exhaust manifold for the pipe.

  13. afx added a post in a topic They shoot horses, don't they?   

    The Revell '66 GT350 has nice fined Cobra script covers but they are for a 289.  Use could try reshaping them?
  14. afx added a post in a topic They shoot horses, don't they?   

    Those look more like 428, I can't recall ever seeing fined 427 valve covers.