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  1. Cracker - The Golden Age Sweet Thistle Pie
  2. Shot 77 from the Regular Men's White Tees Highlights: 3-birdies, 2 by chip-in 5-one putts 0-three putts
  3. afx

    Euro c5r

    Very nice.
  4. SfanGoch - you would do the MCM forum a great service if you would create a thread of your own to share tips and tricks of what you have learned in building the AM GS Corvette kits. Pierre - I hope you change your mind about sharing your progress with us. I had a similar experience on a Cobra build a few years back and I too became frustrated. I asked the gentleman to please share his knowledge and information in a thread of his own creation to benefit us all (myself included as he was found of offering suggestions only after I posted photos of a completed assembly) and continued my project.
  5. If you want to get into scratch building here are the Evergreen sheet thicknesses I keep on hand: .010" (.25mm) .015" (.38mm) .020" (.50mm .030" (.76mm) .040" (1.0mm) The measurement in mm in there scale equivalent in 1:1 (i.e .25mm = .25" in 1/25 scale)
  6. Depending on the style they can be thick of thin. Here are a few I have done. And a front air dam which is somewhat similar.
  7. Lettering on the valve/cam covers was not always present particularly back in the day.
  8. Pierre, I for one appreciate all the detail you are providing in your build log - keep it coming.
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