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  1. Pigs On The Wing - Alternate Version
  2. I was unaware of this album - released in 2014.
  3. A great documentary, I caught it on AXS TV: John Mellencamp - Its About You.
  4. Great looking project.
  5. Great work as always Brizio.
  6. Thanks Andrew. The wheels are from HRM, the tires where from Perry's Resin. However HRM offers the same Dunlop tires. FYI, Carol Shelby was a Goodyear dealer. Therefore the Dunlops are not accurate. However they were the best tire I could find to represent that time period, 1963.
  7. I've built a few Cobras based on the AMT kit and the Sunny variant. There are things that can be done to improve on the kit - depends on how far you want to go that build an accurate replica.
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