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  1. afx added a post in a topic OohRah! Bob from Raleigh   

    Welcome Bob.  Always nice to have another motorsport enthusiast.
  2. afx added a post in a topic Racing action; Donington Historic Meeting 2016   

    Some great pictures thanks for posting them.  Curious about this Cobra, never seen an original car with this style fender vents.   The front fender flairs, air dam, bump in the hardtop, mirrors mounted of the windscreen frame, rear fender air extractors a lot of unusual details.

  3. afx added a post in a topic Barchetta headlights   

    I was going to mention the same thing that this looks like a re-issue of the Modelers set.
  4. afx added a post in a topic Ford engine ID   

    Looks like a NASCAR race engine from an AMT kit.
  5. afx added a post in a topic AC Ace Bristol   

    Thanks Richard.  Do you have any recommendations for a kit source for the Zephyr engine?  A Ruddspeed 2.6 Ace is another project I would like to tackle.

  6. afx added a post in a topic AC Ace Bristol   

    The BMW 328 (1936-1940) pre-dates the founding of Bristol Cars in 1945.
    Pre-war BMW designs, The Aldington Brothers and the Early Cars[edit]
    HJ Aldington, a director of the Bristol Aeroplane Company affiliated AFN (BMW's pre-war concessionaire in the UK), used his British Army connections to visit the bombed BMW factory in Munich several times post-war. In 1945 he took plans for BMW cars back to Britain,[9] and BMW chief engineer, Dr. Fritz Fiedler was also employed. Its first car was the Bristol 400, prototyped in 1946 and introduced at the 1947 Geneva Motor Show. Derived from immediately pre-WW2 BMW products (thanks to a connection to BMW through Frazer Nash), the chassis was based on the BMW 326, the engine on the 328,[12] and the body on the 327. Even a variation on the famous double-kidney BMW grille was retained. Bristol, however, did a thorough examination of the car's handling and ended up with performance "only matched by outright purpose-built competition cars".[13] 700 of the Bristol 400 were built, with 17 receiving "handsome" drophead bodywork from Pininfarina.[7]
  7. afx added a post in a topic '32 Ford 3 Window - Late 50's Hot Rod   

    Great project Dennis. 
  8. afx added a post in a topic 1966 Chrysler 300   

  9. afx added a post in a topic AC Ace Bristol   

    The 166 MM is one of my favorite Ferraris.
    I blunted the nose.  Then after cutting a notch in the lower valance I glued in a piece of square bar. Then started shaping.  Still needs to have the sides blended in and a lot more shaping but a decent start.

  10. afx added a post in a topic AC Ace Bristol   

    Yea there are some challenges ahead.  I should have waited to start the thread after I was sure I could pull off the body mods.  I guess we'll all find out together.
  11. afx added a post in a topic AC Ace Bristol   

    Thanks guy's for the interest.  Here I have added pulley detail, water inlet/outlet and an oil filter from the parts box.  Click on the pictures to see them full scale.

  12. afx added a topic in On The Workbench   

    AC Ace Bristol
    While doing research for my many Cobra projects I read that the Bristol engine is a derivative of the BMW 328.  I have always wanted to build the father of the Cobra so I tracked down a Heller BMW 328 kit.  It’s a great little kit with a surprising amount of detail for the engine.  However I thought I could raise the detail level with a little scratch building.

    The cylinder head has as a deep well in the center.  The kit provides no real detail here so I fabricated the intake tubes and the cross sleeves for the push rods.

    I striped the chrome plating from the kit carbs.  The air cleaner cover is flat on top where it should have a small recess in the center.  Using a Dremel ball bit turned in my fingers I created this recess.

    I’ll added small PE header flanges under the carbs to replicate their mounting flanges.

    I extended the oil fill tube using some solid rod and fabricated a cap with a punch out of flat stock.

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  13. afx added a post in a topic Racer Movers-Race Car Transports   

    Shelby's US transporters were a bit more mundane.

  14. afx added a post in a topic Racer Movers-Race Car Transports   

    Here is the transporter Shelby bought to use in Europe during his World Championship pursuit. 

  15. afx added a post in a topic Johan 1962 Dodge Dart 330 Max Wedge   

    Great build Jason.