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  1. afx

    1974 cuda

    Agree, very nice.
  2. Thanks Mike. I would like to find another short-tail kit but building two of these might be enough for me.
  3. I have the HTF version of the Johan Comet with full trim.
  4. Chip is very talented but I don't' care for most of his designs but I like this one. A little offset in the wheels would look better IMHO. They look too donk-ish for my liking.
  5. The Jolly Club 1980 Daytona 24 entry did have a full cage so I fabricated the front half.
  6. afx

    Shelby Cobra 427....

    Excellent work my friend. Love the wheels.
  7. Look a little longer than the Inch Pincher hauler
  8. Looks a mess with paper decals applied with scotch tape but gives you an idea.
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