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  1. afx added a topic in Trading Post   

    Fujimi & Tamiya Kits
    Kits complete and un-started.  Looking for: 
    Tamiya – Porsche 911 Turbo 
    Tamiya – Audi Quattro - rally version 
    Moebius – '65 Belvedere 
    Fujimi – BMW Z4 GT3 
    Interested in racing, rallying and sports cars. If you have something else to offer please let me know.


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  2. afx added a post in a topic They shoot horses, don't they?   

    I found your valve covers.  They are included in the Revellogram 427 Cobra.  They are 1/24 scale so you many want to use the engine block from the kit as well.  This one is busted up but it will show you what they look like.

  3. afx added a post in a topic 1965 Comet 202 Sedan hobby bracket racer   

    I agree I think the slicks are a bit too large.  You did a good job blending in the roof.
  4. afx added a post in a topic 1965 Plymouth Belvedere I   

    Turned out nice Mike.
  5. afx added a post in a topic F1 Car Launches - 2017   

    Renault has launched its new car -- the R.S.17 -- at an event in London.
    After finishing ninth in last year's constructors' championship, president of Renault Sport Racing Jerome Stoll said the team is targeting fifth place in 2017 with its new car before making further steps up the grid in the following seasons. Nico Hulkenberg joins Jolyon Palmer in the team's new driver line-up.
    RenaultThe car features the distinctive wings and wider track mandated under this year's new regulations and is fitted with Pirelli's new wider tyres. It also features the thumb-like appendage on the nose to meet regulations regarding the height of the tip.
    The R.S.17 was designed under technical director Bob Bell and is the first to be developed from the ground up under his leadership since Renault retook control of the team last winter.
    The livery features Renault's corporate yellow, but also a large proportion of black bodywork towards the rear.
    RenaultThe team's managing director Cyril Abiteboul said: "For 2017 we are perfectly placed to take the step forward we all desire. The R.S.17 is the result of many long working hours spent over our two integrated locations and the result is a car we can be proud of. We have a strong line-up of personnel at all levels of the team and we're proud to see Nico and Sergey [Sirotkin, reserve driver] join Jolyon in 2017.
    "We are joined by a strong group of partners with BP, Castrol, MAPFRE and SMP Racing representing the best pre-season sponsorship acquisition campaign in the paddock. We are the fastest growing F1 team and we now need to prove our performance on track. Our objective is to score points at every round."
    The R.S.17 is the third F1 car to break cover this year after Sauber and Williams released images of their cars.
  6. afx added a post in a topic Big Day Tommorow   

    Glad everything went well Larry.
  7. afx added a post in a topic Un-started/Complete Kits   

    Trade agreed on the Chevelle.
  8. afx added a post in a topic Jaguar D Type Wheels (rim) 1/25 1/24   

    Historic Racing Miniatures offer the Dunlop Racing wheels - not exactly right but close.

  9. afx added a post in a topic F1 Car Launches - 2017   

    I renamed the thread so we can put all the new season's cars in one place.
  10. afx added a post in a topic The Little Red Camaro   

    Looking forward to this project and welcome.
  11. afx added a post in a topic Un-started/Complete Kits   

    Send me a PM with what you are looking for Jim and I'll see what I can do.
  12. afx added a post in a topic F1 Car Launches - 2017   

    I like to lower, wider look.  This more like what an F1 car should look like.
  13. afx added a post in a topic Model T Engine   

    Thank Brizio.  I don't see this getting resin cast.
    Eric - you are a wealth of Model T information.  I would love the see any photos you are willing to share.  I would like to go with something other than black or green if I can.  As it sits what period would my engine resonably represent? 
  14. afx added a post in a topic Accurate Miniatures NASCAR Taurus test shot.   

    Yea my bad, shields on the valve cover through me off.
  15. afx added a post in a topic Accurate Miniatures NASCAR Taurus test shot.   

    Curious how the engine block would build up?