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  1. Very nice. The C1 kit is close to the 996 GT3R. Wish we could get a trans-kit for this.
  2. I assume the Porsche 935 is the a re-box of the Entex/Nitto/AMT kit.
  3. Found some nice calipers and large diameter brakes. Looks good without the wing as well.
  4. From the Tamiya kit thought I would take a shot at converting it to a "Cup" car. Fabricated the front spliter Fabricated the side skirts Reshaped the nose slightly Added the (3) relief air slots between the head lights Rear wing yet to come
  5. Nice work on the roll cage, hugs the roof and the A pillars just as it should.
  6. I bought this built-up of the MB 450 SLC rally. It will be nice to be able to purchase a new kit, rather than re-build this one.
  7. Lots of parts sellers including full engines on eBay but, (gulp) you will have to search for them.
  8. I used that rubber O-ring/PE set on this build. Fiddly but it does work.
  9. Yep, Lotus used these wheels as well.
  10. Is the GT40 an original car or a reproduction? I ask because the rear wheels are much more narrow than what I am used to seeing on the Gulf cars.
  11. I'm sure your efforts will be rewarded.
  12. Just a brown sharpie marker. Anxious to see how yours turn out.
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