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  1. The buyers also said they believe the car was being built to compete in IHRA FF/X class for 1968/69. Haven't been able to find rules for that class yet for that time period..
  2. I've watched the video a few times. The buyers said they replaced the rear wheels with the intent of making it a street car, likely the reason for the lack of tire clearance. Pretty sure these are photos of the car as found with smaller rear tires.
  3. Recently received the Engine Crate from the Little Red Wagon in a trade I built it up using bits of wire much like you would lag bolts to hold it together. This allows me to assemble the crate without glue. I can then disassemble it and/or reconfigure it for different cargo of my choosing.
  4. I have a few of Tamiya's 1:12 kits: KTM 250MX - motocross Honda CR250R - motocross BMW RS80 GS - Dakar (rally raid) I was lucky enough to find the two MX kits in a used toy store. My search for the BMW lasted several years before I found an example at a price I was willing to pay. BTW did you catch the recently completed Dakar? It was a thrilling race this years among several classes, bikes in particular.
  5. afx


    Fujimi's Porsche 911R kit has similar exhaust assembly.
  6. afx


    Comes in competition flavor as well.
  7. Mike, what size quarter-round is that? It looks good
  8. As far as I have been able to determine the Skip Scott car was only entered once in the configuration that I am attempting to recreate, 1965 Daytona 24-hr. It is/was the 1964 Tour de France winner (Registration #DPK7B). It was originally built by Holman-Moody and shipped to Alan Mann for final preparation for the TdF. It was returned to the USA after entry in the ’64 Nassau Speed Weeks. http://www.ponysite.de/procter_dpk7b.htm I have found several nice photos of the outside of the car during Daytona but nothing of the oily bits, no engine bay, or chassis details. I do know it ran down draft Webers at Daytona, thus the need for the teardrop hood. It was able to run this induction system because it was entered in the Prototype Class. This class allows more liberal modifications to the car. I am going to assume then that H-M applied several of their NASCAR mods to the chassis. I will be making educated guesses about those mods going forward.
  9. afx


    Its part of Fujimi's EM Enthusiasts line.
  10. afx


    Here is a link to the instructions: https://www.plazajapan.com/4968728126500/
  11. We did this too as kids but the balloons don't last very long.
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