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  1. afx added a post in a topic Ford Escort RS1800 7/23/15 Update - Glass Installed   

    Thanks Gene & Joe.  With the glass installed I should be able to mount the body onto the chassis for the final time.
  2. afx added a post in a topic Super Stocker Mustang Trans-Kit   

    Sorry Bob I am not all that well versed in kit history.  The (6) kits shown make up all the Super Stocker series offering to the best of my knowledge.
  3. afx added a post in a topic Monogram Chaparral 2D   

    Nice work Steve.  How did you handle the number over the screen on the rear panel?
  4. afx added a post in a topic Ford Escort RS1800 7/23/15 Update - Glass Installed   

    As promised here is a small update.  Glass is installed.  If you recall I cut my own windows from clear acetate.  I left the door windows open to allow a better view of the interior.   Painted the window gaskets with black Sharpie.  Painted the headlight bezels and installed the protective screen in the oil cooler opening.

  5. afx added a post in a topic Rheinbach Classics - Rheinbach/Germany   

    The RS3100 is also available in 1/24 scale.  This is a curbside kit and would take quite a bit of work to make it into a decent replica.

  6. afx added a post in a topic Rheinbach Classics - Rheinbach/Germany   

    No Shay it is full detail.  Here is a link to the instruction sheet
  7. afx added a post in a topic Rheinbach Classics - Rheinbach/Germany   

    Thanks for posting the pictures, the Capri pictures in particular.  AMT made a decent Capri kit but the wheels and tires are useless.  If some one would offer some suitable replacements I think this kit could be turned into something.

  8. afx added a post in a topic 70 Superbird   

  9. afx added a topic in General   

    Jules Bianchi suffered 254G impact in Suzuka crash
    New crash data from Jules Bianchi's accident at the 2014 Japanese Grand Prix has revealed the Frenchman suffered an impact force of 254G and deceleration three times greater than initially thought.
    Bianchi died on Friday as a result of the serious head injuries he sustained in Suzuka when he collided with a recovery vehicle. The FIA has released new findings from the crash on its new World Accident Database.
    The Marussia's Accident Data Recorder (ADR) results, published exclusively by German publication Auto Motor Und Sport, say Bianchi lost control of his car in wet conditions at 213km/h and hit the crane just 2.61 seconds later, by which time he had decelerated to 126 km/h.
    The findings also say the impact of the car itself against the crane was 58.8G. Bianchi hit the crane at an angle of 55 degrees, meaning the accident was worse than a usual crash of that force because the car was forced downwards as it went underneath the 6.8 tonne crane.
    Initially data from Bianchi's ear plugs suggested his peak impact with the crane had been 92G. However, the FIA now believes Bianchi's ear plugs slipped at the crucial moment and that his peak impact was actually 254G.
    By comparison, Fernando Alonso was knocked unconscious and suffered concussion after a 25G impact with a crash barrier during pre-season testing in February. 
    Vice president of the FIA's Safety Commission Andy Mellor told the German publication: "The problem was that the Marussia partly dipped below the stem of the crane, and was therefore pressed down from above by the underside of the crane. It worked like a brake, with an abrupt deceleration - and in this process there was contact between the helmet and the crane. We have never seen this before."
    Safety Commission chief Peter Wright believes Bianchi's accident could not have been forseen by the FIA and says the governing body has studied the crash "to the smallest detail". 
    "It is still often the case some accidents must first occur in order to learn from it - Bianchi is the best example," said Wright. "This was a scenario we could not have previously imagined. That's why it was very important to really investigate this accident to the smallest detail. We have never invested so much time and effort in an analysis."
    The FIA has already introduced safety measures in the wake of Bianchi's crash. On top of improved cockpit head protection for drivers, 2015 has seen the introduction of the Virtual Safety Car system to slow cars down to a delta speed for situations which do not require an actual safety car but may require a recovery vehicle on track.
    In its initial findings, released in December, the FIA explained that a closed cockpit, one mooted safety measure in the wake of Bianchi's crash, would not have lessened the injuries sustained by the Frenchman because of the huge forces involved in the collision.
    On this point, Wright added: "The car would have been stopped by the roof, and although the head would not have hit the crane, it would have hit the roof with the same result."
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  10. afx added a post in a topic Ford Escort RS1800 7/23/15 Update - Glass Installed   

    A little Joseph.  I finally rubbed out the paint, its not perfect but I think it will work and am in the process of installing the glass.  I'll post some new photos soon.  Thanks again for the great Minilite wheels and tires!
  11. afx added a post in a topic Hello from Malaysia   

    Welcome Matthew.  Glad to have a fellow race car modeler.
  12. afx added a post in a topic Oldsmobile 215ci Aluminum V8   

    For those so inclined here is a link to more information about the engine than you ever wanted to know.
  13. afx added a post in a topic New Site/Forum Look   

    How do you delete PMs and/or conversations now?
  14. afx added a post in a topic Oldsmobile 215ci Aluminum V8   

    I really like the Revellogram Ford 289 in 1/24 scale.  I think massaging it to represent an Olds 215 is the way I'll go.  Thanks for all your help gentlemen!
  15. afx added a post in a topic Oldsmobile 215ci Aluminum V8   

    I understand this car built by Mickey Thompson for the '62 Indy 500 and driven by Dan Gurney was powered by the aluminum Olds 215.

    Yea I don't have a Johan Olds F85 either but the pictures I have found of the engine from that kit don't look very promising.