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  1. Thanks Bob. I've gotten the chassis disassembled but haven't started stripping it yet, hope it comes out as well as the body. I promised to post info on how I did the front suspension - will do as soon as I can get photos together.
  2. The longnose body cleaned up nicely.
  3. I don't know the origin of the scale drawing on the box side panel, however it indicates the wheel base as 135" (W.B. 135") That is what the model scales out as.
  4. Another version of the kit.
  5. From what I have read A/FX Mustangs reverted to stock wheelbase length in '66. I like the Quarter Horse.
  6. I assume the Polar Lights kit is more faithful to the Gas Ronda 1:1
  7. Nicely built model from Spotlight Hobbies message board: https://board.spotlighthobbies.com/?md=read;id=325145
  8. Does this kit represent an actual 1:1 car? Photos from eBay. More kit photos here: https://vintagepartscars.name/category/ronda/
  9. I use solid rod in lieu of tubing for my custom roll cages and headers. Liquid cement can cause the bends to fail if there is stress in the transition. Sprue glue (styrene bits + liquid glue) works nicely as weld at the joints.
  10. The Bad Plus - Comfortably Numb (The Floyd)
  11. Had a great trade with Altered Ego - thanks Jeff.
  12. The chassis is in Podunkville USA (my home town) so good chance its backyard engineering.
  13. Looking forward to seeing this project come together.
  14. It is a set I created and Replicas & Miniatures cast for me along with the tires.
  15. afx

    AMT Mustang AWB

    Altered Ego was kind enough to send a replacement body - thank you Jeff!
  16. No it doesn't seem to be an active project. It appears to be fairly well made, can anyone identify a possible manufacturer?
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