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  1. nice build heres one i built and one im working on
  2. its kit bashed with the 84 gmc pickup with custom lift and scenes unlimited boggers the snow pic is a older pic of it not sure i have any chassis pics here is another pic of it . tire is leaning as i didnt glue just in case i decide to change them
  3. Does anyone have dates and locations of model car show in Missouri
  4. Its been a while since ive been on the forum ive added probley 40/50 kits to the collection and quite a few to one of my fav body style
  5. Got these so far this week the marlin and the Silverado are factory sealed and the olds is open. But complete
  6. A real muscle car dont matter if its chevy ford or dodge are 2 door and v8 powered not these junk 4/6 cylinder we have today
  7. My cars I have are a 1999 s10 single cab 2001 &2002 ext cab 3rd door s10s & then my crappie Mitsubishi Galant
  8. How many of you fellow modelers are members of any of the modeling groups on Facebook
  9. And send them to me lol. Yea I need to finish all mine
  10. I think it has just like a lot if the cb do
  11. This is what I've got in the last couple months plus a few not pictured
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