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  1. 1. 1969 yenko with a blown 572 running off ach 2. 1955 chevy bel air 327 2 door post auto stock 3. 90's chevy dually converted into a car hauler with a built 454 4. 98-03 s-10 dropped all custom ext cab 4 15's 20,000 watt stereo system 5. 1986 monte carlo blacked out 383 strocker motor 500 shot of nos street car
  2. Browse ebay daily is my advise i have 8 or so of them promo or snapkit and now for sum reasonon there the snapkit is goin for crazy prices
  3. it a promo too it was like buy it now for 10 and free s&h the color is teal green metallic
  4. Heres my haul for the last couple weeks the promos are for a used car lot dio im plannin on building one of these days plus a motorworks nascar diorama set tol
  5. None or nxt to none i have been around the real thing since ive been able to wak
  6. yes but they released the grand national which basically the same body with just different nose and tail pieces as the other two
  7. thanks sir i have ordered some and even having some custom ones made
  8. i watched one of these go in a demo derby vs buily chevy wagons and it was in pristine condition
  9. The value of any kit your wanting to sell is what ever the buyers are willing to pay for it
  10. I seen one that was unopened still shrink wrapped go for around $20 a couple weeks ago im building a friend of mine his model t delviery truck he bought new back in the day same maker
  11. Good ill be waiting to buy a few to stash and one or two to build
  12. Here in mo we've had the same problem packages get lost late i had one postman leave my box under my box across the street (its okay i had a nice talk with postmaster after that happen he never did that again and whata sad he was a sub/ d relive driver he worked there at least 3days a week ) but my regular driver is awsome he has my cell num and he'll call me and tell me wen he'll be at my house wen i have packages or we have a desinated place at my house he'll leave them when im not home . Alot of the problems i have is the handlers or sorters using the pacakges as footballs .
  13. I dont to me this seems crazy price for a model http://item.mobileweb.ebay.com/viewitem?itemId=300882545045
  14. When i got it and after i put my cars in it now it anit big enough
  15. Got some promos and my custom ordered prebuilt diroama garage (yes i took easy way out nxt one im gonna build myself ) Can anyone say used car lot diorama in the future
  16. This might sound like a stupid question but how do you get promos othet than ebay and do they still make promos for the new cars coming out. And how did you gey promos back in the day
  17. I dont know of any swap meets around here that sell models i use ebay as a seller and buyer i never buy the first one i see of a kit i look through the listings i have gotten a lot of kits a really fair or cheap prices as shipping goes anything you order whether it be for your 1:1 or watever you order it for you pay shipping just part of life and part of the hobbie your in Or message the seller and ask them if there is any other shipping option avaiable, ive don it several times and got cheaper shipping then what was qutoed on there auctions
  18. There old metal fords like the old 29 delivery truck are poorly designed and molded so much slag on them how i know this im building one a older gentle man has had for countless years new never opened and he having me build this aweful kit nothin lines up coorectly and you have to grind so much slag of the parts it redicous i was gonna get one off ebay to build one for me but after i get his done im not touching anothet one of the model t versions
  19. Heres the decals http://www.ebay.com/itm/230947223431?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649
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